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1. Value of Upgrading to Release 12.1 for E-Business Suite Projects Dean HerbackAdwait Marathe Oracle EBS Projects StrategyOracle EBS Projects Development.

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1 1

2 Value of Upgrading to Release 12.1 for E-Business Suite Projects Dean HerbackAdwait Marathe Oracle EBS Projects StrategyOracle EBS Projects Development

3 3 Program Agenda R12.1 Upgrade Overview Functional – Recent Release History – Projects Specific Changes – Upgrade Considerations and Resources R 12.1 Upgrade Overview Technical – Overview – Upgrade Best Practices – Lessons Learnt 12.1 Customer Success – PICO Holdings

4 4 The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracles products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.

5 5 Functional Overview

6 6 EBS Product Update: Continued Releases And Innovation EBS R12 EBS R12.1 EBS EBS Planned Released Financials, Technology Procurement, HCM, Service, SCM, Projects, Financials, Technology, MDM Functional Innovation Major Release Minor Release EBS 11i10 EBS 12.x New EBS R released on Aug 20, 2010 – Functional Enhancements across suite, plus statutory/regulatory updates and error corrections

7 7 7 THINK GLOBALLY To Make the Right Decisions THINK GLOBALLY To Make the Right Decisions MANAGE GLOBALLY To Lower Cost & Increase Performance MANAGE GLOBALLY To Lower Cost & Increase Performance E-Business Suite Release 12 The Global Business Release – Oracle Projects Project Portfolio Analysis Achieve global view of customer, supplier, partner & operations Subledger Accounting eTax Simplified Maintenance Management Implement, manage, and scale global applications easier Multi-Org Access Control Removal of Supplier Cost Adjustment Restrictions Enhance Expenditure Inquiry with batched adjustments Work better across applications, divisions, and regions WORK GLOBALLY To Be More Competitive WORK GLOBALLY To Be More Competitive

8 8 Increase Operational Control and Efficiency Whats New in Projects Procurement Supply Chain Human Capital Customer & Master Data Management Financials & Projects Applications Technology E-Business Suite Results: Automating Project Operations and Finances Managing your full Project Lifecycle with less effort Make better decisions with greater insight

9 9 9 Application Integration Product Innovation E-Business Suite Release 12.1 Oracle Projects MSP 2007 Certification Improved Services Procurement Integration Advance Processing - Enhanced Integration between AR and Project Billing Extend enterprise boundaries with enhanced business processes Project Manager Reporting Pack Self-Services Expenditure Inquiry Increased Automation in Resource Management Improve user satisfaction through increased productivity UPK Content for EBS BI Publisher Reporting Setup Automation Implement, manage and upgrade applications at lower cost Superior Ownership Experience

10 10 Oracle Projects Release 12.1, , Project Analytics Federal Financials Analytics iSetup/R12 Diagnostics UI Improvements Planning Enhancements P6 Integration MSP Integration Enhancements Supplier Cost Dashboard Self Services Expenditure Inquiry Performance Reporting Setup Audit Reporting Performance Improvements Program APIs Enhanced Change Management Enterprise and Project Insight Project Resource Management Project Costing Project Billing Project Contracts Project Collaboration Project Management Personalized Role-Based Views Global Project Repository Global Project Repository Project Portfolio Analysis Resource Management Project Billing Integrated Services Procurement Supplier Payment Controls E&C Deduction Processing Project Security in Oracle Purchasing Project Billing Project Costing Project Foundation Project Reporting Project Management Prepayment Receipt Application Effective Date Funds Consumption Improved Searches Date Validations & Defaults Streamlined Navigation

11 11 R 12.1 Upgrade Overview Functional Architectural/Financial uptakes that benefit projects users Catch up all of 11i10 M RUP4 enhancements/patches New functionality leveraging Fusion technology Easier upgrade path if and when you decide to move to Fusion

12 12 Building the Business Case for Upgrading Evaluate the new 12.1 features in the products you are currently running – Opportunities to eliminate customizations – Greater flexibility to match the needs of your business – Opportunities for additional automation and process improvement Look for adjacent products that might add value – Many products are much stronger at the 12.1 level than they were in – Adding modules is low cost since you are leveraging the implementation work you have already done – Some customers have justified the upgrade primarily by the need to get to the 12.1 level so they could implement additional products

13 13 Upgrade Considerations Secure consulting skills early – 12.1.x implementation experience will be in short supply for the next while – The number of customers upgrading to 12.1 will be significantly higher than to 12.0 Some customers might want to consider a reimplementation rather than an upgrade Consider increasing UAT and Training timeframes – Significant number of enhancements will increase time required

