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The Copyright Licensing Agency

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1 The Copyright Licensing Agency
Schools Data Gathering Exercise

2 The Copyright Licensing Agency
Who is CLA? The Copyright Licensing Agency is a non profit-making company set up by authors and publishers to license the copying of their works. What does CLA do? We facilitate access to copyright materials, represent the rights of authors, artists and publishers and protect the value of their creativity. Our licences provide access to books, journals, magazines, law reports and more. Why is the CLA here? We carry out Data Collection exercises, which are a means of identifying the authors, artists and publishers whose works are being copied so that we can distribute licence fee monies to them.

3 Data Collection in Schools
Schools are licensed by CLA to copy and re-use copyright material. This means that whenever staff wish to carry out such an activity, they can do so legally. Without the licence, permission would need to be obtained by the rights holder each time you wanted to copy or re-use material. Schools are obliged to cooperate with these data collections by the Terms and Conditions of their Licence. Without the help from schools taking part in the data collection exercise we would not be able to reward the authors and publishers whose work is being copied.

4 Data Collection Exercise
Two simple procedures: If you photocopy or scan from a book, journal or magazine Simply make a copy of the ISBN page (title page is ISBN not available) Complete a label: was it photocopied or scanned and how many sets? Attach the label to the ISBN page place in the yellow box beside the copier. If you re-use material from a website or digital works (e-book, e-journal, e-magazine) Enter the web logging site set up for your school Paste in the website address used or the ISBN (digital material) Tick a box to say how it was used and for how many pupils Click submit.

5 Photocopying and Scanning: Data Collection Set up






11 Websites and Digital Material Web logging Tool

12 Web logging Tool Each school will have its own web logging site (a link to the site will be sent a few days prior to the start of the exercise) All staff use the same login, i.e -there are two drop down menus on the first page used to log in. On the first drop down ‘Department’ – staff will select the name of their School. i.e ‘Meopham Primary’ On the second drop down ‘Respondent’ – staff will select ‘Staff members 1-30’ (because there are 30 members of Staff at Meopham primary) Passwords are not required; neither are teachers’ names

13 Web logging Tool: Logging Data There are two tabs depending on what type of material was re-used. 1. Websites – any website or part of that is being printed, ed or displayed 2. Digital Publication – (e-book, e-journal, e-magazines)

14 Web logging Tool: Logging Data -If you’ve re-used material from a website, click on the website tab -Then paste in the URL of the page you re-used -Enter the number of pupils that it was distributed to -Tick the box, what method was it re-used -Click Submit

15 Web logging Tool: Logging Data If you have clicked on the Digital tab, complete as necessary – see below

16 Web logging Tool: Anything Else?
No – that’s it, quick and simple. There is a demo link that can be sent to staff and used for inset purposes if required. A few days before the exercise starts an will be sent to your school with a link to the web logging tool. The link will go live on the data collection start date. Until then if you click on the link it will open a page to say the exercise hasn't started yet. Each staff member will need to be sent the with the link prior to the start of the exercise. If you are able you can put the web logging tool as a favourite on some PC’s or on a staff intranet site.

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