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Worcestershire Viewpoint survey Summary of Wychavon results.

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1 Worcestershire Viewpoint survey Summary of Wychavon results

2 What is Worcestershire Viewpoint? Partnership involving all Worcestershire councils, NHS Worcestershire and H&W Fire and Rescue Service Two surveys a year: May and November November survey always includes perceptions about local area and satisfaction with public services Helps with setting priorities, planning services and projects, LSP action plans

3 The November 2013 survey 28 October to 29 November Questions on: local area, public services, community safety, Worcestershire Children and Young People’s Plan and NHS Worcestershire Sent to 1,792 Wychavon panel members 668 valid responses = 38% response rate Differences of +/– 6 or 7 points are significant

4 Responses by LSP area

5 The local area

6 Satisfaction with the local area

7 What’s most important? Droitwich areaEvesham areaPershore areaWychavon Health servicesLevel of crimeHealth services The level of crimeHealth servicesLevel of crimeThe level of crime Clean streetsEducation provision Affordable decent housing Clean streets Parks and open spaces Access to natureAffordable decent housing

8 Priorities for improvement Droitwich areaEvesham areaPershore areaWychavon Road and pavement repairs Activities for teenagers Public transportActivities for teenagers Public transport Affordable decent housing Public transport Job prospectsFlood protectionActivities for teenagers Job prospects Level of traffic congestion Level traffic congestion Job prospectsAffordable decent housing

9 Satisfaction with selected services

10 Satisfaction with public services 60% agree local public services act on the concerns of local residents (down 1 point) 53% feel informed about public services (down 1 point) 47% feel informed about how public services are performing (down 2 points)

11 Satisfaction with c ommunity facilities

12 Satisfaction with transport and libraries

13 Community cohesion and involvement

14 Belonging to immediate neighbourhood

15 How people from different backgrounds get on

16 Respect and consideration

17 Involvement in decisions affecting the area

18 Community safety

19 How safe people feel

20 How well ASB and crime are dealt with

21 Other issues

22 In good or very good health

23 Feeling vulnerable to flooding

24 Local journeys Top 5 ways to encourage alternative transport… More reliable transport Dedicated cycle lanes Well lit/maintained paths Better public transport info Cheaper fares/incentives

25 Share the results with the three local partnerships – use them to help develop action plans Share the results within organisations Use the results as evidence for plans, services, projects and funding bids Look out for the latest Knowing Wychavon Communities report – due soon Read the full report on Worcestershire County Council’s website when its available How can we respond?

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