14 14 Key Message to EBS 11i Customers Upgrade to EBS 12.1 and Get More Return on Your Investment Release VALUE : 12.1 provides business value across the suite in addition to the Financials focused Release 12 – Customers should evaluate the business value of the Release 12.1 – Leverage complementary Apps including Fusion Applications QUALITY Results : Customers are live today on 12.1 – New and existing customers are already live and upgrading – Customers are achieving predictable results => use OCS, Experienced SIs or Oracle On Demand. Choose ROADMAP : 11i support deadlines are coming up – Premier Support ends in Nov 2010; uplift fee waived until Nov 2011 – Extended Support ends in Nov 2013

15 15 Agilysys: Upgrade from 11i10 Projects, Assets, Payables, iProcurement Needed integrated ERP system manage and balance maintenance to support continued growth McDonalds : Upgrade from 11i10 Projects, Assets, Payables, iProc Standardize construction mgmt processes, track and manage costs by project areas and ensure continued system support CPS: Upgrade from 11i10 New Features and Functionality Datacard: Upgrade from 11i9 40+ Modules: Financials, OM, Inv, WMS, iSupplier, CRM, Projects, OTL, iProcurement, Purchasing, etc. ATT: Upgrade from 11i10 Financials, AP, FA Largest Payables Deployment WW Pentel America: Upgrade from 11i9 Financials, Inventory, WMS Better functionality; better support options; ability to eliminate customizations Oracle Corp. Upgrade from Release 12 Financials, HR, Procurement, SSHR, Contracts, etc. Usana Health Sciences: Upgrade from 11i10 Financials, PM, Adv Plan, Inv, WMS Support the multi-national company, Improved inventory control, demand visibility, reduce cost of managing mfg processes Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1 A Sample of Customers Who have Upgraded!

16 16 Oracle Projects For More Information… Link to the Release Content Document for Projects Up to and including R Document?p_database_id=NOT&p_id= Document?p_database_id=NOT&p_id= For more information about Oracle Applications Building the Business Case for your Upgrade Upgrade Advisor My Oracle Support note and communities T&id=250.1 T&id=250.1

17 17 Building the Business Case for your Upgrade Accelerate your evaluation and planning

18 18 Upgrade Advisor on My Oracle Support

19 19 Technical Overview

20 upgrade overview R12.1 was generally available (GA) in May 2009 Via Oracle Electronic Product Delivery (EPD)and oracle Store For all the supported platforms and languages Can be used by new and upgrading customers ( and above) to go directly to R12.1 If you are on R11i, use R12.1 Rapid Install from EPD. Follow instructions from the Upgrade Guide: 11i to 12.1 If you are on R12.0.X, use R12.1 Maintenance Pack ( ) from MyOracle Support (MOS). Follow instructions from R12.1Maintenance Pack Install Instructions )

21 upgrade overview Upgrade Paths Minimum EBS suite level for direct upgrade to R i9, 11i9CU1, 11i9CU2 or above 11i10, 11i10CU1, 11i10CU2 or above R and above Minimum EBS suite level required for database to be at 10gr2 ( ) : 11i9CU2, 11i10CU2 11gr1 ( ) : 11i10CU2, R gr2 ( ) : 11i10CU2, R One or more of the following choices apply based on your current configuration and your target configuration Upgrade database and EBS level in a single downtime Upgrade database and EBS level in separate downtimes

22 upgrade overview R12.1 Technology Stack Technology Component Version included Version included RI Version included R12.1 RI Version certified with Minimum required version for upgrade Apps Mid tier - Forms/Repor ts Apps Mid tier- Java Oracle Home / Apps Mid tier-JDK / / / /1.6.0 Database/JD BC drivers / / / Complete list at Oracle E-Business Suite Release Maintenance Pack Installation Instructions ( )

23 upgrade overview Technology advantages Rich UI Look ahead LOVs Hover-over pop-ups Spider graphs Widgets Better look and feel XML Publisher – Customize reporting needs Reporting Pack solution Every RDF, report is converted in xml. xml and RDF do co exists for e.g. PAXAUMTC & PAXAUMTC_XML

24 24 Hover your cursor on Project Number in the project list table to view project details upgrade overview Sample of hover over pop-up

25 25 Operational Advantages Supportability Stability Better performance / Opportunity to re engineer Frequent CUs Less Maintenance Costs

26 26 Identification of required patches Prepare a complete list of pre and post patches and recommended code levels Keep the system current on AD/ATG/OAM code e.g. latest AD/ATG RUPs on 11i/R12.0 and once on R12.1 High priority patches from My Oracle Support Consolidated Upgrade Patches (CUP) and required one offs that need to be applied in pre-install mode. R12.1 CUP1 ( :12.1.0) is available now Review Known-issues sections from key documents to determine additional pre or post upgrade patches : Release notes, MP Install Instructions Upgrade Best Practices

