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Prospects for Research Methods in the Coming Decade Mike Wallace.

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1 Prospects for Research Methods in the Coming Decade Mike Wallace

2 ‘No research methods development without researcher development!’ Prospects are as good as the capacity of researchers to learn how to use methods intelligently and develop them further

3 RM development = learning for all Next generation = use today’s methods All = improve expertise in today’s methods and use new methods Nearly all = (as RM trainers, supervisors, mentors) how to develop others’ capacity Many = how to manage development and sustaining of RM capacity …So ESRC has a strategic and catalytic role in promoting effective capacity building for RM through its investments

4 Developing expertise - DIY Holistic and gradual – proactively integrating learning experiences Asking researchable, insightful questions Building on existing work via constructively critical engagement Making creative, informed methods choices Balancing risks, seeking good compromises Analysing to develop a convincing argument that answers questions Providing answers that inform users Creating new methods to solve problems

5 Research on training transfer (Joyce and Showers 2002 *) Theory (rationale for RM) Demonstration (RM in use by expert) Practice in training setting (eg simulation) Feedback (try out RM with feedback in training setting) (Peer) Coaching (try RM out in workplace with peer monitoring and feedback) …Greatest impact on performance where support for all learning stages * Joyce, B. & Showers, B. (2002) Student Achievement through Staff Development. 3 rd ed. London: Longman

6 Effective support to accelerate RM learning Builds on existing expertise Informed by awareness of learning needs (cf training opportunities) Based on learning through real experience with using RM Off-the-job training (eg workshops, RM Festival) –awareness, networking not support integrating into practice Research community networks, formal opportunities for integration (eg supervised research, co-research, first or small grant)

7 Improving RM Prospects Get better at researcher development for RM Integrate capacity building with RM development (eg NCRM TCB, RDI) Broaden methods for promoting researcher development for RM (eg coaching, e-learning) Include strategic focus on training trainers and managers of RM development Networking and community support offers collective acceleration of learning Bottom line – proactive self-development (no-one can learn for you)

8 Improving RM Prospects Celebrate the fact that this is why you’re here. Enjoy learning throughout the RM Festival! …to develop your RM expertise.

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