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2012-2013 Resident Assistant Recruitment and Selection Process (Presentation Pt 3)

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2 2012-2013 Resident Assistant Recruitment and Selection Process (Presentation Pt 3)

3   Duties  RAs participate in after hours phone duty rotation. Differences based on staff size  Office Hours and other duties assigned throughout the year  RAs in Flats conduct Flat Visits  RAs learn residents in your area on the 1:40 basis  Events  Main role is to plan and facilitate house/site events  However, the event model is different between PG & UG sites  Events focus on many different areas  Break Coverage  PG Sites are 12 month leases and require their RAs to be there all year.  RA must discuss with line manager when leaving for breaks so that appropriate coverage is arranged  RA must discuss with line manager when away from site (both during break and especially if it is during term time) Site Differences

4   a 75% reduction for accommodation appropriate to the assigned accommodation  Shared flat in the Flat sites with the other RAs at that site  In Pollock Halls the 75% reduction includes the cost of catering Position Remuneration

5   Catered Accommodation  Approximately 2,200 residents  8 different houses  Home to Accommodation Services & Residence Life  Two buildings house mixed UG and PG students Pollock Halls

6   Self-Catered  Approximately 2,000 residents  Six RA site teams  Darroch & New Arthur  Nicolson St/ South College Robertson’s Close  Kincaid’s Court & College Wynd  Meadow Court & Sciennes  ENP, South Clerk, Hermit’s Croft  Warrender Park & Crescent, Beaverbank UG Flats

7 PG Sites Self-Catered Approximately 1,000 residents Multiple RA sites –Blackwood Crescent –Ratcliffe Terrace –West Mains Road –Asham Court –Mylnes Ct –Richmond Place/Roxburgh –Morgan Court –Holland Annexe

8   Staff are hired for the Team and not for a Site  We do ask preferences but cannot guarantee that successful candidates will be offered their first choice  If you are offered a position and decline, there will not be another offer  If you are surprised by a site that hires you, the hiring supervisors may have seen a strength in you that you did not realise  You are being considered by people from sites that you may not have met with during your interview Hiring Philosophy

9   It is not mandatory for you to schedule a “personal meeting” with a current Warden/RA/Accommodation Manager in a specific site  If you are not familiar with a site it may be advisable for you to visit it to see the student population but this is not mandatory  The staff selection process is a collaborative process that includes staff members of every site  What do we look for in a candidate?  We staff each house/flat first with the returning staff  We then look for people who will complement the existing staff and meet the needs of the residents in the area  Not everyone needs to be an energetic, extroverted “people person” Hiring Philosophy Continued

10 Questions? If you do have any questions about this year’s RA Recruitment and Selection process, please contact – The Residence Life Coordinators Kristin Hunger or Katie Thorne

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