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Xsede eXtreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment Ron Perrott University of Oxford 1.

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1 Xsede eXtreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment Ron Perrott University of Oxford 1

2 Objectives Enhance productivity of users Enable transformational science Provide innovative educational programs Federate with other high end facilities --> National cyber infrastructure ecosystem 2

3 Approach Evolution – 2002-2005: Distributed/Extended Terascale Facility – 2005-2011: Grid Infrastructure + Resource Providers – 2010-2016: eXtreme Digital + Service Providers Inclusive – 17 partners – NCSA, NICS, PSC, TACC centres Complementary expertise – Technology and education partners 3

4 Resources 16 supercomputers, high end visualisation, data analysis resources Single interface for allocation, common authentication and trust mechanisms, global name space and file systems, etc. 10 gigabits/sec connections New architectural design for distributed computer architecture 4

5 Applications Science and society – Predicating earthquakes – Healthcare,Drugs and interactions – Nanoscale microprocessors – Sustainable food supply – Renewable energy – Etc. 20 new projects in non traditional areas – Humanities 5

6 User support Extended Collaborative Support –teaming with research groups User portal – monitor and access resources, manage jobs Specialised community provided services Training Education and Outreach Campus Champions 6

7 Users Year 1 – 33 education projects – 332 start-up projects – 2079 new users – 30 % submitted jobs via gateways – 1800 publications – 8700 distinct users 7

8 Funding – High-Performance Remote Visualization and Data Analysis Services 2 awards; 5 years; $3M/year – Integrating Services (5 years, $26M/year) Coordination and Management Service – 5 years; $12M/year Technology Audit and Insertion Service – 5 years; $3M/year Advanced User Support Service – 5 years; $8M/year Training, Education and Outreach Service – 5 years, $3M/year

9 9 SDSC TACC UC/ANL NCSA ORNL PU IU PSC NCAR Caltech USC/ISI UNC/RENCI UW Resource Provider (RP) Software Integration Partner Grid Infrastructure Group (UChicago) Resource Providers, One Facility NICS LONI Network Hub

10 XSEDE : Governance Leadership – partnership led by NCSA, NICS, PSC, TACC and SDSC: CI centers with deep experience – partners who strongly complement these CI centers with expertise in science, engineering, technology and education Balanced governance model – strong central management, rapid response to issues and opportunities – delegation and decentralization of decision-making authority – openness to genuine stakeholder participation stakeholder engagement, advisory committees – improved professional project management practices formal risk management and change control 10

11 XSEDE: Extending Impact Coordinated national program with greater scope and scale – increased diversity of topics, modes of delivery, and reach to new communities and audiences – broaden participation among under-represented communities Campus bridging for effective use of CI resources – more tightly integrate with campuses through expanded Champions program and additional bridging activities Establish certificate and degree programs – institutional incorporation of CS&E curricula; professional development certificate – prepare undergraduates, graduates and future K-12 teachers 11


13 XD Coordination and Management Service - design of the grid architecture - management of its implementation - management of accounting, authorization, authentication, allocation and security services, - coordination of the component services - maintenance of a responsive, user-centric operational posture - coordination of those service providers that provide access to physical resources 13

14 Technology Audit and Insertion Service - quality assurance and quality control - review and test advanced software tools for manipulating, processing and analysing very large amounts of information - testing advanced software tools and developing deployment strategies, in partnership with the relevant service providers. 14

15 Advanced user support” support of researchers or research groups running complicated computer programs, researchers or research groups attempting to develop and use complex workflows, and researchers or research groups trying to develop or implement science gateways 15

16 Training, Education and Outreach Service training for staff, current users and prospective users integration of research and education broadening of participation in science and engineering that exploits by under-represented groups. 16

17 XSEDE : User Services Unified and comprehensive user support services – designed to advance science and engineering – provided by experts in the application of technology – new and expanded facets of advanced support More mature operational practices – increased focus on productivity and ease of use – increased and enhanced security, reliability, and quality assurance 17

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