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E.Clément Novembre 2011 Installation au GANIL Installation et campagne de physique Collaboration nationale.

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1 E.Clément Novembre 2011 Installation au GANIL Installation et campagne de physique Collaboration nationale

2 E.Clément Novembre 2011 Faits marquants depuis la dernière réunion de coordination  Revue finale de conception de la mécanique AGATA (STFC-GANIL-IPHC) –Décembre 2012  Nomination par le SC du porte parole de la campagne : S. Lenzi (Univ Padova) – Septembre 2012  Appel à LoIs envoyé le 1er Octobre 2013 (Deadline 8 th Février 2013)  AGATA days du 18 au 20 Février dernier  Présentation des LoI, instrumentation, stratégie  Un résumé de ce workshop sera présenté au prochain Conseil scientifique (Septembre 2013)  CS du GANIL 4 février dernier  L’installation d’AGATA au GANIL est maintenant instruite au sein de la nouvelle structure projet du GANIL  Revue de contrat avec la direction le 15 Avril prochain

3 E.Clément Novembre 2011  Charged particle array for transfer reaction MUST2/TIARA : (d,p) etc … program with SIB and RIB  Charged particle array for prompt tagging : DIAMANT  Neutron detector (Nwall)  Charged particle array for Recoil Decay Tagging : MUSETT  Scintillator : BaF2 array, LaBr3  Future detector : NEDA (n), GASPARD ( ?), PARIS (LaBr3) In G1 coupled to VAMOS (+ EXOGAM2): SIBs, RIBs AGATA 1  at GANIL : Ancillary devices At 0° as separator (vaccum/gas-filled) Angles >10 deg for fission & MNT

4 E.Clément Novembre 2011 o We have received 47 Letters of Intents o The equivalent of ~2006 UT are proposed  hours of beam on target (669 days) o 4 main setups o Vamos in magnetic spectrometer o Vamos in gas-filled o Nwall + Diamant o DSSSD We need to organize sub-campaigns by setup and investigate the technical issues case by case :  Working Group  Planning of upgrade of some ancillaries (gas-filled, NWALL, DIAMANT) AGATA will increase in efficiency during the campaign  Not all experiments will benefit from the 1  Feasibility has been checked and technical solutions suggested Proponents are encourage to discuss with the experts of the ancillaries

5 E.Clément Novembre ,48 Ca S,Cl,Ar,K 46 Ti 77 Y 132 In 80 Zr 68 Ni,Fe,Co,Cu 194 Pb Sm,Pm 78 Ni Zr, Mo Ru, Pd Xe,Te 38 K 63 Ge 80 Zn 254 No 206 Hg 34 Ar 238 U 256 Rf Cm,Bk Cf,Es 176 Hg Zr, Sr Ne,Na 75 Sr 100 In Dy,Er,Yb 102 Sn Physics cases for the AGATA campaign in GANIL

6 E.Clément Novembre 2011 GANIL cannot produce all of them :  Metallic 238 U  48 Ca target is a challenge  Plunger Target  Joa’s talk  To be discussed within the Working Group You might be invited to provide expensive isotopes for the accelerator ( 48 Ca, 70 Zn…) GANIL have some limitation for low beam energy 40,48 Ca and 56 Ni beams  issues to be discussed in the WG

7 E.Clément Novembre Neutron Wall and/or Diamant campaign Coordinator: Gilles de France - VAMOS in gas filled mode campaign Coordinator: Christoph Theisen/Christelle Schmitt - Plunger campaign Coordinator: Joa Ljungvall - DSSD detectors for coulex Campaign Coordinator: Peter Reiter - VAMOS (M. Rejmund) - EXOGAM2 (G. de France) - MUST2 and Tiara (O. Sorlin) - PARIS (A. Maj) - OUPS Plunger (J. Ljungval) - Cologne Plunger (Ch. Fransen) Working groups for the different setups have been formed to face together the developments needed  Identifying problems and limits  Improve the technical aspects and the physic toward the proposals

8 E.Clément Novembre 2011 The first setup will be AGATA + VAMOS std. + EXOGAM2 (+ Plunger) Proposals using these setups will be submitted to the next PAC meeting (foreseen in January 2014). By the end of October / beginning of November 2013, ~two months before the PAC meeting, we will organize a collaboration meeting to discuss together the proposals based on the LoI of this call, eventual new proposals, check the feasibility and eventual overlaps. All proposals have to be discussed at this meeting before being submitted to the PAC.. Future steps

