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Northumberland Lowlands and Coast Local Nature Partnership.

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1 Northumberland Lowlands and Coast Local Nature Partnership

2 Welcome 1 st Stakeholder Engagement Workshop Elaine More – Coordinator Local Nature Partnership Catriona Mulligan - Facilitator

3 Ice Breaker Who are you? Why are you are here? What organisation (if any) do you represent? What animal or plant would you like to be and why?

4 What is a Local Nature Partnership? Presentation by Steve Lowe Northumberland Wildlife Trust

5 Northumberland Lowlands & Coast Local Nature Partnership Steve Lowe Head of Conservation Northumberland Wildlife Trust

6 The Journey  Application process  Had to put some suggestions together in order to receive funding  Nothing in the application information is set in stone  e.g: name and area Funding received is to work with partners to develop proposals for a LNP

7 The Journey Stakeholder forums to establish what partners want Proposals need to be submitted to DEFRA and approved before recognition as an LNP

8 Questionaire 86% of respondents believe there is merit in creating a LNP for this area 82% believe that the geographical area is appropriate 78% believe that the name is appropriate with some suggestions for minor tweaks Majority of people (77%) want to discuss the potential remit of the LNP at the event as the number 1 priority 69% - want to discuss delivery mechanisms and outcomes as second priority This will then influence other issues- such as structure and funding

9 Moving from BAP to LNP? Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) is no longer being supported by Natural England At present unsure of the implications on Biodiversity Action Plans

10 Ecosystem Services Ecosystem services are little understood and too sophisticated for us to reproduce even with the most advanced technology, yet the important roles of these natural services are not being recognised adequately in economic markets, government policies or land management practices. Defra “An Introductiory Guide to Valuing Ecosystems”2007

11 “What did nature ever do for us”?

12 Design a self generating product Key Functions: Combat Climate Change Alleviate flooding Re-oxygenate air Stabilise soil Reduce noise Produce food and fuel Provide homes and shelter for man and animals Provide places to play

13 Adding Value To Partnerships Firstly some things to think about !!

14 Capacity It is very easy and very common to overlook the time that Partnership working needs !!

15 Definition Joint working arrangements where partners : Are otherwise independent bodies Agree to co-operate to achieve common goals Create a process + an agreed programme Share information, risks, rewards and resources

16 Partnership Relationships Co-operative – recognition of degrees of partnership friendly relationships Co-ordination – acceptance to improve a service Collaboration – working together on a particular strategy or project/s Co-ownership- committing to a common vision, shared actions and making a significant personal input

17 Identify Existing Examples of Partnerships Combine with another pair, hopefully with at least one of the other colours – move if necessary Each choose and discuss one recent project or activity which involved partnership working and of which you are proud. Identify what makes it work; what would make it work better? Record (clearly!) on post-it notes. Place these on the Wall, allowing plenty of space.

18 Local Enterprise Partnership Presentation by Jane Hedges Tyne and Wear City Region

19 North Eastern Local Enterprise Partnership Northumberland Lowlands and Coast LNP Event Thursday 9 February 2012

20 Presentation 3 Broad Headings. -The Story of NELEP to date. -The LEP Work Programme. -LEP Infrastructure and Partnership Working.

21 North Eastern LEP Economic Geography - £32 billion economy - 2 million population - 43,000 businesses - 800,000 employees - City/Rural/Coastal - 4 HEIs/10 FE Colleges.

22 Original Proposal to Establish the NELEP Focus on 4 strategic economic priorities (question of scale). -Supporting Enterprise & Private Sector Business Growth. -Building on Key Economic Strengths. -Improving Skills & Performance. -Strengthening Transport, Connectivity and Infrastructure. And, as announced in 2011, the Enterprise Zone.

23 NELEP Board Chair and Business Board Members recruited via external competition. Full Board established in June 2011 and given Government ‘Approval’ in July. Private Sector Chair (Paul Woolston, Senior Partner, PwC). 8 other Business Board Members. 7 Local Authority Leaders/Elected Mayor. Vice Chancellor, Newcastle University. Principal, City of Sunderland College.

24 NELEP Work Programme - Workstreams Board agreed 8 workstreams, led by Board Members - Vision and strategy -Enterprise Zone delivery -Stakeholder engagement – communications and marketing -Access to finance -Skills and employment -Transport and infrastructure -Sectors, innovation and investment -Operating model – governance, secretariat, delivery

25 NELEP Work Programme – Enterprise Zone March 2011 Budget announced Enterprise Zone to be located in NELEP area. Government agreed the location of the Enterprise Zone on 17 August. Focus on quality jobs and supportive assets and infrastructure.

26 NELEP Enterprise Zone Offshore Wind Energy/Ultra Low Carbon Vehicles & Advanced Manufacturing. Originally 117 ha in size – to be extended. River Tyne North Bank, Port of Blyth & A19 ULCV sites. 7,000 net additional jobs in next 10 years. Enhanced Capital Allowances/Business Rate Relief/Planning Flexibilities/Broadband & UKTI support. Into Implementation. Operate from April 2012.

27 NELEP Work Programme – Other Key Tasks Centre for Offshore Wind and Renewable Engineering (CORE). Growing Places Fund - £17m. NELEP to be a Growing Medium Sized Business Pathfinder. RGF Round 3. Growth and Innovation Fund. New Transport & Infrastructure projects. Rural Networks and Rural Growth Zones. Regional Growth Fund (Rounds 1 and 2) -Round 1 42 Bids from NELEP area. -Round 2 support for 8,796 direct jobs. -Round 3 (£1bn) to be launched in Feb 2012. Technology and Innovation Centres.

28 NELEP Infrastructure & Partnership Working Recruitment of a new LEP Team. Mix of resources from Local Authorities, Government and ‘in-kind’ support from Private Sector. Need to mobilise resources, expertise and input from wider group of partners and stakeholders to inform development and implementation of LEP Work Programme. Communications Strategy – new LEP identity and website to be launched in February. Engagement and Joint Working with partners and stakeholders.

29 Questions & Discussion

30 Tea and Coffee Time to chat and replenish caffeine but take the opportunity to read everyone’s ‘Post It’ Notes too !!

31 Delivery Of Partnership Shaping Northumberland Lowland and Coast Nature Partnership Please get into larger groups of 6-8 people (8 max in total). Appoint a ‘bullet point scribe’ and a rapporteur. What common themes can you find from the post-its and how can they be categorized? Up to 3 bullet points. What outcomes and priorities would advance the LNP Up to 3 bullet points. What do you want from this partnership; what will success look like What leadership opportunities and challenges does it provoke or provide?

32 Feedback

33 Conclusions/Next Steps Circulation of draft Vision/Action Plan Developing plan by e mail/face to face meetings 26 th April 2 nd Stakeholder Event to finalise the Plan and Next Steps

34 Close/Lunch Thank you for your participation, collaboration, imagination and creativity today

35 Car Park Don’t forget to collect a token from reception on your way out

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