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SUPPORTING PEOPLE - OUTCOMES Welsh Government Clara Hunt.

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1 SUPPORTING PEOPLE - OUTCOMES Welsh Government Clara Hunt

2 BACKGROUND – OUTCOMES WORK SP had been up and running for 6 years Aylward says no real measures of success for the SP Programme No clear consistent info about the real benefits Need to be able to measure the outcomes to demonstrate the real contribution of the prog/ work to people in Wales Increasing budget competition

3 What WG said we wanted A consistent approach to outcomes monitoring across Wales Want a core set of outcomes and not outputs Collaborative working between providers and LAs Robust information which supports the provision of quality services Service users outcomes to be central to the framework Shape the outcomes around the Welsh Government strategic dashboard

4 Outcomes Group Tasked with developing a framework for SP Dedicated group of people developed this from within the SP sector Pilot – SPG & SPRG Services

5 SP Review Identified that Outcomes key for SP programme in Wales Acknowledged the good work of the outcomes group and the pilot “The review concludes that this essential approach is promoted and actively supported by leadership and direction from the WG and LAs” (SP Review, Nov 10) which the Review team felt was missing. Number of Recommendations around outcomes and how they should be taken forward

6 Quality Services Workstream – Where we are now Tasked with these recommendations - Outcomes mandatory for all 2012 -Comprehensive Database -Effectiveness and Cost Effectiveness of the Programme – of which outcomes is a pre requisite Following the Outcomes Pilot and the evaluation of this, the Framework adopted at Ministerial level WG issued the Framework in April 2011. This framework will give the following benefits -A consistent outcomes gathering tool to provide key data to improve services -Evidence of the achievements and best practice within the prog -Evidence the effectiveness of the prog for WG to help shape policy development and support continued funding Optional during 11/ 12 - Training Mandatory for all in 2012

7 SUMMARY Takes time Framework will change over time Can’t rely solely on quantitative data Case Studies? Outcomes are part of the picture Will need a database Research April 2012 Virtual Group –

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