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The road to ruin 19 th Century American history as it approaches the Civil War and Reconstruction.

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1 The road to ruin 19 th Century American history as it approaches the Civil War and Reconstruction

2 Religion Second Great Awakening Movement to drastically increase church involvement Uses emotion instead of intellect to justify Southern churches have complex justification of slavery Beginnings of the religious divide in America South is more Xian than the North

3 Slavery More than a fivefold increase in the number of slaves from 1820 to 1860 As the international slave trade is illegal this is only due to breeding (forced)

4 Missouri Compromise (1820) Clay, Webster, and Calhoun Missouri is Slave, Maine splits off and is Free, no more slaves above 36° 30 Complex answer to a complex society problem Keeps the balance – shaky balance though Jefferson afraid for the Union

5 Compromise of 1850 Repudiates much of the Missouri Comp New fugitive slave law Bans slave trade in DC Avoids solving a problem, puts it off for the future to solve

6 Kansas Nebraska Act Repudiate both 1820/1850 compromises Opens Kansas to slavery Bleeding Kansas Physical attack in the US Senate SC Preston Brooks attacks MA Charles Sumner Brooks beats Sumner over the head with his cane until senseless

7 Dred Scott Decision Slaves arent people they are property and they stay property when they move to a non slave area

8 Secession Response to Abraham Lincolns election Republican Party created from the remains of Whig party Anti-Slavery and Anti-Polygamy The party of the commoner and of reform movements

9 Civil War First Modern War Draft Pay for a poor person to take your place Soldiers gone for 2.5 years with little to no communication Not the same people when they return Emotional drain Divorce is not an option Women had the pants and ran the farm and now have nada

10 Civil War cont Bloodiest war ever for America Courage, religion as a protection for soldiers Nope – you still get to die like the rest Change in weaponry Use of Rifle and mini-balls over the musket

11 Confederacy Economic Structure Loose separate currency from the North Nothing backing the currency Leads to inflation quickly Southerners converted gold/US currency to support the Confederacy Political Structure Loose Structure Little to no central government Same problems that hit the Articles of Confederation Take power from central and give it to states

12 Confederacy cont Social Structure Class Based –Aristocracy –Educated –Property owning –White –Lower class –Not educated –Small plots of property –Little money or savings

13 Andersonville Civil war era concentration camp for Union soldiers by the Confederacy

14 Union Industrial Background Railroads Shipping Manufacturing No Good Generals South had the War Colleges and the allegiance of most of the armed forces brass

15 Union Cont Anti slavery A bit Many are very racist Do not want African Americans having rights anyway Especially in the army –Used as cannon fodder Government Strong All the resources from the United States

16 Long War South has food – some Most crops are based on cash needs Lots of Cotton and Tobacco Doesnt have an effective rail system Starving the army, army starts taking from the populace

17 Sherman Northern General Total war on the South Cuts a path of destruction through most of the South Georgia is severely affected Atlanta and other cities burned

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