27 27 Patch merging and sequencing Take advantage of patch merge, hot patching and apply patches in the correct sequence. For e.g. apply MLS as hot patches Complete pre upgrade activities Identify and execute tasks that could be completed in a separate downtime period, prior to the production upgrade Use applicable steps mentioned in the "Downtime reduction" and Upgrade By Request appendices E and G of the R12.1 upgrade guide Upgrade RDBMS version to latest certified for the current APPS level ( / / ) Convert to Oracle Applications Tablespace Model(OATM) Compacts database, optimizes storage settings and reduces I/O Other planned HW or OS upgrades Upgrade Best Practices

28 28 Pre-upgrade activities continued... Use TUMS (The Upgrade Manual Script) to avoid running tasks that are not relevant for your system Convert to multiple organization architecture Document ) Drop MRC schema ( and above ) Gather stats with GATHER_AUTO option for all schemas Minimize historical data to be upgraded as per business requirements – Upgrade By Request Purge old and/or transient data before upgrading Over 260 standard purge programs in R12 Use new Purge Portal in OAM to administrate Upgrade Best Practices

29 29 Adpatch options and other reporting tools Use applicable adpatch options to reduce downtime and track key upgrade aspects using in-built tools Key recommended fixes (Pre Upgrade) Affecting Upgrade Performance AD-Parallel improved scalability: (Part of AD CUP) Forms/reports generation regression with 11g: Projects PJ_PF Oracle Projects Consolidated Upgrade Patch (CUP) for : (Part of AU CUP) General Review documents and for latest EBS recommended performance fixes Upgrade Best Practices

30 30 PRE Upgrade Interface with payables Adjustments on existing Prepayments, Prepayment Discounts and Prepayment Applications will be prohibited. Customers have to ensure that all necessary adjustments are performed before upgrading to R12. Ensure all the adjustmenst to Expense reports and Supplier Invoices are fully processed prior to upgrade. (pa120u05.sql ) POST Upgrade MRC : If you have some custom columns defined for MRC amounts, those may generate errors! Understand and configure new pillar features like ebtax, sla, moac etc. Upgrade Pre & Post Recommendations

31 31 Lessons Learnt Properly size RDBMS for upgrade init.ora Undo Shared pool DB Cache PGA Aggregate Target Plan for additional storage for staging patches, pre-built code Use production like hardware for UAT Optimize CBO stats Set plsql_no_compile=yes Use higher batch size ( ) Choose adequate numbers of workers

32 32 Lessons Learnt Repeat the upgrade until all issues are fixed and downtime is consistent Ensure new customizations comply to new standard Test ! Test ! & More Test !

33 33 References For More Information… R12.1 documentation roadmap ( ) Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1 Info center ( ) Database preparation guidelines for R12.1 upgrade ( ) Patching FAQs ( , ) Using staged or shared APPL_TOP and distributed AD ( , , ) OAM Patch Wizard overview and FAQ ( , ) AD Command Line Options for Release R12 ( ) Recommended Performance Fixes ( , ) R12 Upgrade Sizing & Best Practices ( )

34 34 PICO Holdings

35 Oracle OpenWorld 2010 EBS Projects Session Schedule TitlePresentersDate/TimeLocation Project Management Best Practices Barbara Fox, Oracle Selva Mudaliar, Oracle Wednesday 4:45 PM Marriott Hotel Golden Gate B Oracle Project Analytics for Oracle E- Business Suite Patrick Krause, IT Convergence Rao Adivikolanu, Oracle Thursday 9:00 AM Moscone West L CISDI's Transformed Enterprise: Running the Business with Oracle Projects 12 Rongxiang Liao, CISDI Li Zhiyou, CISDI Dean Herback, Oracle Kazim Isfahani, Oracle Thursday 10:30 AM Moscone West L Managing Project Risk Using Oracle Projects at M. A. Mortenson Company Jeff Flake, M.A. Mortenson Dean Herback, Oracle Thursday 1:30 PM Marriott Hotel Golden Gate B Quick Wins that will make you a hero: E- Business Suite Projects Carl Morley, Oracle Thursday 1:30 PM Moscone West L3 3000

36 Questions

37 37 Oracle OpenWorld Latin America 2010 December 7–9, 2010

38 38 Oracle OpenWorld Beijing 2010 December 13–16, 2010

39 39 Oracle Products Available Online Oracle Store Buy Oracle license and support online today at

40 40

41 41 Continue on Your Current Path Move to Fusion Step by Step Upgrade to Fusion Applications Evaluate the latest Applications releases to add value to your business Enhance business value by augmenting Applications Unlimited with Fusion Middleware and Fusion Applications Upgrade by pillars or a global single instance APPLICATIONS UNLIMITED The Journey to Business Value Choose a Path Thats Right for You

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