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Articulation agreements Mapping Learning Outcomes.

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1 Articulation agreements Mapping Learning Outcomes

2 Over-riding Principles 1.To ensure we give credit for everything the students have done 2.To ensure students have everything they need to underpin achievement at the highest level in the programme of study to which they progress 3.We should be trying to give students every possible opportunity while not be setting them up to fail

3 Step 1 Level Ascertain that the proposed entry programme is at an appropriate level for entry with advanced standing to the next highest level of our programme 1.Reference points for levels: –FHEQ - Levels 0,1,2,3,M 2.Outcomes of intermediate awards for the target programme for articulation –Cert HE, Dip HE

4 Step 2 Knowledge and skills Make sure all knowledge and skills pre- requisites for the level of entry into our programme are covered in appropriate breadth and depth by the feeder programme Two approaches: 1. Map ILOs of each level of the entry programme award with the same level of our programme Advantage – straight forward Disadvantage – temptation to look for what is in our programme but not actually necessary for the next level of study

5 Step 2 Knowledge and skills 2. Map the knowledge and skills of the entry programme award directly to the proposed level of study in our programme Advantages – clear and avoids looking for things at lower levels that are not absolutely necessary Disadvantage – More difficult since two variables are involved - level and ‘content’

6 Number of credits The combination of level, knowledge and skills can then be mapped to the number of credits to be entered into the Delta record. This will be a multiple of 20 for UG programmes and 30 for PG Programmes A maximum of 240 credits can be awarded through Articulation at UG level and 120 at M level Credit awarded for advanced standing are not used in calculating degree classification

7 Principles 1.Be clear about what is necessary in terms of information you need from the proposed partner 2.Be systematic and thorough 3.Be prepared to evidence your decision – in detail for level, knowledge and skills 4.If there is a REAL deficit consider devising bridging study which a partner could deliver or offering fewer credits than a full level

8 Example Articulation of a Diploma in Business Studies with: Our BABS or Our BA Marketing 1.Process for level the same 2.Knowledge and skills different but may not be as different as you might at first think

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