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Michelle Claridge MRPharmS Rxchange Clinical Director

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1 Michelle Claridge MRPharmS Rxchange Clinical Director

2 The concept Secure web service available 24/7 For pharmacies, wholesalers & manufacturers Introduces those with stock to those wanting that stock A virtual warehouse Stock redistribution within UK

3 The objective Satisfy patient need Reduce financial risk Improve cost efficiency Reduce waste Locate hard-to-obtain items

4 Benefits Environmentally responsible – less disposal Smooth supply - shortages often regionalised Instant publishing. Online 24/7 ‘Go compare’ style price comparison ‘Direct to pharmacy’ channel for large and small wholesalers & manufacturers Discreet way to sell distress stock for large pharma Normally includes pickup & delivery

5 Where we are now... sigXchange launched 2009 For Sigma account holders & suppliers sigXchange & Rxchange collaborate to develop an improved system and functionality since 2011

6 Working together Proven system functionality Comprehensive & easy to use interface Established infrastructure Broad network and presence sigXchange powered by Rxchange

7 Key features Instant publishing Easy search facilities Email notifications Order tracking Automatic creation of documentation Full audit trail for transactions

8 Enhanced features ‘Like’ button Highlight favourite traders Publish stock to private groups or all users ‘Auto complete’ product information Price can adjust according to stock age or buyer

9 Available to Sigma account holders & suppliers No subscription Percentage sales fee


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