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Back to USB Devices TUSB6250 TUSB6250 Product Overview.

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1 Back to USB Devices TUSB6250 TUSB6250 Product Overview

2 Back to USB Devices TUSB6250 USB High–Speed to ATA/ATAPI Storage Bridge USB High–speed compliant device Low Operating Power –Less than 90mA of operational Icc –Less than 300uA of suspend Icc Integrated 8051 WARP Microcontroller –Up to 32KB RAM for application code space –12 General Purpose I/O Pins –30 MIPs Certified compliance and inter–operability Able to develop USB High–speed bus– powered drives Flexible Architecture to meet a multitude of customer-defined applications USB Hard Disk Drives USB CD USB DVD USB Compact Flash HDD-based Portable Media Players More Information 1 ku SRP = $2.80

3 Back to USB Devices Key Feature: Low Power Single 3.3V supply operation with integrated 1.8V regulator –1.8V core logic results in low operating current: ~ 80mA operational Icc –Compliant with USB enumeration specification: < 100mA enumeration Icc Power conservation mode –Compliant with USB bus power requirement of <500uA for bus- powered drives during suspend Cable-powered 5&10 GB HDDs have been demonstrated by combining the TUSB6250 with a 1.8 HDD –All power supplied via the cable - no battery assist necessary More Information

4 Back to USB Devices Key Feature: Value Added Architecture Integrated 60 MHz 8051 WARP processor –30 MIPs (2 clocks per instruction) –40KB Configurable RAM shared between application code space and data buffer space –12 GPIO pins for customer customization –Enables the flexibility to modify the code on demand Compliant with the USB Mass Storage Specification, including the Host/Device Data Transfer Matrix (The Thirteen Cases) –Elimination of hang conditions –No possibility of data loss –Zero data corruption Tolerant of ATA & ATAPI drive operational abnormalities, including –Random data request lengths –Random pause/terminates/requests –A tolerant and flexible architecture allows drive manufacturers to get to market fast with the drive of your choice USB 2.0 High–speed compliant device –Supports a total of 8-input and 8-output endpoints –Supports Control, Bulk, and Interrupt transfers –Supports USB Suspend/Resume and remote wakeup operation More Information

5 Back to USB Devices Key Feature: ATA/ATAPI Interface Glue-less interface to ATA/ATAPI drives with full ATA/ATAPI protocol support –ATA-66 (ATA–4) compliant –ATA-100 (ATA–5), ATA–133 (ATA–6) compatible –48-bit LBA => supports ultra-large (>128GB) HDDs Fully programmable ATA/ATAPI interface access timing Tri-state and 5V failsafe ATA/ATAPI I/Os –ATA/ATAPI drive can be powered down during bus enumeration to enable cable-powered drives –ATA/ATAPI Interface is tri-stated during enumeration, protecting sensitive drive I/Os Dual drive support - simultaneous support for ATA master and slave More Information

6 Back to USB Devices TUSB6250DEMO Features –Facilitate development with a resident TUSB6250 USB micro-controller –Simple compatibility check for multiple drive types and operating systems Included: –Users Guide –Schematic –BOM –Firmware Programming Application and Users Guide Reference design applicable for both bus–powered and self– powered drives applications. More Information

7 Back to USB Devices Software APPLICATION FIRMWARE The TUSB6250DEMO board comes populated with an EEPROM that has firmware that allows the demonstration board to support a single ATA or ATAPI drive. –This standard builds HEX file can be downloaded at: –In addition to the standard firmware build, there are many additional builds available for specific applications. Contact for additional information on what is available. –This source code (developed in the Tasking environment) is available by contacting and providing the following Legal Company Name Physical address of #1 (not a PO Box) Name, Phone, , fax of company representative who will be responsible for the code Company Website To modify/create your own FW, a compiler will be necessary. –The TUSB6250 is based upon the industry-standard 8051 microcontroller for which there are several compilers on the market that would be suitable. Some examples are at: OPERATING SYSTEM DRIVERS Typical usage assumes utilization of the USB Mass Storage Class Driver (MSC). –Native support included in WinME, Win2K, WinXP, MAC 9.x, MAC 10.x, and Linux 2.4.x & 2.6.x Production Kernels. –Win98SE driver available in the TUSB6250 Win98SE Mass Storage Class Driver Software Tool Folder msc.html –For more information on class drivers, refer to the USB Implementers Forum website at If a class driver will not be acceptable for the given application, a custom driver will need to be written. –One option would be the DDKs from Microsoft/Apple –A second option would be a package like the Jungo WinDriver ( Application. DEVELOPMENT UTILITIES TUSB6250 EEPROM Programming Utility – –A tool that allows you to update an already- programmed EEPROM with a new firmware build over USB. Blank EEPROM Programmer –A tool that will allow you to program a blank on-board EEPROM over USB. –This tool will release in 3Q05. I2C Header Generator Utility – –DOS-based tool that generates an image file for your I2C EEPROM using your binary object code as input. More Information

8 Back to USB Devices Key Documentation TUSB6250 Data Manual –slls535a: TUSB6250 Frequently Asked Questions –slla171: VIDs, PIDs, and Firmware: Design Decisions When Using TI USB Device Controllers App. Note: –slla154: Selection and Specification of Crystals for Texas Instruments USB 2.0 Devices: –slla122: TUSB6250 Bootcode Application Note: –slla126:

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