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Northumberland College Q projects for practitioners.

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1 Northumberland College Q projects for practitioners

2 Project Aim To offer all students within Northumberland College studying on an HE course the facility to access high quality education in the use of the software constructs within Excel Production of a reusable resource and the findings from the project will be used to inform the development of a wide range of similar resources

3 Summary and Outcomes Three staff involved will be able to use Lotus Screen Cam effectively One member of staff will develop their skills with Lotus Screen Cam to a level that they can disseminate its benefits to other staff members An interactive resource for the students on how to use the software constructs within Excel effectively in their Management Science Studies An evaluation of the resource by staff An evaluation of the resource by students

4 Planned Milestones Decision on content Staff development Corporate design Material development plan Web based learning material produced Web based learning material evaluated by staff Feed back from evaluations Changes disseminated Second review Resource issued on CD to staff and students Final evaluation Material uploaded to VLE Dissemination of resource to Q project participants

5 Actual Milestones Screen Cam was very difficult to track down We began Beta testing Office 11 Once it arrived it didn’t work –Records sound but no Screen shots Found Camtasia –Oh Joy!!!!! Planned Milestones were now achievable!

6 Key Findings Lotus Screencam does not support the new Microsoft products Video sound needs to be recorded at the highest specification AVI videos do not launch well in Learnwise Camtasia studio offers a number of video formats Flash movies work well with sound and launch easily in Learnwise

7 Staff Evaluation Excellent quality resource Can see its use in class and for additional study Easy to use to create resources Can see students using it No all were happy with recording their own voice

8 Student Review Doesn’t replace the actual lecture –Not able to ask questions Missed lectures should be less problematic Better than paper based resources Put together with paper based resources, even better! I would like to be able to create my own

9 Learnwise at Northumberland College

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