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"Sophistication? I've been to Leeds"

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1 "Sophistication? I've been to Leeds"

2 Leeds Innovation Health Hub (LIHH)
The overall aim of the Health Hub is “To improve the health and wealth of all the people who live and work in Leeds” The priorities are: To achieve improved health and social care outcomes for the population of Leeds To maintain and further enhance the international reputation for Leeds as a centre of excellence for innovation in health and medical technology To attract inward investment and encourage local enterprise and business opportunities through innovation in health and medical technology

3 What differentiates Leeds
National bodies headquartered in Leeds Population, patients, carers, families, communities How to leverage the scope and scale of the intersections Academic institutions Local health and social care commissioning and delivery organisations Private Local sector government Leeds Innovation Health Hub

4 Engaging with stakeholders

5 Priority areas and making it happen
Medical Technologies Health Informatics Engaging Communities Horizon scanning, Catalyst, Landing investment

6 LIHH Programme Activity
Health Informatics Leeds Care Record LIB Strategic Integration Information Governance Data Science Foundation Leeds University Support for LTC LCHT Medical Technology Clinical Skills Centre LTHT Advanced Health Network LandP Engaging Communities Health Innovation Exchange Service Social Change LCC Leeds Health Innovation Lab mHealth Advanced Health Zone LCC Aim of this Been asked to assist in the development of a delivery plan as next stage But it has to be your delivery plan and that is why this evening is so important. We could develop something that looks like a plan but which you don’t own. That would not be helpful – need some clear ownership and commitment and direction setting. We can then move onto help with the development of your plan, not ours.

7 Leeds digital ecosystem - Coggle

8 Engaging Communities in Health Innovation
Citizens Service Organisations Public Sector Private Sector Third Sector Networks Media Hubs Bridges Connectors Social Organisations Spatial Interest Virtual Projects (1-5) (Innovation - LIHH) Focus Domain (Health) LIHH URBACT Health etc Education Housing Review, refine, scale Cultivate the spectrum of networks


10 Leeds ODI Hub – Munro House
Opened April 2014

11 Virtual and Physical – Approach
Manufacturing Zone Manufacturing Zone Innovation Zone Conference Zone The “Hub” Simulation Zone Delivery Zone M

12 A big data bus

13 Leadership is a contact sport


15 Meeting The 2015 Challenge Rob Webster Chief Executive
NHS Confederation

16 Join the conversation:
Join the conversation: #2015Challenge

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