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Looked After Children (LAC) Primary and Secondary Outreach Teaching Service.

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1 Looked After Children (LAC) Primary and Secondary Outreach Teaching Service

2  We are an outreach teaching service with a specific remit for Looked After Children.  We are based at the Civic Centre, Livingston.  We are line managed by Ogilvie School Campus.  We work closely with PBSS, and many agencies within West Lothian. Who are we?

3 HT – Catriona Grant (Ogilvie School) PT – Anne-Margaret Thompson (Secondary Teacher) 2 Primary Teachers – Jillian Hailstones, Kirsten Patience 2 further Secondary Teachers – Caroline Allan, Caroline Meagher. Educational Psychologist – Aicha Reid. (Our Partners are: LAC nurse, Children Rights Officer, Youth Inclusion Project, LAC Reviewing Officers, Social Workers, Residential House Workers etc) In Our Teaching Team

4  We Offer;  One to one teaching  Or class teaching so CT can build a relationship with the child  Group work  Support in class  Social inclusion work  We often have small groups for transition, enterprise etc. What can we offer?

5  A good referral for us would be;  Crammed full of as much information as possible;  IEP’s,  School based interventions,  Historical information  Test scores  LAC review information  Social Work information  Anything that would give information of the life of this Looked After Child.  Also for us, it would be useful if you could be clear about what interventions you would like from us. A Good Referral

6  Complete the form – email or post to the team  The referral is then prioritised.  Places are then allocated.  Priority is given to ‘higher profile’ children.  We would initially offer 1 or 2 x 45 minutes to 1 hour sessions depending on the level of need and the age of the child.  There is no time limit to how long we would engage with a child; it may be only a few sessions it may be many.  Every case if different.  We often work with a child – have a break and start up again. How to make a referral

7  Ultimately we are concerned with raising the attainment of LAC children and providing opportunities for social inclusion. Helping to ensure that every child meets their full potential in line with GIRFEC and CfE.  We are attempting to be the child’s champion!  Any questions?  Find more information here on GLOW Final Word

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