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Creating a sporting habit for life Inclusive Sport Fund Lindsay Games / Carol Fraser September 2013.

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1 Creating a sporting habit for life Inclusive Sport Fund Lindsay Games / Carol Fraser September 2013

2 Creating a sporting habit for life Agenda for the day 1. Refreshments, welcome and introductions 2. Sport England and disability equality in sport 3. The objectives of the Inclusive Sport programme 4. Introducing Interactive 5. Assessment criteria – part one Refreshments and discussion 6. Assessment criteria – part two 7. Round One experiences 8. How to apply 2

3 Creating a sporting habit for life About Sport England We are investing over £1 billion of National Lottery and Exchequer funding between 2012 and 2017 in organisations and projects that will: Help more people have a sporting habit for life Create more opportunities for young people to play sport Nurture and develop talent Provide the right facilities in the right places Support local authorities and unlock local funding Ensure real opportunities for communities 3

4 Only one in six disabled adults play sport once a week Creating a sporting habit for life 4 Once a week participation in sport Limiting disability / illness April 2013 1.7m No limiting disability / illness April 2013 13.6m

5 There are considerable variations in participation levels Creating a sporting habit for life 5

6 £10.2 million invested in Round 1 44 projects Good coverage – geographically and by impairment type 6 Round 2 Continue to build on the 2012 legacy £7 million of National Lottery funding

7 Creating a sporting habit for life The Inclusive Sport Fund Led by the needs of disabled people Bring together experts from both sport and disability sectors Participation by all disabled people Inclusive and dedicated opportunities Opportunities that are not just accessible but are friendly, welcoming, and effectively staffed Innovative, scalable and replicable projects Taking sport to places disabled people already inhabit. 7

8 What we fund Bona fide and legitimate organisations with a written constitution Demonstrate good financial health and governance Revenue grants of £10,001+ Target disabled people aged 14+ with a recognised sporting activity / physical activities that lead to recognised sport Activities that have not yet begun Sustainable projects What we won’t fund Capital awards/facility development Equipment-only Projects focused solely on physical activity, such as walking or gardening General running costs e.g. on- going staff costs, council tax, gas, electricity or water bills, facility costs for office base One off events Items that only benefit an individual Foreign trips Creating a sporting habit for life 8


10 Overview of Interactive Interactive is a charity creating disability equality in sport with a vision of an inclusive and active society A leading strategic sports body with a focus on both disability equality and sport Uniquely positioned to connect the disability, sport, health and education sectors at a strategic and political level By influencing from policy to delivery, Interactive ensures sport and physical activity become equally accessible for all people meaning disabled people are equally valued English Federation of Disability Sport strategic partner for London

11 Our mission: To create a culture where disabled people view being active as a viable lifestyle choice for life and disabled people are central to the sports and physical activity sector.

12 How? Inclusive and Active 2 - Network of 104 adopted organisations receiving advice and support to achieve organisational specific targets linked to their bespoke Inclusive and Active 2 action plan - 731 relationships brokered across the Inclusive and Active Network - Approximately 25,000 disabled people provided with access to opportunities to be more active Be Inclusive and Active – Online Disability Equality Training - 11,338 people provided with access to online disability equality training. Interactive Products and Services

13 Your Project … Is there demand for what you want to provide? Is your offer what disabled people want to do? How are you going to ensure disabled people are aware of your opportunity?

14 How can Interactive help you? During the Application Process Support for your Successful Project In kind support for Inclusive and Active 2 adopted organisations Other Services Consortia Collaboration Project Development In kind support for Inclusive and Active 2 adopted organisations. Other Services Training – Be Inclusive and Active / Inclusive and Active Workshop Project Development Hot Desk at Interactive Inclusive Event Implementation

15 Inclusive Sport Round 1 successful applicants supported by Interactive Wheelchair Football Association – WFA Grassroots Powerchair FootballAdopted Aspire - InstructabilityAdopted Access Sport – Access Sport Disability ProgrammeAdopted + Bespoke support London Legacy Development Corporation – Together EastAdopted LB Newham: Culture and Community Development – Newham Ability Sports Programme Adopted Wheels for Wellbeing – Cycling for All – An Inclusive Cycling NetworkLinked in to adoption process and Networks Royal London Society for Blind People – Sport without LimitsAdopted LB Camden Sport and Physical Activity Service – All Inclusive – Inclusive and Active Camden Adopted Brentford FC Community Sports Trust – On Your MarksAdopted and Consortia Collaboration

