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WE want you to be our: Brand Champion.

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1 WE want you to be our: Brand Champion

2 And this is why we need you, our Brand Champion.
Making things Happen ‘Helping people who have a terminal illness and their families and carers to make the most of the time they have left together.” How can we help more people get the care and support they need from the point of terminal diagnosis? We’ve done lots of research and found we need to expand and develop what we do. We want to help everyone understand why we’re changing things and how they can get involved. And this is why we need you, our Brand Champion. The role of the Brand Champion is an important one, but also fun and very rewarding. You will help share information and make sure your team knows what is happening and why. It’s about helping to make our strategic plan come alive for our staff and volunteers. You will be given fun activities to do with your team. This will be a great way for you to update them on any news and get their feedback. We will fully help and support you through each step.

3 The role of a brand champion

4 Who is a Brand Champion? What type of person is a Brand Champion?
You are known to your colleagues You are someone people see regularly You like to share information You like to talk to people and be the go-to-person And most importantly you want the team you’re in to feel involved with what’s happening at Marie Curie Where do Brand Champions come from? You can be from any part of the charity and at any level You can be a member of staff or a volunteer

As a Brand Champion you will help the charity by: Telling people what’s going on Being the go-to-person for your team Sharing information with your team How will I know what to do? We will provide you with all the information and materials We will keep it simple as we know you’re busy We will explain at each stage what you need to do How long will the role last? We would like you to be a Brand Champion from June/July 2014 until May 2015.

6 How much time will I spend on being a brand Champion?
How many hours will I spend on this role? The activities will come in bursts around every 6 weeks You will spend around 3 to 4 hours on each activity We’ll give you everything you need Does my line manager need to know I'd like to do this? Yes, they do. That’s really important They need to know you have offered your time And they need to know you’ve joined in and that’s great Will I be on my own? You can take part on your own or with a colleague You could both be staff or volunteers or one staff member and one volunteer, or both volunteers. It’s totally up to you.

7 What happens next? Please complete the form and send it back
Announce Brand Champions! Lets get talking and sharing We will let you know we’ve received your form We will get in touch with your line manger A congratulations will be sent to all the new champions We will fully support you and provide you with everything you need We will let you know what activities are coming up and what you need to do We will provide you with information on who to contact if you have any questions. We’re here to help The activities begin!

8 People at our heart We have ambitious plans for the charity and we want to make sure everyone including staff and volunteers know what is happening and can join in and feed back. And that’s why we’d like you to be our Brand Champion- to help us share information and listen to what people have to tell us. Whilst we need your help, we want it to be fun and fulfilling too. You will be fully supported by me Nosheen Aslam- The Brand Engagement Officer and I will answer any questions you have. Together we can make things happen . If you would like to become one of our Brand Champion please fill out and back the attached invitation form. I look forward to hearing from you.

9 If you’d like to talk to me please call me on 0207 091 6667 or
if you prefer me:

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