9 E.Clément Novembre 2011 E.Clément GANIL Scientific Council February 2013 EXOGAM, LaBr3, BaF2 … AGATA Configurations at GANIL E. Farnea et al, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 621 (2010) 331–343

10 E.Clément Novembre 2011 Pure efficiency Resolving power Which combinaison of detector ?

11 E.Clément Novembre 2011 Question to be investigated * T0  GSI planning ?? * Provide the expensive material for both beam and target ( 48 Ca, 70 Zn, 50 Ti ) * Difficult target (Ca, Ge, Zn, 238 U met, Li, rotating system…) (GSI, LNL, IPNO, GANIL, IKP, HIL) * DIAMANT electronic ? * NWALL electronic available (end of 2014 for GALILEO) * ONLINE ANALYSIS for other ancillaries than EXOGAM2 and VAMOS * Target chamber : we need 4 different configurations Target std Plunger DSSD + Target holder French partner involvement ?

12 E.Clément Novembre 2011 VAMOS The VAMOS spectrometer is expected to play a major role in the campaign  Upgrades are still possible in the dispersive mode as magnetic spectrometer  Fully operational now ( M. Rejmund et al, NIM A 646 (2011) )  A test in gas-filled mode has shown the competitivity of the setup  Optimum configuration to be funded ANR (French Research Funding Agency) request for the gas-filled mode submitted by the Saclay and GANIL group (PI : Ch. Theisen & Ch. Schmitt)  If funded in 2013, should be operational mid-2015 E.Clément GANIL Scientific Council February 2013

13 E.Clément Novembre 2011  Local organization done  Tasks distribution and their detailed description were distributed  GANIL project : Set of spec delivered, detailed planning, resources evaluation, budget, development plan, PBS, WBS distributed, Risk Analysis done  Security/safety : Installation description for DIRC01 :  1 st draft released, SSR decision (July 2013)  The call for tender, to be launched by May 2013 after GANIL management review (15 th of April, are under preparation  Specific infrastructure to be delivered in December 2013 In 2012, ~4 FTE have worked on the project (20 persons involved at GANIL) For , ~80 m.month are evaluated Organisation E.Clément GANIL AGATA Days February 2013

14 E.Clément Novembre 2011 Task1, Mechanic: Michel Ozille, Cecile Barthe Dejean, Patrice Gangant, Georges Fremont, François Legruel and Task2, Safety, Quality: Georges Voltolini Task3, Infrastructure: J. Ropert, L. Menager, Michel Ozille, Georges Fremont, J. Goupil, Manuel Jean, Jean Louis Foucher Task4, Detectors: Laurent Ménager, Jean Ropert Task5, DAQ-Electronic: Bruno Raine, Fréderic Saillant, Michel Tripon, Luc Legeard, Nicolas Ménard, Luc David Task6, Data analysis : Emmanuel Clément, Luc Legeard, Gilles de France, Antoine Lemasson, Maurycy Rejmund Task7, Logistic: Laurent Ménager Task8, Exploitation: Emmanuel Clément, Laurent Ménager, Bruno Raine, Michel Tripon Task 9, Documentation: Laurent Ménager Task10, Coordination with next Facility: Jean Ropert

15 E.Clément Novembre 2011

16 Schedule (assuming that material from GSI arrive on Jan-Feb 2014) Gas-filled installation expected in mid-2015 if funded in 2013 GANISOL beams available for physics beginning of 2016 No SPIRAL1 beam in GANIL has requested the host of AGATA until end of 2016 T2-12T3-12T4-12T1-13T2-13T3-13T4-13T1-14T2-14T3-14T4-14…T4-16 Mechanics STFC Design GANIL Impl IPHC construc Mounting Infrastructure det GANIL Studies Collecting items Installation LN2, AF GANIL Studies Collecting items InstallationTest DAQ Hardware GANIL Studies Collecting items InstallationTest DAQ Software Prep. Test Processing Room Renov Aire Proj AGATA infra Detector Mounting Source & Commi Expt … E.Clément GANIL AGATA Days February 2013

17 E.Clément Novembre k€ guaranteed by GANIL for 2013 to be completed in the 2014 request IN2P3-AP IPHC request for the mechanic ANR (French Research Funding Agency) request for the gas-filled mode submitted by the Saclay and GANIL group (PI : Ch. Theisen & Ch. Schmitt) Loan of material from LNL & GSI (cooled cabinet, racks, Optical link)

