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C&M Workforce Modernisation and Planning Network 6 th June 2013.

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1 C&M Workforce Modernisation and Planning Network 6 th June 2013

2 Workforce Planning: 2013-14 to 2017-18 There are three templates to be completed: Narrative Demand Risks and Issues The deadline for return to Health Education North West is Friday 28 th June 2013 All queries, issues and submissions are to go to

3 Workforce Planning: 2013-14 to 2017-18 Narrative The Narrative Template is intended to Link with the Trust workforce strategy and business vision Make a bottom-up assessment of future qualified and non-qualified workforce trajectories Understand any additional changes to demand for education commissioning plans for pre-registration (degree and diploma) and specialist practitioner programmes (post-graduate and masters) Identify critical issues and pinch points in order to inform the development of new roles and targeted workforce initiatives Comprehend the demand for new roles, skills, competencies and pathways that may be required in new build, service re-design and hospital re-development There is now reference to Francis, Values and Culture, Education and Learning, Supporting bands1-4 and nurse to bed ratios and some changes to the Modernisation Section

4 Workforce Planning: 2013-14 to 2017-18 Demand The demand template it is similar to last year and calculates percentage changes in the workforce The template has been developed by Health Education England and influenced by local priorities for the North West The baseline is the actual Staff in Post FTE as at 31 st March 2013 The demand is recorded in establishment FTE i.e. the number that would actually be employed in substantive posts were there are no barriers to that employment (either on the 'supply side' or to address other practical concerns such as holding posts vacant to deliver cost savings) It is acknowledged that different organisations and different areas do things differently Aim to capture a forecast of true underlying staffing requirement Factors which in practice mean fewer staff are actually employed can then be factored in to subsequent discussions and modelling For non-medical we need demand and supply information For Medical & Dental, Healthcare Scientists and Modernisation we need demand

5 Workforce Planning: 2013-14 to 2017-18 Risks and Issues What are the main risks and issues? E.g. Medical and Dental staff Non-Medical staff Gaps in service and rotas Care Pathways Barriers to Service Delivery Primary Care QIPP Skills shortages Competency shortages Overseas recruitment Recruitment Issues What are the solutions and actions? E.g. Recruitment and retention New and expanded roles Demand for newly qualified staff Demand for skilled staff Continuing Professional Development Education and learning management Service reconfigurations

6 Workforce Assurance Tool NHS Trust Development Agency use Workforce Assurance Tool as part of Foundation Trust pipeline Provide training, primarily for Non Foundation Trusts but also accessible to Foundation Trusts

7 Health Visitors End of 2012/13 Position The North West was successful in achieving the target of 1489.0 FTE for March-13. The Mar-13 target is 1656.90

8 Health Visitors North West modelling for 2013/14 takes into account natural turnover, attrition and the outturn of newly qualified students into the Health Visiting workforce.

9 Health Visitors Table below shows the pre modelled trajectories for each of Area Teams as at 2013/14. Area Team directors have been asked to consult with the LETBs and submit their local plans to NHS England by the 31 st May 2013.

10 Data Quality Update: May-13

11 Data Quality Information o Acute and mental health trust in England data quality results published in Health and Social Care Information Centre report: o Available on HSCIC here or eWINHSCICeWIN o Woven report ex-employees validation limited to leavers since 1 st July 2012 o Woven report GMC/GDC registration validation been corrected. Scores might have changed but are now correct o Emphasis on putting in place strong data collection & validation processes remains

12 Data Quality: North West Score NW retained first place May-12 to May-13 Error count increased by 4409 (28.7%) errors Apr-13 to May-13 Error count increased by 756 (4.9%) errors May-12 to May-13

13 Data Quality: Priority Areas


15 Data Quality: CUMBRIA & LANCASHIRE ORGANISATIONS FINAL SCORES Each organisation starts with a perfect score (10,000) and loses a proportional amount of that score for each problem detected by the validation process Each validation is scored individually and is equally weighted The overall score is derived from the sum of the scores for the individual validations and is scaled out of 10,000


17 Data Quality: Maximum Scoring Organisations 0 organisations in the North West in May 2013 achieved a maximum score of 10,000 3 organisations achieved a score of 9995:  Bolton NHS Foundation Trust  Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust  University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust For full ranking please access eWIN’s data quality reports here:

18 Data Quality Full reports on eWIN: direct link To navigate: 1. Select Data Quality in Benchmarking Service 2. Four reports are currently available and a guidance page 3. Demos can be set up on request

19 eWIN Resources. Intelligence. Innovation. o Available in the Local Education and Training Board areas East of England, North West, Thames Valley, Wessex and Yorkshire and the Humber o NHS workforce focused portal designed to support delivery of QIPP, transition and productivity challenges o Aligning to Education Outcomes Framework and HEE and LETB priorities o New eWIN live May 2013 at @ewin_portal Resources. Intelligence. Innovation.

20 @ewin_portal Resources. Intelligence. Innovation. eWIN is o A communication platform to drive a culture of sharing knowledge and generating innovation o A repository of good practice case studies, hot topics, bulletins, news and events o A benchmarking service providing valuable workforce indicators and modelling tools

21 @ewin_portal Resources. Intelligence. Innovation. Current Work Programme o Soft launch of eWIN version 2 (May – July 2013) o Champion Network Pilot (May – December 2013) o Testing of new dashboards (May – July 2013) o Pilot of GP Practice Data Collection (June – August 2013) o Implementation of Communities development (June 2013)

22 @ewin_portal Resources. Intelligence. Innovation. New Dashboards o Staff Health Indicators Dashboard o Staff sickness absence reasons – ESR & Staff Survey o Equality and Diversity Dashboard o Profile of workforce by protected characteristics – ESR o Workforce Modernisation Dashboard o Assistant and Advanced Practitioner commissions and workforce o Organisation Profile Tool o Determine who to benchmark against

23 @ewin_portal Resources. Intelligence. Innovation. Membership o Mainly public site, benchmarking and member forum closed to public o As organisations sign up, their employees are able to register as members o Organisations regulate own membership through “Super User” o Simple registration process, training and support available

24 @ewin_portal Resources. Intelligence. Innovation. Value of Membership o Access to closed benchmarking and member forums o Access to closed knowledge documents o Access to closed dedicated workforce planning resources o Influence direction and development of eWIN o Part of eWIN community o All North West trusts are signed up

25 @ewin_portal Resources. Intelligence. Innovation. Contact Liz Thomas Senior Programme Manager Workforce Strategy, Health Education North West 0161 625 7793

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