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… that changes my priorities.

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2 … that changes my priorities.
Depth of Gratitude …. Luke 7:36-50 How grateful am I to Christ Jesus for what he has done for me? Ref Luke 17:25-26 … that changes my priorities.

3 Priorities … Luke 14:25-33

4 Test of priorities … Luke 14: Scenarios that highlight wrong priorities Religious procedures & duties 14:1-6 Prestige in the community 14:7-11 Social stability 14:12-14

5 Test of priorities … Luke 14:15-24 one scenario with 3 excuses that illustrate seriously wrong priorities Possessions 14:15-18 Employment14:19 Family Life 14:20

6 The exclusive claims and radical call of Christ on my life …
Luke 14:25-35 The exclusive radical call Because of who he is Because of what he has done Romans 12:1-2

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