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Animals that we should protect

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1 Animals that we should protect
By Holly and Louise

2 The red panda! The red panda is an endangered animal because of deforestation (having no where to live). Why should we save them? We should save them because they are an important part of the eco system. Would you really want this really cute animal to die? Facts! They are related to the racoon family. They don’t generally get bigger than the average house cat. So CUTE!!

3 Bees! Bees are an endangered species because of parasites and habitat loss. If they become extinct, everything else will die because all the plants won’t get pollinated, therefore no food, medicine and other important things. What can we do to save them? If you see a bee, DON’T kill it. Also, have flowers in your garden so that bees have something to eat and somewhere to live. Fact! Honeybees do not sting you unless they feel threatened because it can kill them.

4 Snow leopard! Snow leopards are endangered because of poachers and also habitat loss. Why should we save them from extinction? 1- They are VERY cute 2- They eat pests and rodents 3- Every animal is important Facts! They are wanted for their magnificent fur They are said to be good medicine but they aren’t actually! SO CUTE! Someone’s tired!

5 CUTIFIED! Cute pictures of baby animals that are also endangered!


7 Thanks for watching! We hope you are cutified enough to want to save these animals! A presentation by: Holly And Louise!

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