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Microsoft Confidential What's New in Configuration Manager 2012 Since Beta 2.

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1 Microsoft Confidential What's New in Configuration Manager 2012 Since Beta 2

2 Microsoft Confidential RC Change Overview Key Features −Endpoint Protection integration −Application ‘Simulated Deployment’ (Pre- Flight) −Improved Discovery processing DCRs, Bug Fixes, More… 2

3 Microsoft Confidential Endpoint Protection (FEP) Integration Fully integrated setup and management Key Features −Expedited malware events: client to admin within 5 minutes −Built-in security admin role −Network-friendly definition deployments −Improved scalability and reliability −Simpler to setup and operate −Email subscriptions for alerts 3

4 Microsoft Confidential Application Simulated Deployment (“Preflight”) Goal: Provide confidence in moving to state based dynamic applications −Did I do detection method right? −Did I get rules/relationships right? −What will my deployment type mix be? What it does: Runs application as required in “rules only” mode −No content download, no execution of deployment type −Results – what would the system have done? −Processes detection method, requirement rules, dependencies and supersedence −Does NOT simulate the install!

5 FEATURE AREAS A quick overview 5

6 Microsoft Confidential Hierarchy Updates FQDN throughout the product All ConfigMgr global replication through Data Replication Service (DRS) −No more SQL transactional replication Replication Link Analyzer (in RC) Cross forest support - untrusted forests for site system roles −Not site servers Secondary site content routing −One layer SQL Configuration Options: Ports, Instances MP replica support 6

7 Microsoft Confidential SQL Server Support Beta 2 required: −SQL Server 2008 SP1 CU14 RC1 requires: −SQL Server 2008 SP2 CU6 plus 2603910 −SQL Server 2008 R2 will be supported later −SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1 CU3 plus hotfix when ready Prerequisite check for SQL Server memory limitation −Recommended to not allow SQL Server to use any more than ~70% of memory 7

8 Microsoft Confidential Performance Scalability and performance improvements throughout the product: −General console operation −Replication −State and Status messages (alerting) −Discovery Data Processing −Application Catalog −Collection updates −Incremental off by default for custom collections 8

9 Microsoft Confidential Client Randomizations To help with our VDI integration, we now implement the following: −Hardware inventory −Software inventory −Software update scans −Software update deployment evaluations −Compliance settings (DCM) evaluation −Endpoint Protection scans −Application deployment evaluations 9

10 Microsoft Confidential ConfigMgr Console Ability search via dates (e.g. last x days) Added security scopes into the listview with filter/sort/search Only one admin console installer - 32 bit Improved multi-lingual support, including server setup Reporting −Reports are grouped by folders in the Reports node −Report folder “Show-Me” - folders are now associated with security role permissions Assets and Compliance workspace switches place with Administration 10

11 Microsoft Confidential Applications Application Catalog: −Ability to change application catalog color scheme −Updated Application Catalog appearance −Catalog tables update on a schedule −3 minutes – 24 hours −"Run Now" action to force immediately Software Center −Ability to filter by type of deployment (applications, operating systems, updates) −Ability to show or hide optional deployments 11

12 Microsoft Confidential Microsoft NDA Confidential 12 Software Center

13 Microsoft Confidential Microsoft NDA Confidential 13 Software Center

14 Microsoft Confidential Software Center Microsoft NDA Confidential 14

15 Microsoft Confidential Application Catalog Microsoft NDA Confidential 15

16 Microsoft Confidential Monitoring and Discovery Monitoring −Alerts now have subscriptions with email −Added an "Endpoint Protection Status" node Discovery −IP subnets become IP address ranges −Remove System Group Discovery −Rename Security Group Discovery to Group Discovery −Change the responsibility of −Group discovery: Discover groups and membership of these groups −System Discovery: Discover basic information of computers and OU of these computers −User Discovery: It is responsible for discover basic information of users and OU of these users 16

17 Microsoft Confidential Delta Discovery Group Discovery Discover security groups and distribution groups Discover membership of groups, including both user and computers Support specifying individual groups as the discovery scope (Recommended) Detect any changes of group membership 17

18 Microsoft Confidential Stale Computer Filtering Based on two Active Directory attributes: −Lastlogontimestamp: Record the last logon timestamp of the computer. It requires Domain function level >= Windows Server 2003 −Pwdlastset: Record the last time when the computer changes its password. By default Active Directory policy enforces each computer changing password every 30 days. 18

19 Microsoft Confidential Client Settings and Compliance Settings Compliance Settings Management: −Baseline remediation can now be limited to maintenance windows (default) −Baseline deployments can now generate Operations Manager alerts −Ability to create dynamic collections from baseline compliance (RC) Client Settings −Custom Client Settings can now be exported and imported (not just for default) 19

20 Microsoft Confidential Client Health Updates Client health: −Rule checks expanded from 12 to 21 including: −WMI service WMI Repository Integrity −BITS serviceConfigMgr client, prerequisites install −SMS Agent Host serviceConfigMgr Remote Control service −Antimalware service (EP)Network Inspection (EP) −Windows Update Agent −Client health state is now live data −Previously was summarized data −Can disable automatic remediation of client health via Registry (e.g. Mission critical systems such as servers) 20

21 Microsoft Confidential Additional Items Remote Control: −Agent is disabled by default −Ability to have agent create required Windows firewall exemptions −Remote Control Viewer shortcut in the ConfigMgr program group Platform Support: −Added platform support for −Windows Embedded 7 SP1 −POSReady 7 −Windows 7 Thin PC −Windows Embedded Compact 7 21

22 Microsoft Confidential Additional Items (2) Embedded Device Management −Ability to use task sequences to manage write filter enabled systems Tools: −RBA modeling tool: −Live modeling of security roles and assignments −Authoring and modeling of custom security roles −Replication Link Analyzer (post RCP) OSD: −CMTrace.exe now included in default boot images 22

23 Microsoft Confidential Additional Items (3) Setup prompts for Server and Client languages −Will download appropriate language packs as needed Browsing for accounts −Most account browsing even allows for a “Verify” on the credentials Tool for manual creation of CCRs −Uses text file for input 23

24 Microsoft Confidential Documentation Updates You are seeing documentation “live” as it is produced −Some is forward looking, some needs to be updated, some is yet to be written What you can do: −Please use the feedback buttons! “Like” (5 stars) for sections you find useful −If information is incorrect or confusing, please create a connect item (preferred) Alternative: “Click the Rate and Give Feedback” with your observations and email for follow-up −If pages are empty, it is yet to be written - please be patient. Create a Connect Feedback item if: −You cannot locate your topic in the document (not even a blank page) −Missing or incomplete topics are blocking your TAP program (Help us Prioritize) −You have observations about the design or arrangement of the documentation (e.g. combining of “About” and “How To” sections. −You have contenders for the FAQ list? 24

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