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CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme Wednesday 26 th June 2013 Judith Wilson NIEA Annual Reporting, Ordering and Surrendering Allowances Hugh McGinn NIEA Re-registering.

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1 CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme Wednesday 26 th June 2013 Judith Wilson NIEA Annual Reporting, Ordering and Surrendering Allowances Hugh McGinn NIEA Re-registering and managing contacts Phase II

2 CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme Annual Reporting Screenshots - Phase 1 2012/13 and 2013/14 Last updated: 01/05/2013v3

3 Entering the Registry Enter the Registry via the CRC website at Follow the links through to the CRC page and selecting the link “Access your CRC Account”

4 Click ‘Login using a digital certificate’ Or user ID and Password

5 “My Account” Menu Select the “Phase 1” option from the “Phase” section

6 New reporting Cycle Submit Annual Report3 June to 31 July Ordering period for allowances3 June to 31 July Payment period for allowances ordered2 - 20 September Allocation period for allowances2 Sept to 15 Oct Surrender deadline for allowances31 October PLEASE INSERT ALL FIGURES AS WHOLE NUMBERS (THE REGISTRY DOES NOT ACCEPT DECIMALS).

7 Rule changes applicable from 2012/13 Electricity: You need to report the applicable supplies through non-domestic electricity meters (NI) and for profile types 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 00 (GB) and applicable unmetered supplies. Please read our guidance for full details. Gas: If your total 2010/11 gas supply (in kWh) through all your meters which used more than 73,200kWh in 2010/11 was less than 2% of your electricity supplies (using the new supply rules – see our guidance) you do not need to report any gas supplies for the remainder of Phase 1. If you do not meet the de minimus rule above then you will only need to report supplies through meters which used more than 73,200kWh in the annual reporting year (i.e. you assess whether you need to report the supply each year) You do not need to report any other fuel supplies or dynamic electricity supplies. Electricity Generating Credits can not be claimed if the electricity you generate is generated from one of the fuels listed in your residual measurements list.

8 Select “Submit Annual Report”














22 CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme How to Order Allowances Last updated: 01/05/2013v3

23 Ordering Allowances To order allowances click on the link ‘Order Allowances’. Please note: You will only be able to see the ‘Order Allowances’ button when an ‘Allowances sale window’ is open.

24 Ordering Allowances For 2012/2013, only ‘Buy to Comply’ allowances are available. Select the link to continue.

25 Ordering Allowances Please ensure you have read the Administrative Rules before ticking the declaration and clicking ‘Next’.

26 Ordering Allowances Select ‘Order’ to continue to place your order of allowances. This shows when the allowances are valid for. Allowances can be carried over to future years of the same phase but cannot be carried over from one phase to another.

27 Ordering Allowances Enter the number of allowances you require here. One allowance is equal to one tonne of CO 2. By the 31 July the total number of allowances ordered must be sufficient to enable you to meet your surrender obligations. Please note: You are allowed to place as many separate orders as you like during the sale window. Cleared payment must be received between 2 September and 20 September. Once an order has been paid for the allowances will be allocated to your account.

28 Ordering Allowances This screen outlines your order. The unit price (cost per allowance), quantity and the total cost. If you wish to amend the order, select ‘Previous’. To confirm the order tick the declaration and click ‘Next’. Please note: Once you go beyond this point your order will be officially submitted and cannot be retracted. If you order was incorrect please submit a new order for the correct amount of allowances.

29 Ordering Allowances Click here and then click ‘Next’.

30 Ordering Allowances Please note: You receive the payment details for your allowances on a Memorandum of Account (instead of an Invoice), which will be emailed to all contacts confirming the order has been placed.

31 Ordering Allowances Once the transaction is complete you will receive an Order Reference for your records.

32 Important information Your allowances will not be allocated to your account until payment for the order has cleared. Payment needs to be cleared between 2 September and 20 September 2013. To be compliant for 2012/13 compliance year you need to surrender allowances equal to your 2012/13 CRC emissions by Thursday 31 October 2013.

33 CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme How to Surrender Allowances Last Updated: 01/05/2013 v3

34 How to Surrender Allowances To surrender your allowances once they have been allocated by the CRC team click on ‘Phase 1’ Please note: To surrender allowances you should have already: Ordered your allowances; Paid for you allowances; and Had the allowances allocated to your account by us (all contacts will receive an email notification when this occurs).

35 How to Surrender Allowances In the Phase 1 menu screen select the ‘Surrender Allowances’ option.

36 How to Surrender Allowances Select which commitment year you wish to surrender allowances for. The commitment year refers to the reporting year.

