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GROWING YOUR SECTION North East Region DESC Development Weekend Bradley Wood, 7-9 th February 2015.

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1 GROWING YOUR SECTION North East Region DESC Development Weekend Bradley Wood, 7-9 th February 2015


3 In groups of 3-4 –Discuss what ‘Development and Growth’ is What contributes to ‘Development and Growth’ of the Explorer Scout section Is it just all about numbers? –Develop a ‘mind map’ to understand the relationships between different aspects of development and growth

4 COLLECTIVE MIND MAP Let’s see if we can develop one Mind Map relating to Development and Growth in the Explorer Scout Section

5 DEVELOPMENT PLANS Who has a Development Plan for Explorer Scouting in their District? Why do we need Development Plans? What make a good Development Plan? –SMART Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timely –Action Owners –Monitoring and periodic updating

6 CREATING / UPDATING YOUR DEVELOPMENT PLAN Tomorrow, there will be an exercise / opportunity to create / update your Development Plan As we run through the weekend’s sessions, think about –How the sessions apply in your District –What you need to improve


8 DISTRICT EXPLORER SCOUT MODELS Tell us how Explorer Scouting is organised in your District –Group based provision? –District based provision? –Effective District coordination and oversight? –Young Leader Unit(s)?

9 DISTRICT MODELS In groups of 3-4 –Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different District models for Explorer Scouts –Be prepared to provide feedback to the whole Group

10 DISTRICT PROVISION Explorer Scout Units do not have to be District Units –There are advantage (and disadvantages) to different models However, the District should (via the DESC) –Define a consistent and workable model –Agree how the model should work –Provide monitoring and oversight, to ensure that it is working for the Young People


12 BARRIERS TO MOVING IN In groups of 3-4 –Come up with a list of the things that prevent Scouts becoming Explorer Scouts –Be prepared to provide feedback to the whole Group So that we can then prioritise these issues

13 MOVING IN GOOD PRACTICES In groups of 3-4 –Come up with ideas on how to overcome the identified barriers Work on the barriers assigned to your group Use your own experience and ideas –Be prepared to provide feedback to the whole Group

14 MOVING IN MODELS What are the advantages / disadvantages of –Group based Units only taking Scouts from their own Troop(s) –DESCS formally managing which Troops are linked to which Unit –A ‘free for all’ – where any Scout can join any (and all) Explorer Scout Units –A facilitated ‘free for all’, where the DESC facilitates Moving On

15 MOVING ON AWARD Who should present the Scout to Explorer Scout Moving On Award? What happens when the Scout Troop Leader doesn’t present the Moving On Award?

16 MONITORING MOVING IN SUCCESS How successful can a District be at Moving In? Explorer Scout Growth 2012-2013 Explorer Scout Growth 2006 - 2013 Explorer / Scout Proportion 2013 E/S Ratio Change 2006 - 2013 Best in County 133%258% 57% 31% Your District133%40%35%-8% Worst in County -29%-53% 16% -38%

17 MONITORING MOVING IN SUCCESS When Compass comes along, measuring transfers from Scout Troop to Scout Unit will be easy How do you do it now?


19 MOVING ON TO... Spilt into 3 Groups –Define the structure of 1.The Scout Network 2.Adult Leadership 3.Scout Active Support –Consider the positive attractions of each for a 17½ year old Explorer Scour –Present a summary back to the whole Group

20 DISCUSSING MOVING ON How have you discussed ‘Moving On’ with your Explorer Scouts? –What worked well? –What didn’t work well? –What was the outcome?

21 MOVING ON AWARD Who should present the Explorer Scout to Scout Network Moving On Award? –Where and when do you do this? How do we measure Moving On success?


23 EXPLORER SCOUT LINKS Brainstorm: To which groups should the Explorer Scout Unit have links? –Internal (Scouting) or External Which of these links are –Essential for Development and Growth –Optional

24 MAKING LINKS WORK Spilt into 3 Groups –Think about how to establish and maintain effective links with 1.The District Executive 2.Groups / Scout Troops 3.Other Explorer Scout Units / Districts / County –Think about Who is responsible for the link What needs to be done to make a link succesful

25 MAKING LINKS WORK What are the common factors in making links work? How do we monitor and measure the success of our links?


27 In groups of 3-4 –Brainstorm “From where should we be recruiting our Explorer Scouts?” Internal (Scouting) or External –Provide feedback to the whole group

28 HOW TO RECRUIT What recruitment methods are working for you? –What methods work with which target groups? –Why do they work? Which recruitment methods didn’t work for you? –Why didn’t they work? –Would you try them again? If so, what would you change?

29 RECRUITMENT SUCCESS “50% of marketing doesn’t work – but we don’t know which 50%” How do we monitor and measure the success of our recruitment efforts?


31 WHY BOTHER RECRUITING LEADERS? Why do we bother to recruit Leaders? –To support growth –To make flexible volunteering work Ease the load on our existing Leaders

32 GOOD EXPLORER SCOUT LEADERS Brainstorm: What attributes make a good Explorer Scout Leader? Can we think of what makes a poor Explorer Scout Leader? –Is there any such thing as a poor leader in a balanced team?

33 HOW DO WE RECRUIT LEADERS? Leverage the HQ Recruitment process

34 THE SIX STEPS 1.Define the job that needs to be done 2.Identify the skills and qualities needed 3.Generate a list of who can do the job 4.Target the best choice 5.Ask someone to help you 6.Offer support and welcome them into Scouting

35 LEADER RECRUITMENT SUCCESS How do we monitor and measure the success of our Leader recruitment efforts?


37 PUBLIC RELATIONS How important is public relations? What is the role of your traditional, local media –Newspapers, radio, television etc What is the role of direct media? –Websites, social media, newsletters etc

38 DESCS AND THE MEDIA Does the DESC have any role in media relations? 1.None 2.Some 3.A lot! How much of our time should be taken in media relations? 1.10% 2.15% 3.25% Who else can help with media relations? 1.District / County Media Manager 2.Explorer Scouts 3.Parents

39 DESCS AND THE MEDIA The role of the DESC in media relations will vary –Depending on local media support As a minimum, the DESC must facilitate media relations –Ensuring good content is provided How do we measure the success of our media relations?


41 There are many aspects to Growth and Development The obstacles to growth and development in any District are different –You need to prioritise –Be realistic in your timescales –Address your failures Try, try again –Celebrate success Success breeds success!

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