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What Do We Do? Cancer Genetics Service for Wales.

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2 What Do We Do? Cancer Genetics Service for Wales

3 An All Wales Service

4 THE SCOPE OF THE SERVICE Genetics Centre Locally-based nurse specialists & Clinics Key Clinics only Cancer Centre The All-Wales Cancer Genetics Service

5 There are geographical difficulties in delivering an All-Wales service

6 Referral Guidelines

7 Referral Guidelines GP Surgeon Oncologist Gynaecologist Other Genetic Specialist High Moderate Average Specialist surgical clinic Genetics Clinic screening mammography Back to Primary care N Wales SW Wales SE Wales Exam Evaluation Service Pathways

8 What do we offer? Information Risk assessment Genetic counselling Education Genetic testing Filtering to other services

9 Laboratory Laboratory staff Hunting for genes that cause cancer Testing family members to see if they carry the genetic mutation

10 Research Evaluating decision aids for familial breast cancer Developing a distraction-based coping intervention for women undergoing cancer genetic risk assessment Attitudes of men with breast cancer Information and support needs of those at high risk Comparison of brief versus extended genetic counselling protocols prior to predictive genetic testing for HNPCC The role of rurality in referrals to genetics services Geographical analysis of referrals to CGSW Psychological implications of ovarian cancer screening

11 What do patients want? Ongoing contact (not necessarily a clinic appointment) Newsletter Website Hence – the Patient Panel

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