37 How to Surrender Allowances This screen shows the number of allowances you hold. Allowances purchased in Phase 1 will be valid for the full phase and can therefore be retained for future years, if required. In the relevant boxes enter how many allowances you wish to surrender then click ‘Next’. The figure shown here tells you how many allowances you need to have surrendered by the deadline to ensure compliance.

38 How to Surrender Allowances This screen confirms the number of allowances you are about to surrender. At this point you can cancel the process, go back and make amendments or surrender your allowances. To surrender, tick the declaration then click ‘Surrender’.

39 How to Surrender Allowances Under or over surrendering allowances in relation to the corresponding Annual Report submitted, will bring this advisory screen. If you over surrender allowances they will automatically be used against your 2013/2014 CRC emissions. If you have under surrendered then you should surrender more allowances by 31 October 2013. If you do not have sufficient allowances to surrender please contact : for further

40 How to Surrender Allowances Once you have surrendered your allowances you will be provided with an Allowance surrender reference for your records. All contacts will receive email confirmation stating the quantity of allowances surrendered.

41 CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme Existing Phase 1 Participants re- registering for Phase 2 Last Updated:

42 Your homepage From 4 th November 2013, a button entitled Phase 2 will appear on your account homepage. Click on Phase 2 to re-register. If you do not qualify for phase 2 ignore the button and just email us at stating your CRC number and provide the reason why you do not qualify for phase 2. (e.g. you used 20000 MWh of electricity through settled half hourly meter supply but 18,000MWh are directly covered by a CCA or the EUETS)

43 If you want to keep the same contacts for Phase 2 as Phase 1 then click on Re- Register. If you keep the same contacts then these contacts will be able to administrate your phase 2 participation using their existing log in details. If you want to change one or more of your contacts for Phase 2 then click on Manage Contacts. Note: Changing your Phase 2 contacts will not change your Phase 1 contacts. If you wish to change these then click on ‘Phase’ on the left hand side of the screen, then click ‘Phase 1’ and then click ‘Manage Contacts’.

44 Click ‘Next’ if : a)you have not had any organisational structure changes; or b)You have notified us of any outstanding ‘designated changes’ and these have been processed by us. If you need to notify us of any changes please click ‘Phase’, then click on ‘Phase 1’, ‘Registration’, ‘Notify of designated change’ and enter the details of the change. Please see our guidance for details of which types of change we need notification of.


46 Just select ‘Next’ on this screen. For Phase 2 registrations and re-registrations you do not need to fill in this box as the amendments to the CRC scheme mean that it would be difficult for you to summarise the changes.

47 If you have at least one settled half hourly meter (sHHM) select ‘Yes’, if you have no sHHMs select ‘No’. If you are a mandated participant with no sHHMs at all or registering as a disaggregated Non-Participant Equivalent then you may not have any sHHMs so you should select ‘No’ on this screen. See our full guidance document for more details.

48 If you selected ‘Yes’ on the previous screen then you will be directed to this screen. Please enter the MPAN numbers of all your settled HHMs. Do this by adding them individually in the top box and selecting ‘Add’ or by uploading a Notepad file with multiple meters in by browsing for the file and selecting ‘Upload File’. If you selected ‘No’ on the previous screen then you will not see this screen

49 If you are sure that you have entered all the settled HHM data correctly tick this box and then select ‘Next’. If you selected that you do not have any settled HHMs then you will not see this screen.

50 Enter the quantity of qualifying electricity measured through settled HHMs that your whole organisation used during 2012/13.

51 You will not see this screen unless you entered less than 6000MWh on the previous screen. This screen is just to check that you intended to register with a qualifying amount less than 6000MWh. If you are registering as a Non- participant equivalent (who has disaggregated from your parent organisation) then this will be correct so just select next.

52 If you have an overseas parent organisation then select ‘Yes’ on this screen. If you are working for an organisation that has no UK based entities and you are therefore working as a proxy on their behalf then select yes.

53 Manually enter the name and address of the ultimate overseas parent organisation then select ‘Next’ Note: You will not see this screen if you select ‘No’ on the screen shown on the previous slide.

54 On this screen you will see your overseas parent organisation (if applicable) and your UK parent organisation. If you do not have an overseas parent you will see your UK parent name in the top box as well as the green box. The top box effectively acts as your account. Ensure you have read the guidance to fully understand what a ‘Participant Equivalent (PE)’ is (in summary – an individual company that used 6000MWh of qualifying electricity supplies through settled HHMs during 2012/13). Only add Participant Equivalents on this page (not every subsidiary in your organisational structure). Do this by clicking on the + sign. The PEs that you enter will all just appear at the same level on the group outline, they are not meant to represent your actual organisational structure.

