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Project AREE Anders Krantz Multitide AB 20070427 Strategy Develope the Swedish part project ”Competence Builder” within the EU-A6 AREE- project into a.

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Presentation on theme: "Project AREE Anders Krantz Multitide AB 20070427 Strategy Develope the Swedish part project ”Competence Builder” within the EU-A6 AREE- project into a."— Presentation transcript:

1 Project AREE Anders Krantz Multitide AB Strategy Develope the Swedish part project ”Competence Builder” within the EU-A6 AREE- project into a new international model ”ICT-Network” -International Competence Transfer Network

2 Project AREE Anders Krantz Multitide AB EU-A6 Reinhard Heber AREE SE Ljusdal Tommy Swahn Anders Krantz Multitude AREE CNC Personal Development Competence-PDC Economy & Adm Industy electrician IT Company rating Entrepreneurship ”Future Builder” Agriculture Service technicians Bio-energy Environment Swedish part projects Competence Builder Future Builder Culture Builder Tourism ”Culture Builder” Fiber optic Health Care Welding EU-standard Danish part projects German part projects Present situation – out of the AREE-perspective Gothenburg City Stockholm City Region Västra Götaland IF Metall Europen World Wide Network head office in Essen-Germany Cisco Region Värmland AMS Mapaz Volvo Cars ESAB VLM-Institute EU- Offe Region Gävleborg Skärteknikcentrum i Gnosjö Business Training Centre Högskolan i Gävle ABF Försäkringskassan Fiber Optic Valley Gimo Teknikcentrum Metallgruppen DE Frank Berg AREE DK Orla Skrubbeltrang AREE Region Elbe-Elster Wequa GmbH EEPL GmbH Region Vordingborg Erhvervsskolerene in Aars

3 Project AREE Anders Krantz Multitide AB Present situation- a complex scenario – many partners and stakeholders International partners: DE (AREE) DK (AREE) EU Europen etc Swedish stakeholders National Board of Labour Market Unions – IF Metall The national Government Insurance Companies Institutes Organisations Employer organisations Model development and new idéas concerning validation Initiative in creating the new hub: AREE Ljusdal & Multitude VLM Offe Sandviken CFL Söderhamn CUL Hudiksvall Landstinget Gävleborg Region Gävleborg University of Gävle County Government Gävleborg the infrastructure Internet CiscoMZ- Cisco and Mapaz integreated soloution Subcontracts for access to

4 Project AREE Anders Krantz Multitide AB Possibilities and questions to be answered The hub is not yet set up to handle the complex scenario and the big interest How to organize to reach a critical mass of stakeholders and partners? –Cisco´s interest is very important Centre of gravity, mass and power of initiative within the AREE regions! Model and organization to handle the development and future business possibilities are needed in the very short term! Small time window is still opened with big opportunities if we act now: Cisco Light House Development of models for validation built upon existing experiance Development of new competence development concepts Qualifications and evaluation on all levels Competence support through new internet based services can be developed arround the concept ICT- Network and will create new kind of jobs which can be established in the AREE-regions There is a need of a fast pre study to secure the intiative and build the proposal for development model, organization and business model to realize a winn/winn concept for all partners and stakeholders.

5 Project AREE Anders Krantz Multitide AB The future scenario Business model: International Competence Transfer Network (ICTN) ”Supply chain/wheel to achive qualified added values for the individuals” ICT-Network - Defining Competence goals -Creating validation models - EU harmonized model and technology -Content ”collecting” - Content sharing,mixing and transfer - Competence development concepts - Evaluaton for high quality of proccesses and content - Competence support -Added customer value Autonomous external content providers of models for validation and concepts for education development. -National organistations -Internationella organisations -Individual initiatives - Private - Public Still national and international models are missing so ICT-Network can realize a new International standard! ”Structure to achive strategic competence provishioning according to ISO 9000 and the new EQF – EU Qualification Framewok set by EU to start in 2009 Orders and Suborders of validation- and education services from stakeholders like companies and organisations % Content % for access to infrastructure as an Intelligent Internet with integrated hard and soft wares from Cisco/Mapaz % % External Market Price for ICT-Network services & products Internal Market Price of own content

6 Project AREE Anders Krantz Multitide AB MZ process platform Cisco communication platform Video Voice Text Municipalities Content Companies Content ICT-Network Business Concept Internal market Internal market World Wide market and services Internet and personal market direct from an Internet portal Individual Content Business scenario&supply chain within the ICT-Network Subcontractors for access and development of the infrastructure Internet

7 Project AREE Anders Krantz Multitide AB Region Gävleborg co-operation in a Lighthouse as the first hub! Company Raiting Tourism Health Care Fiber Optic Welding Immigrant centre Patient securtity PDC* Immigrant Ljusdal Bollnäs Sandviken Cisco ”Lighthouse” as the ”Hot Spot” University of Gävle CNC Landstinget Länsstyrlesen Hudiksvall Söderhamn Gävle * Personal Development Competence

8 Project AREE Anders Krantz Multitide AB Questions to be answered and work to be done! Model for national centra for validation within EU! Model for an international or European centra which can be both local or viritual operating and supported by the Internet! Model for development! Business form! Co-operation between stakeholders and partners! Business model! Financing! How to make the ownership fitting both private and public sectors in both short and long terms?

9 Project AREE Anders Krantz Multitide AB Måldefiniering Innehållsmixning Utbildningskoncept Kvalitetssäkring Kompetenssupport Adderat Kundvärde Internet CiscoMz ICTN - International Competence Transfer Network rail powered by Internet CiscoMZ. VårdSvets CNC Personlig Utvecklingskompetens Företags Raiting BioEnergi Industrielektriker Yrkesförare IT-Data Bygg Ekonomi&Adm Europen Cisco Lighthouse AREE EU-Kommissionen Arbetgivarorg SN Fackligt LO Politiskt ex AMS &FK och Regeringen….. Servicetekniker Autonoma externa innehållsleverantörer ICTN Strategisk Kompetensförsörjning enligt ny ISO standard efter svensk modell SS kommer inom kort!!!!! Fiber Optik The Swedish original of the idéa

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