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Nothing Stands Still for Long Changing English: Past, Present – and Future? Rob Dean Macedonia, 2011.

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1 Nothing Stands Still for Long Changing English: Past, Present – and Future? Rob Dean Macedonia, 2011


3 Agenda 1.Things people say… 2.Types of change 3.Source of change 4.Examples galore 5.Teaching Implications 6.What of the future?

4 1.There are less people here today than there were yesterday. 2.Due to bad weather, the event was cancelled. 3.And, later on, we’ll have some coffee. 4.I’d like to quickly tell you something. 5.You’ll get a free gift if you order today. 6.None of you are going to enjoy this. 7.Me and my mum always go shopping on Saturday. 8.It rained all day, so we had to put the party off. Things people say:

5 Prescription or Description?  

6 Fighting the Change… L’Académie Française 1.Le parking 2.Le pressing 3.Le marketing 4.Le weekend 5.Le footing

7 Change is nothing new

8 Words from Different Sources Old English book help French volume aid Latin text assistance

9 What’s changing? Vocabulary / lexis Grammar Functional Language Pronunciation

10 What’s causing the changes? Media – Television, films, journalism Technology & Lifestyle changes Political correctness ‘Foreign’ words entering the language

11 “New” Borrowed Words - Which language? panini fajita vindaloo oligarch passé barrista New products from abroad Easier / Shorter names for existing things

12 “I am so not gonna do that” The ‘Friends’ Phenomenon The Influence of the Media:


14 The ‘Little Britain ’ Phenomenon

15 “Vicky’s like standing at the bus stop and I’m like, “What are you doing here?” “Vicky was standing at the bus stop and I said to her “What are you doing here?” Usage: Informal version of past continuous Usage: Informal; to introduce direct speech, often of a surprising or interesting nature.

16 Changing Pronunciation

17 Queen’s English


19 Pronunciation… on the move

20 The ‘Neighbours’ Effect

21 It’s great to be here. I enjoy visiting Macedonia I’ve been here before.

22 Australian Intonation (Rising Terminus) American Shortening Going to Want to Sort of Gonna Wanna Sorta

23 The Influence of New Technology

24 SMS Acronyms LOL BBL EOD LMK FYA POS Laugh out Loud Be back later End of discussion Let me know For your amusement Parent over shoulder

25 New words for a new technological age

26 What’s Missing? age native book business cash commerce crime fraud kidnapper digital e- cyber

27 e-business e-cash e-commerce e-money e-publishing e-tailer e-ticket e-book e-zine e-signature BusinessNon-Business e-words

28 ‘cyber’ words cybercafe cyberland cyberforensics cybercrime cyberfraud cyberkidnapper cyberporn cybersickness cyberterrorism cyberwidow neutralnegative

29 Changing Lifestyles

30 Words and expressions for the New Decade the sandwich generation kidults the green pound fake bake a mouse potato a slackademic a walking bus hottie Noughties

31 Some fashionable commonly used words and expressions that annoy… We have pan fried chicken and oven baked fish I’m lovin’ it At this moment in time, the meeting is still in progress Please enter your PIN number. Passengers are kindly requested to proceed to gate 15. Would you like cheese or ham? - Whatever! Here’s your meal. Enjoy!

32 The Age of Political Correctness air stewardess actress blind fat short cheating flight attendant actor non-sighted person of substance vertically challenged collaborative learning

33 Implications for Teaching…

34 Modern Teaching Materials?


36 Implications for Teaching… 1) Reception vs. Production Exposure to REAL language: Authentic texts DVD You Tube Songs…

37 Implications for Teaching… 1) Reception vs. Production 2) Fluency vs. Accuracy (exams?) 3) Spoken vs. Written Play it safe!

38 Lynne Truss Talk to the Hand David Crystal The Fight for English Lynne Truss Eats, Shoots and Leaves Bill Bryson Mother Tongue

39 And what of the future? If I was minister for English... What changes would you like to see?

40 ‘ s ’ in 3rd person singular irregular verbs Less frequently used tenses articles used to and past ‘ would ’ Bye Bye to:

41 simplification of question tags ‘ will ’ / ’ would ’ used in if-clauses time/tense agreement simplification of prefixes – ‘ un ’ for everything negative …and on top of that:

42 Ze drem vil finali kum tru!!!

43 Thank You!

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