55 When you click on the + button an extra box will appear. You should then select ‘Add’ this will take you to screens where you enter the details of the PE and their qualifying supply.

56 If you have added a PE and then need to either; - edit their details; - or delete it from the outline then click on the underlined name of the PE and the options above will appear.

57 If you have entered all your Participant Equivalents and their correct settled half hourly meter supplies please click ‘Next’. If you are a mandated participant or an organisation who is registering separately from your parent organisation but would not ordinarily have qualified on your own (e.g. you aren’t officially a PE yourselves) you should also tick the box and click ‘Next’ to allow you to proceed.

58 On this screen you are selecting which organisation is going to take responsibility for the day to day activities required to ensure your group comply with the scheme. The organisation chosen does not need to be a Participant Equivalent it can be any UK based organisation within your group (or in circumstances where there is no UK based organisation in the group it can be a proxy organisation e.g. a consultancy). Participant Equivalents will appear in the drop down box. If you want to enter the details of another organisation then you should select ‘Other’ and click next.

59 If in Phase 1 of the scheme you were disaggregated from your parent organisation (i.e. you had your own participant account) then on this screen you must enter the CRC number of your parent organisation. This is so that the Registry can cross check that your parent has authorised for you to participate separately in Phase 2. Are you participating separate from your parent organisation?

60 On this screen the system will pull up the details for the organisation that you have said you are disaggregated from. Select Next to confirm that this is who your parent CRC organisation is. If your parent has already authorised you to disaggregate you will be taken straight to the screen on slide 23 TEST ADDRESS, Test Town, Test City TEST PARENT COMPANY

61 You will see this screen if your parent organisation has either; - Not re-register for phase 2 yet - Not added you as a PE on their account and authorised you to disaggregate - Not authorised you to disaggregated You will be able to proceed if you see this screen but you will not be deemed fully registered until your parent organisation has authorised you to disaggregate. We suggust you contact your parent organisation to make sure that they do authorise your organisation to participate separately in phase 2 to ensure that your organisation is compliant with the CRC scheme. TEST PARENT COMPANY

62 If your organisation has any Participant Equivalents and you wish them to participate separately then you must tick the box next to the Participant Equivalent on this screen. You are not able to select the organisation that is marked as the ‘Primary member’ to be disaggregated however if you realise that you want that organisation to participate on its own you can go back to the ’Primary Member’ screen to select a different organisation.

63 If you have other subsidiary organisations that do not constitute a ‘Participant Equivalent’ under CRC rules but you wish them to participate in Phase 2 as separate participants then you should select ‘Yes’ on this screen

64 On this screen click on the + sign to add any additional subsidiaries that you want to participate separate from your account. Then click on the words ‘Click to add a Non Participant Equivalent here’ to add the details of the Non-PE. Adding them to this list automatically authorises them to set up their own account, and when they do set up their own account the administrators of the scheme (EA, SEPA, NIEA, NRW) will be able to see that your accounts are related.

65 Once you have been through the screens to add the Non-Participant equivalent it will appear here. Repeat the process if you have more than one ‘non-participant equivalent’ that you want to add. Once you have added all the non-participant equivalents which you wish to participate on their own then select ‘Next’.

66 You will then see a screen summarising the organisations which you have authorised to participate separate from your organisation in phase 2. Tick the box to confirm that you have added all the PE’s and Non-PE’s that you wish to participate separate from your organisation in Phase 2. Please note: If you have authorised an organisation to disaggregate but they do not set up a separate registration then they will remain your responsibility.

67 On this screen you must read the legal declaration and tick to confirm that you agree before selecting ‘Next’ to continue. You can download a draft copy of your registration summary at this point.

68 On this screen select the payment method you would like to use to pay the Phase 2 registration fee. If you select Credit Card you will be directed to a World Pay facility immediately. If you select BACS/CHAPS you will be presented with a screen containing the details of the bank account into which you need to arrange for the registration fee to be paid. A unique reference code will be provided for you to include when you make the payment.

69 You have now completed your registration for phase 2. To be deemed fully registered and compliant with the CRC scheme by 31 st January you need to ensure that you have: - paid the registration fee - If appropriate gained approval from your parent organisation to disaggregate Having paid and had authorisation to disaggregate you will receive an email with your registration summary attached and then the next time one of the contacts for your account logs in to your account a ‘Phase 2 Registration Certificate’ will be emailed to your contacts.

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