16 Contact us … Information and Resources - / 0207 717 1699 / 07872 380508

17 County Sport Partnership Support It is worth contacting your relevant PRO-ACTIVE Partnership (County Sports Partnership) when developing your application. They will be able to offer advice and support. The lead contact for each partnership is as follows PRO-ACTIVE West London: Jemima Morris -- PRO-ACTIVE East London: Gabby Williams-- PRO-ACTIVE North London: Matthew Eames -- PRO-ACTIVE South London: David George - PRO-ACTIVE Central London: Dedicated funding support officer Xander Beck can provide free one-to-one support on your application. Contact -


19 Creating a sporting habit for life Assessing your application 19 1 Consultation and insightDelivery and impact 2 3 Partnership and feedback 4 Sustainability

20 Creating a sporting habit for life We need to know: How you have consulted with disabled people. Your project should be responding to their views, motivations and expectations. What the barriers to participation in sport are there for the disabled people who will benefit from your proposed activity. How you have used feedback and learning from projects that have been delivered successfully in the past. 20 1 Consultation and insight

21 Creating a sporting habit for life 21  1 Consultation and insight  Clear who would benefit from the project Understood what sporting activities would appeal Addressed how barriers would be overcome Explained information sources Funding would be used for initial consultation No local evidence Did not understand barriers or how to address these No mention of good practice

22 Creating a sporting habit for life We need to know: How your proposals will address the needs of the disabled people they are designed to benefit and the barriers they face to participating in sport. How your proposals will enhance existing local provision, potentially reaching new audiences. How many people you expect to take part in the project and the types of environments in which it will take place. 22 Delivery and impact 2

23 Creating a sporting habit for life 23 Delivery and impact 2   Clear vision of how the project would be delivered Provided detailed delivery plans (e.g. number of sessions, resources required) Linked delivery plans to needs outlined in section 1 Unrealistic estimates of impact Did not demonstrate additionality – no evidence the project would enhance existing provision or reach a new audience

24 Creating a sporting habit for life We need to know: What consultation you have carried out with sports and non-sports organisations. Who will be involved in supporting the delivery of this project, either through strategic support or financial backing - cash or in-kind. How you will share learning from your project to enable successful approaches to be replicated. 24 3 Partnership and feedback

25 Creating a sporting habit for life 25 3 Partnership and feedback   Identified good range of partners Clear roles for each partner Demonstrated how monitoring and evaluation would take place regularly Clear outcomes and feedback mechanisms Unclear who partners were or their roles Did not address how learning from the project would be shared Had not adequately consulted or considered the potential across both sport and non-sport partners

26 Creating a sporting habit for life We will fund projects for up to 3 years, but we need to know: How Inclusive Sport funding will create a sustainable local community sports project after the funding is finished. How your project will lead to sustained participation in regular sporting activity. 26 4 Sustainability

27 Creating a sporting habit for life 27 4 Sustainability   Explained how the project would be sustainable Addressed the future role of partners Reasonable income and expenditure forecasts Was unclear how the project would continue after the end of Inclusive Sport funding No evidence of future income generation

28 Creating a sporting habit for life Round 1 experiences [Here was shown a presentation from a successful Inclusive Sport Round 1 applicant from the local area covering: -Experience of application process -Consultation undertaken -Project offered -Partnerships created as a result -Thoughts around sustainability] 28

29 Creating a sporting habit for life Online application process opens Workshops held and prospectus available Application deadline Notification of decisions How to apply October 7th September 5pm December 2 nd February 2014 29

30 Creating a sporting habit for life Who makes the decisions? Sport England assess the applications Our Project Committee, under delegated authority from the Sport England Main Board, will make funding decisions on all applications received to the Inclusive Sport Fund. 30 Application deadline Notification of decisions 5pm December 2 nd February 2014

31 Creating a sporting habit for life Further support Telephone: 08458 508 508 –8am-9pm Monday –8am-6pm Tuesday to Thursday –8am-5pm on Fridays Email: Prospects and FAQ documents online at 31

32 Questions? 32

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