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CERTIFICATION Get it and keep it!. Dispensing to Your Hispanic Patients Practical advice to help you communicate with your Hispanic patients.

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1 CERTIFICATION Get it and keep it!

2 Dispensing to Your Hispanic Patients Practical advice to help you communicate with your Hispanic patients.

3 Understanding the Growing Hispanic Population Hispanic refers to people from Spanish- speaking nations of Latin America and from Spain Hispanic is the official term used by the U.S. government

4 Understanding the Growing Hispanic Population Depending on how long a Hispanic person has been living in the U.S., his or her level of Spanish may vary Over 85 percent of Hispanics use at least some Spanish at home, work or school

5 Hispanic Buying Power and Shopping Habits The U.S. Hispanic population is growing in buying power Understanding the shopping behaviors of Hispanic people can help sharpen marketing and communication methods

6 Hispanic Buying Power and Shopping Habits First Generation Hispanics Second Generation Hispanics Third Generation Hispanics Not all Hispanics are fluent in English or Spanish. To help you communicate, it is important that you recognize the potential language barrier and use appropriate methods and tools – like those from Transitions – to overcome them.

7 Hispanic Buying Power and Shopping Habits An average Caucasian family has 2.9 people, while an average Hispanic family has 3.9 people Some Hispanic families consist of several wage-earners living together Hispanics are growing in buying power and may have more disposable income, which means they could also have more money to spend on eyewear and vision care.

8 Hispanic Buying Power and Shopping Habits Family members are often involved in the purchasing decision Hispanic cultural value of Familismo the understanding that family is the nucleus of community and society

9 Hispanic Buying Power and Shopping Habits Give family members brochures or booklets Use inclusive body language Respect the position of wives and mothers Dont be shy about asking if other family members wear glasses or are having trouble with their vision. Grasp the opportunity to offer them a product, or sign them up for a future appointment.

10 Insight Into Eye Health Needs & Cultural Values The Hispanic population is more prone to certain visual problems and may be at higher risk for many eye diseases, such as cataract, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma

11 UV Awareness Hispanics have the lowest level of awareness of any ethnic group when it comes to the need for UV protection for the eyes

12 Perception of Eye Health Like other ethnic groups, Hispanics value their sight and say that they want to do what is necessary to have the best vision possible and protect it for the future You can appeal to Hispanics desire to have good vision, now and in the future, as you present eyewear options. An emotional appeal will help your Hispanic patients become more concerned about protecting their vision and choosing the best eyewear option available.

13 Appearance and Spending Habits The appearance of eyewear is also very important to Hispanic patients because it is viewed as an integral part of their image, and therefore, their self- confidence

14 Appearance and Spending Habits Opticians should not avoid higher-ticket items, since often these options may be desirable Health insurance is not necessarily a barrier, as many are willing to pay out of their own pockets Dont make assumptions about how much your Hispanic patients want to spend, and dont hesitate to discuss several eye wear choices with them if they say they do not have insurance.

15 Earning Respect Another influential cultural value of the Hispanic population is Respeto. Respeto is defined as offering respect based on age, gender and status

16 Earning Respect Hispanic patients may not be as willing to ask questions about their options, and therefore, may have a tendency to rely more heavily on their eyecare professionals to make product recommendations The cultural value of Respeto may become a communication barrier. Encourage open dialogue, ask patients for their opinion and offer your professional advice.

17 Earning Respect Having Spanish-speaking staff and Spanish- language materials Providing friendly, open interaction Offering high-quality service Remember the three factors that will help you establish a loyal Hispanic patient: Recognize that a loyal Hispanic patient can provide an opportunity for repeat and referral business.

18 Showing Respect Offering materials and eye exams in Spanish is seen as a sign of respect for Hispanic culture and as a sign of an eyecare professionals commitment and professionalism Make sure that materials in Spanish are always very visible and offer them proactively to patients. Hand them out as opposed to asking patients if they would like to receive them.

19 Basic Greetings Since it can be difficult to distinguish what language patients speak before meeting them, even staff members who are not fluent in Spanish should be taught some basic phrases

20 Key Eyewear Terms Taking the time to learn even just a little Spanish demonstrates your commitment to your Hispanic patients

21 Overcoming Language Barriers Allow extra time for patients to look at the visual aids Use demonstration

22 Overcoming Language Barriers If Spanish-speaking patients are accompanied by family members, they can often serve as translators in the event that there is not a Spanish-speaking staff member available Do not be discouraged if you have trouble communicating initially with your Hispanic patients. They will appreciate your effort! Try to use all of your Spanish resources and stay positive.

23 Building Rapport The importance of rapport is rooted in the Hispanic cultural value of Personalismo – showing genuine concern for a person Rapport is very important to building a relationship with your Hispanic patients. Using body language, animation and ice-breakers can help to establish a strong connection early on.

24 There are four simple steps you can take to effectively dispense Transitions lenses to Hispanics, whether language is an issue or not. Many of these methods may also apply to recommending other premium products Dispensing Transitions Lenses to Hispanic Patients

25 Demonstrate activation using either the Transitions patient brochure with photochromic film (available in English or Spanish) or the lens demo card A picture speaks a thousand words. Use demonstration as a way to communicate with your Hispanic patients.

26 Dispensing Transitions Lenses to Hispanic Patients The Hispanic population has a higher rate of certain eye diseases, and consequently they need to pay close attention to protecting their eyes from the sun Hispanics have a higher incidence of certain eye diseases and need to protect their eyes from the sun. Recommending Transitions lenses, which provide 100 percent UV blockage, is a great way to show your Hispanic patients you care about protecting their vision.

27 Dispensing Transitions Lenses to Hispanic Patients If language is a barrier to communicating products to patients, use the complimentary point-of-sale tools available in Spanish from Transitions Use the Transitions Online Marketing (TOM) tool to help you personalize communication with your Hispanic customer.

28 Dispensing Transitions Lenses to Hispanic Patients Surprisingly, many patients dont remember what product they purchased by the time they pick up their glasses Reinforce the value of Transitions lenses when your customers come to pick up their lenses. This is the perfect time to remind them why they chose Transitions and to compliment them on how great they look.

29 Common Questions Curiosity is a positive sign that patients are thinking through their choices. In the end – the more they understand, the more satisfied they will be

30 Common Questions Why dont these change in the car? Explain that the lenses dont darken because all photochromic lenses require UV light to activate, and UV is blocked by the windshield in your car Encourage open dialogue. Answering questions helps you provide a better understanding of your product and professional expertise.

31 Common Questions Hispanic patients may ask for a reduction in the price of the lenses. The art of negotiation is common in Hispanic culture

32 Facts About Transitions Lenses Here are some basic facts about Transitions lenses that can help you answer patient questions completely

33 Bilingual Pocket Card Since the card is printed in both English and Spanish, you can communicate in the language that is most comfortable for your patients

34 For More Information… Transitions Optical offers a wide range of tools and resource materials to help its partners meet the needs of Hispanic patients and address this business growth opportunity

35 Dispensing to Your Hispanic Patients Practical advice to help you communicate with your Hispanic patients.

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