18 E.Clément Novembre 2011 ~150 k€ ~17k€ Processing room 019 Upgrade ~ 102k€ Detector lab infrastructure ~15 k€ Cryogenic upgrade, connection ~25 k€ Total investment cost ~380 k€ Optical fibers links ~70k€ E.Clément GANIL AGATA Days February 2013

19 E.Clément Novembre 2011 E.Clément GANIL AGATA Days February 2013

20 E.Clément Novembre 2011  Detectors support design done by STFC Daresbury in close collaboration with GANIL  GANIL designs the additional platform  GANIL takes in charge the integration work  Projection T  9 months of construction estimated starting by T On-going collaboration with the IPHC workshop for the construction of the support Workshop for the extended platform not yet defined I. Burrows (STFC) M. Ozille, P. Gangnant (GANIL) Mechanic E.Clément GANIL AGATA Days February 2013

21 E.Clément Novembre 2011 I. Burrows (STFC) M. Ozille (GANIL) G. Gaudiot (IPHC) Mechanic  First 2D projections have been released in January  On-going validation and fine cost estimate  Mechanical stress and rigidity calculations validated E.Clément GANIL AGATA Days February 2013

22 E.Clément Novembre 2011 M. Ozille (GANIL) Mechanic E.Clément GANIL AGATA Days February 2013

23 E.Clément Novembre 2011 M. Ozille, P. Gangnant, G. Fremont (GANIL)  GANIL is in charge of the beam section and target chamber design for most of the experiment  Specific configurations will be treated case by case  Target loader : Detailed design on going by GANIL Final decision will be taken after the workshop Target loader and beam line E.Clément GANIL AGATA Days February 2013

24 E.Clément Novembre 2011

25 Salle G1 AGATA EXOGAM Elec. AGATA Elec. DSS 300 optical wires Water cooling (independant block) 27 kW UPS L. Menager, J. Ropert, JL. Foucher (GANIL) Integration Cryogenic distribution E.Clément GANIL AGATA Days February 2013

26 E.Clément Novembre 2011 L. Menager, M. Jean, N. Menard (GANIL) The foreseen room required important investment (refurbishment, electricity, water cooling, air conditioning …) G1 cave Integration E.Clément GANIL AGATA Days February 2013

27 E.Clément Novembre 2011 Performance simulations :on-going Electronic coupling: on-going (several meeting already done, transfer of knowledge in GSI foreseen on the th May ) Detector:starting (transfer of knowledge in Cologne in Spring) Data flow, DAQ:on-going (several meeting already done, no problem anticipated, RC decision taken) Mechanic design : on-going (final design review) Optical link :on-going (Call for tender expected by April) Data analysis :starting (first meeting on the first week of Dec.) AutoFill-cryogenic :on-going (definition of the installation, call for tender in April, millestone next AGATA week at GANIL) Infrastructure :on-going (final design review on going, millestone next AGATA week at GANIL) E.Clément GANIL AGATA Days February 2013

28 E.Clément Novembre 2011


30 Joa Ljungvall (CSNSM)

31 E.Clément Novembre 2011 J. Ljungvall (CSNSM) for the AGATA collaboration - Preliminary × ~ 1.25 × ~ 1.5 AGATA nominal 233 mm EXOGAM nominal 145 mm Performance of the array

32 E.Clément Novembre 2011  =12% More than efficiency, AGATA provides higher sensitivity × ~ 4.7 × ~ 12  performances under simulations

33 E.Clément Novembre 2011 Conclusion  Physics objectives will be presented at the next CS for evaluation (Campaign definition)  Sub-campaigns to be discussed and adjusted with upgrade planning 2014-mid 2015 : AGATA-VAMOS+ “light” ancillary 2015 : gas-filled, NWALL 2016 : SPIRAL1 beams  The AGATA project at GANIL made progress in all different items with a particular attention on the mechanic and the integration  The transfer of knowledge on detectors and electronic will be organized in 2013 during off and on- beam period at GSI with GANIL technical staff.  Mechanical construction should start soon, delivery by end of 2013  Call for tender are expected to be sent by May 2013 for infrastructure  Data Acquisition and Data analysis preparation will progress over 2013  GANIL technical involvement is already significant  Budget guaranteed by GANIL for 2013 to be completed in the 2014 request E.Clément GANIL AGATA Days February 2013

34 E.Clément Novembre 2011 Campaigns *1 st ( ): VAMOS in dispersive mode as it is (Spectro+plunger) : fission 6 LOI + MNT *2 nd ( ): gas-filled/NWALL : Depend of the availibity of these setups *3 rd (2016- ? ) : SPIRAL1 : DSSD-Coulex, MNT (VAMOS back in Std)

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