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Applying to Higher Education From Application to Offer Emma Thomas – Student Access Officer, Royal Agricultural College

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1 Applying to Higher Education From Application to Offer Emma Thomas – Student Access Officer, Royal Agricultural College

2 Introducing the Application Process It’s easiest to talk about the Application Process as a three-phase procedure: STUDENT HEI STUDENT Information Decision Application Information Assessment Interview Offer Information Results Decision Aims: To explore what happens during these phases To look at roles and responsibilities of the student, their College/school and the HEIs To provide tips and hints for a positive outcome Phase 1 Phase 3 Phase 2

3 Planning, information, research and ideas Choices! Phase 1 – Information (and lots of research!) Research and information on courses, subjects & careers - UCAS online entry profiles - The UCAS Big Guide (can order from UCAS site) - University websites and prospectuses - Careers information – School /College, Connexions - Work experience - Friends / relatives / teachers - it’s good to talk! - Subjects enjoyed / interested in / do well in (and drawing out of those subjects transferable skills and qualities) Visits to universities - Open Days, Summer Schools and Taster Days, etc. are extremely valuable Considering progression routes is important; completing a personal action plan or future goals sheet might be useful in thinking about prior experience and qualities, current situation, and what is needed to reach the desired target

4 Making decisions - and a commitment! A HUGE DECISION! Not only next three years of students’ life, but informs & delivers career and job prospects A daunting prospect! Explore needs and ambitions Gather all possibilities and explore pros and cons Decisions must be informed, realistic and based on interest, aspirations and fulfillment of student needs Five spaces available on UCAS application form - use to order choices (different entry requirements) - use them all! If decisions alter, changes can be made or extra choices added in February by contacting UCAS Extra

5 The Application Form Registration Personal details Additional information Choices Education Employment Personal statement Reference Declaration Send your application Apply on-line at

6 Over to the HEIs… (phase 2) Information HEIs receive electronic data from UCAS Application into student databases. Downloaded directly from UCAS. This is first information HEI receives on student applicant, attaching importance to quality of application - must make good first impression! Students can track their application during this time on the ‘Track Progress’ tab Students may receive contact if HEIs need additional information / clarification

7 Application Assessment and Interviews Immediate evaluation of writing skills Simple, direct and straight to the point Answered all questions? Realistic application in terms of predicted grades / points score? A good personal statement? Experience relating to degree subject - is the interest there? Has student provided an academic referee? Checked and proof-read? Any silly mistakes? Application Form

8 Application Assessment and Interviews The interview: 5 Hot Tips Preparatory questions…warn them! Is the student suited to the course? Does the student have required qualifications and qualities? Is the student conscientious, hardworking and unlikely to drop out? Will the student cope with the demands of the course? Can the student work under pressure? Will the student be able to adjust to their new environment? What are their communication skills like? Are they dedicated to this course and have researched it well? Do they have a genuine interest in the subject / career progression? 1.Be prepared! (practice Q’s, research, etc.) 2.Arrive before time & know who to ask for! 3.Dress, body language & communication 4.Know your subject 5.Know your goals

9 Offers Provisional Conditional Unconditional Decline


11 Questions, answers, discussion?

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