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SAMPLE Starter Activity

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1 SAMPLE Starter Activity
Where have you heard the word ‘bias’ or ‘biased’ before? Discuss this question in your table pairs Make a list in the back of your book SAMPLE

2 Can we trust all historical evidence?
Lesson Title: Can we trust all historical evidence? Know how to judge the reliability of evidence effectively Understand the impact that biased historical sources may have Skills: evaluating sources, understanding “the garden fairies” SAMPLE

3 What is bias? Bias means to have a one-sided opinion of something Someone can be described as ‘biased’ if they display a one-sided opinion For example: ‘The biased football referee’ SAMPLE

4 SAMPLE Example of Bias…
Miss Brookes thinks that Sheffield Wednesday are, without a doubt, the BEST football team in England. She knows that Sheffield United are however the WORST team in England. Not only this but Miss Brookes thinks that a nice roast dinner on a Sunday is lovely, and her grandma cooks the best roast potatoes in the world. Where’s the bias?! SAMPLE

5 SAMPLE Class Discussion
How can we, as historians, tell if something is bias? Should we always trust biased information? Why could biased information be sometimes useful? SAMPLE

6 Task One Your task is to write your own piece of biased information Write at least two paragraphs Include biased ideas or information You can: Write about yourself Write about a particular period in history Write a biased report (e.g. a football match report) You have 15 minutes! SAMPLE

7 Task Two Read through the football match report that you have been given and highlight all the biased information you can see Imagine that you have been given this source as a historian about a particular event in history Answer these questions… Should we always trust this source? Why may this source be useful to us? You have 15 minutes! SAMPLE

8 SAMPLE Plenary Activity Spot the bias!
As people read out their biased account, see if you can spot the biased information Shout out “biased” when you hear some biased information! SAMPLE

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