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Important developments in the world of SEND

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1 Important developments in the world of SEND
SEND Reforms Important developments in the world of SEND Jenny Clench Pathfinder lead Head of Inclusion Support

2 Governor Services Locality Services Music Services SEN and Disability Youth Offending Team Childcare Sufficiency Targeted Youth Support Standards and Learning Effectiveness Service Looked After Children Services Capital Strategy Team Contracts Management Services to Schools School Admissions and Transport Inclusion Support Services Complaints Equality and Participation Performance Management Data and Management Information Schools ICT (Applications) Workforce Development and OD Quality Assurance including Safeguarding Children’s Centres Keyworker Service

3 The new SEN system is underpinned by a number of key principles.
Early identification of need High expectations and aspirations for what C&YP with SEND can achieve. Focus on outcomes that C&YP and their families want to achieve. Choice and control over the support they/their children receive. Participation is central, person- centred planning is key. Greater collaboration between Education Health and Care. Clarity of roles and responsibilities. High quality provision. A skilled workforce to deliver excellent outcomes. Co-production is an important feature of these reforms.

4 Ladder of involvement Co-production Participation Consultation

5 Co-production “Co-production means delivering public services in an equal and reciprocal relationship between professionals, people using services, their families and their neighbours. Where activities are co-produced in this way, both services and neighbourhoods become far more effective agents of change.” Boyle and Harris, 2009, The Challenge of Co-production. Parent carers are central to and key partners in the SE7 SEND Pathfinder activity which is a learning process for all parties. In our Pathfinder, effective parent carer co-production is where parent carers have conversations with and work alongside professionals in order to design, develop and improve services.

6 Draft legislation - key highlights
New requirement for local authorities, health and care services to commission services jointly, to ensure that the needs of disabled children and young people and those with SEN are met. LAs to publish a clear, transparent ‘local offer’ of services, so parents and young people can understand what is available. More streamlined assessment process, which integrates education, health and care services, and involves children and young people and their families. New 0-25 Education, Health and Care Plan, replacing the current system of Statements and Learning Difficulty Assessments, which reflects the child or young person’s aspirations for the future, as well as their current needs. New statutory protections for young people aged in FE and a stronger focus on preparing for adulthood. Academies, Free Schools, Further Education and Sixth Form colleges to have the same SEN duties as maintained schools. Option of a personal budget for families and young people with a Plan, extending choice and control over their support.

7 Key differences to current systems
Coproduced Transparent Person centred Outcomes focused Holistic – needs to be well linked with other systems and processes - not siloed Tell us once approach Single point of contact Family led Not a back office function or paper driven process Much more face to face contact between plan coordinators, parents and professionals More in depth reviews Much wider age range and larger numbers so our response cannot remain the same …….

8 Key learning from the Pathfinder
Involvement of young people and their parents needs to be from the start Assessment and planning must be personalised and holistic Outcomes must be aspirational and longer term as well as shorter term Culture change is essential for schools, services and families The Local Offer is key and must be got right There are no short cuts Matt – again this can be brief as the next two presentations cover this too 8 8

9 the Family Led Principles will describe the child’s
Child and family led Holistic Transparent Person centred the Family Led Principles will describe the child’s and family's experience Clear Prioritised Creative solutions Empowered practitioners and parent carers Family resilience Accountabilities Time specific Outcomes focused Core principles underpinning assessment and planning in the SE7 SEND Pathfinder 9

10 The East Sussex key learning
Families have embraced the personalised approach to assessment and planning Families have responded well to greater aspirations for their youngsters. Families have reported a more positive experience with the LA.


12 Offers information for parents in a single place;
Makes clear what provision is normally available from early years settings, schools (including Academies and Free Schools), colleges and other services including health and social care. 12


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