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Tornadoes are most often spawned by giant thunderstorms known as "supercells." These powerful, highly organized storms form when warm, moist air along.

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2 Tornadoes are most often spawned by giant thunderstorms known as "supercells." These powerful, highly organized storms form when warm, moist air along the ground rushes upward, meeting cooler, drier air. As the rising warm air cools, the moisture it carries condenses, forming a massive thundercloud, sometimes growing to as much as 50,000 ft. in height. Variable winds at different levels of the atmosphere feed the updraft and cause the formation of the tornado's characteristic funnel shape.

3 When different temperatures and humidity form to make thunderclouds Warm, wet winds from the Gulf of Mexico move northward during spring and summer this then causes a meeting of colder, dryer Canadian winds which are moving southward. Dry line. Gulf of Mexico at a height of over 10,000 feet. When the updraft is strong, the column can rise to heights of 10 miles or more, twisting at speeds of up to 100 miles an hour. The rotating winds produce strong storm clouds about 70,000 feet high, sometimes spreading 10 miles wide. Supercells. Mesocyclones. CASE STUDY: United States

4 There are myths around where tornadoes occur such as around rivers, lakes and mountains, these areas are actually safe from tornadoes. However everywhere is at risk from tornado attacks. There are certain characteristics which give “clues” about where tornadoes happen. Dark often greenish sky Rotating wall cloud Large hail Loud roar (similar to a train)

5 Tornadoes commonly occur in a preferred direction of south-west to north-east at speeds of 30-40 mph Example: One tornado occurred in the Wyoming mountains at an elevation in excess of 10,000 feet!

6 FUJITA TORNADO SCALE CategorySustained WindsDamage F-040-72mph Chimney damage, tree branches broken F-173-112mph Mobile homes pushed off their foundations or overturned F-2113-157mph Considerable damage. Mobile homes demolished. Trees uprooted F-3158-205mph Roofs and walls torn down. Trains overturned. Cars thrown. F-4207-260mphWell constructed walls levelled F-5261-318mph Homes lifted off foundations and carried considerable distances. Autos thrown as far as 100 meters.


8 Tornado Alley in America

9 SocialEconomicEnvironmental At least 38 people killed: 14 people in Missouri 11 people in Tennessee 7 people in Kansas Businesses were damagedTrees uprooted Houses blown apartInfrastructure was blocked by debris Animals loss of habitat Power lines uprootedBusinesses were closedPossible pollution from burst pipes Destruction trail of 400m wide Communication was lost due to bent pylons Fires from burst gas pipes Barely a home/business was left untouched Emergency services were under pressure Services were erected Hot meals were provided

10 SocialEconomicEnvironmental 40 people killedFarm business were ruined from cattle being destroyed Trees destroyed in the path of the tornado 1,000 injuredInfrastructure is damaged from debris on the road therefore trade cannot occur Pollution caused by raging fires from buildings 12 villages in the districts of Netrokona and Mymensingh were hit and destroyed Massive debt from damage caused by the tornado Thousands left homeless, from houses being blown away More medicines have been requested from Dhaka as well as relief materials Aid is being imported in the form of cash, rice and corrugated tin for shelter. Also clothes are being imported Hospitals are full, they have a stream of patients who are injured, and it cannot cope

11 Tornadoes are very stressful events which can destroy the lives of many people in a matter of seconds. Many people have different coping strategies such as: Moving Away from the problem area Constructing shelter to withstand the forces of a tornado Do nothing!- they believe it is an act of god! Board up windows Moving away only during tornado season

12 Many people cope with tornadoes in different ways. Some countries do not have the equipment to successfully predict these tornadoes and therefore the death rate and the secondary effects may be much larger than a country where they can successfully prepare. It is said that advance planning and a quick response is the key to surviving a tornado, however many LEDC’s do not have this equipment

13 What to Do……. If you are at Home: If you are at Work: If you are in a Car: Although tornadoes can never be stopped, management processes help aid the strain and stress and also damage that tornadoes can cause. By having initiatives in place and government grants to help when tornadoes occur, the re- building of businesses, houses and schools can be done quickly and efficiently causing the least amount of disturbance and upset to the people effected

14 There are ways to predict tornadoes, and tornado chasers help aid this. A group called “project VORTEX”are tornado chasers. They have the specialist equipment to constantly monitor the weather, for example the Weather Doppler Radar System

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