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E-Readers: the future of reading or short-lived gadget? Roger Mills June 2010.

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1 E-Readers: the future of reading or short-lived gadget? Roger Mills June 2010

2 What is an e-Reader?  A device to display electronic texts in certain specific formats  Generally using ‘e-ink’ reflective rather than transmissive screen technology  May have wireless link to allow download/upload of texts direct from/to e-book shop  May allow upload of files in pdf, txt or other formats, including sound and image formats (but not movies)  May allow web browsing (not in UK yet)  May have touch screen or navigation keys/keyboard

3 What formats do e-Readers support?  The Tower of e-Babel: WikiPedia lists 25 different formats for e-book publishing  Most readers support only a few  Most e-books only available in a few  Different formats support different features  EPUB (International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF )) may become industry standard

4 So  Your choice of e-reader determines: the range of content available to you the way that content is displayed the ways you can interact with that content (annotations etc)

5 Alternatives  Smartphones  Netbooks/laptops  PC’s  - if format allows  And now the iPad – and future tablets

6 FAQs  Can I search text?  Can I cut-and-paste?  Can I print?  Can I load pdf’s?  Can I download OU e-books?

7 FAQs: Can I search text?  Generally possible to search for words or string  No complex or Boolean statements  Can’t search pages saved as images

8 FAQs: Can I cut-and-paste?  Usually possible to save selected text to a file, transfer file to PC and cut-paste from there

9 FAQs: Can I print?  No: e-readers generally can’t connect direct to printers  Possible to save marked text, transfer as text file to PC and print that  Only one ‘page’ at a time

10 FAQs: Can I load pdf’s?  Yes – but may not be zoomable, so may not be legible on small screen. Where zooming available, text does not wrap so constant panning necessary to read

11 FAQs: Can I download OU e- books?  Generally not possible to download e- books provided on the web through library subscriptions, for licensing reasons

12 Kindle 2 Sony Touch  Formats supported Kindle (.azw,.azw1) PDF (.pdf) Text (.txt) Unprotected Mobipocket (.mobi,.prc) Audible (.aa,.aax) MP3 (.mp3) Convertible via Amazon: Microsoft Word (.doc.docx) RTF (.rtf) Structured HTML (.html,.htm) JPEG (.jpeg,.jpg) GIF (.gif) PNG (.png) BMP (.bmp) Compressed ZIP (.zip)  Formats supported BBeB (.lrf,.lrx) PDF (.pdf) EPUB (.epub) Text (.txt) RTF file (.rtf) Word file (.doc,.docx*) – auto converted by e-Book Library to RTF when transferred to Reader MP3 file (.mp3) AAC file (.mp4,.m4a,.mov, or.qt) (not movies) Bitmap file (.bmp) JPEG (.jpeg,.jpg) GIF (.gif) (not animated) PNG (.png)

13 Kindle 2 Sony Touch  Text loading Wireless (Amazon only), usb (Windows/Mac)  Screen: 16 shades grey No backlight  Navigation: Keys Joystick Keyboard Text locations, no page nos.  Orientation Portrait or landscape (latest software), not auto  Zoom 6 sizes (not pdf’s), no continuous zoom  Text-to-speech Speed variable, male-female  Text loading Usb only (Windows/Mac) : e-Book Library content management software installed automatically; uses Adobe Digital Editions  Screen 8 shades grey No backlight  Navigation: Keys Touch screen Virtual keyboard ‘Real’ page nos.  Orientation Portrait or landscape, not auto  Zoom 5 sizes + continuous (inc. pdf’s – but layout may change)  No text-to-speech

14 Kindle 2 Sony Touch  Annotation Via keyboard, not pdf’s  Backup On Amazon servers  Sound Stereo speakers, headphones Audiobooks, mp3  Battery 7 days (current models) Charge via mains or usb  Memory 1.4GB, no memory card slot  Periodicals Auto delete after 7 issues No pictures in UK  Search Metadata, text, annotations (pdf’s: metadata only)  Annotation Via virtual keyboard or handwritten with stylus Any document  Backup On local pc  Sound Headphones only Mp3, aac  Battery 7,500 page turns Charge via mains or usb  Memory 380MB, SD card, Memory Stick Duo  Periodicals Not supported (will be on ‘Daily Edition’ reader, not yet available in UK  Search Metadata, text, annotations, some pdf’s




18 List_of_e-book_readers















33 To lend or not to lend?  No definitive legal approval from Amazon  Some US libraries started lenidng but stopped – others continue  Some libraries lend within library only  Download to own devices most likely future pattern  Meanwhile – borrow an e-reader from RSL!

34 Amazon Kindle 2 Sony Reader Touch [PRS-600] ROAD TEST AN E-READER!

35 Now lending e-readers at RSL  Ask at Enquiries  Details: readers  Loan period 1 week  May be a waiting list!


37 E-Reader survey   Remains open

38 Further reading  The Horizon Report 2010 ed Report.pdf Good set of links to experiences in American universities  Wikipedia has useful comparisons and explanations of formats: _e-book_formats

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