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Mike Tynan Chief Executive Officer March 2014. Imperatives for the UK Civil Nuclear Industry.

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1 Mike Tynan Chief Executive Officer March 2014

2 Imperatives for the UK Civil Nuclear Industry

3 Diverse Technology UK Imperatives Civil Nuclear

4 Economic Strike Price UK Imperatives Civil Nuclear

5 Develop UK Advanced Manufacturing Capability and Capacity UK Imperatives Civil Nuclear

6 Creating long term, sustainable, high value jobs UK Imperatives Civil Nuclear

7 Site of the Advanced Manufacturing Park – Orgreave Coal Mining Restoration Scheme (1994) Coking works – 1990 before demolition Cleaned up extensive contamination and dereliction from 200 years of mining Recovered four million tonnes of shallow coal reserves

8 Nuclear AMRC Purpose To help UK manufacturers win work

9 Nuclear AMRC Key Objectives 1.To raise the quality, capability and cost-competitiveness of the UK civil nuclear manufacturing supply chain, to a level of “best global practice” 2.To work with UK Manufacturers and develop world- leading manufacturing processes and technologies

10 Tier 2: Tier 1: March 2014

11 We Operate in the UK Civil Nuclear Market Place Nuclear New Build Existing Nuclear Fleet Nuclear Decommissioning

12 Nuclear AMRC Work Programmes Getting companies to market, and developing their capability and cost-competitiveness Supplier Development Programme Ensuring capability to compete on cost, quality and time to delivery Innovative Manufacturing Programme

13 Supplier Development Programme Sharing in Growth Fit for Nuclear Supporting Programmes

14 SafetyQualitySkills

15 Innovative Manufacturing Machining Welding Virtual Reality

16 Nuclear AMRC Technology Themes Welding & Cladding Structural Integrity Advanced Machining Inspection & NDE Applied Metrology Mechanisation & Automation Thermal & Surface Treatment Modeling, Simulation & Visualisation Materials Development Assembly Productivity & Manufacturing Optimisation Design & Quality Additive Layer Processes Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIPing)

17 State of Play

18 Supplier Development Sharing in Growth £38m over 4 years: £18m for supplier development 15 companies in two tranches Tranche 1 (5 companies): selected and work commenced Tranche 2 (10 companies): in final assessment Fit for Nuclear (F4N) £2-4m over 2-4 years Interventions with 300 - 400 firms 130 firms assessed to date

19 Nuclear AMRC Shopfloor TBT Deep Hole BorerInstalled Machining – 5 multi-axis Milling and Turning sets (5 through 9 axis) – TBT Deep Hole Borer Welding – GTAW – Multi-wire SAW – Groove SAW – Orbital Welding Cell – Shaped Metal Disposition – Pro-beam EBW – Submerged Arc Cladder – Narrow Gap welder

20 Nuclear AMRC Shopfloor Soraluce HBM 5-sided Complex Machining Set Commissioning/Installing Large EBW 1m3 HIP Diode Laser Cladder Co-ordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) facility Soraluce HBM Starrag 60 tonne VTL Fully Operational Autumn 2014

21 Virtual Reality (VR) ■ Full immersion, interactive “cave” ■ Interactive “power wall” ■ Capability: –Training in nuclear environments –Virtual Product visualisation –Assembly and Maintenance simulation –Factory layout optimisation linked to Discrete Event Simulation

22 HVM Catapult

23 High Value Manufacturing Catapult The High-Value Manufacturing Catapult (HVMC) is a consortium of 7 world- leading research centres with £350m public & private investment and working with over 160 industrial partners. It receives grant funding of around £30m per annum


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