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Accommodation for Freshers 2013 E N T R Y.

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1 Accommodation for Freshers E N T R Y

2 WE GUARANTEE… a offer of accommodation to ALL FRESHERS Accommodation Services

3 Accept Contract Apply Online Unconditional Offer THE APPLICATION PROCESS


5 A WIDE RANGE OF …  Quality  Value  Locations Accommodation Services


7 THE PRICE Weekly rates in are:  £150 to £230 catered single (37-week lease)  £114 to £136 catered shared (37-week lease)  £81 to £114 self-catered single (38-week lease)  £57 self-catered shared (38-week lease ) Weekly rates in are still to be finalised Accommodation Services

8 HOW DO I PAY?  In full with a credit or debit card  By instalments from a UK bank account  By instalments from a credit card  3 or 7 instalments can be taken Accommodation Services

9 CATERED ACCOMMODATION  Pollock Halls  Convenient  Campus  Social  Landscape Accommodation Services


11  Modern  Award Winning  Great Choice  Healthy Eating CATERING FACILITIES Accommodation Services

12 SELF-CATERED ACCOMODATION  Flats and Houses  Independence  Central  Food Accommodation Services


14 SHARING ROOMS  Saves money  Bigger Rooms  Network of friends  In the future…. Accommodation Services

15 FAMOUS ROOM MATES: Al Gore and Tommy Lee Jones Christopher Reeve and Robin Williams Bill Gates, Steve Balmer and Paul Allen Accommodation Services

16 AFTER FIRST YEAR?  Range of University owned and managed accommodation  Competitive rates  Peace of mind Accommodation Services

17 FOR EVEN MORE… Up to date See you in September 2013! Accommodation Services

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