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Manoj Singh. What I’ll talk about…  What is it?  Why do it?  What’s happening at QMUL (policy and locations)?  Q&A.

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1 Manoj Singh

2 What I’ll talk about…  What is it?  Why do it?  What’s happening at QMUL (policy and locations)?  Q&A

3 What is it?

4 Q-Review - What is it?  Q-Review is a service to automate lecture recording and distribution at QMUL  It is a tool presented as part of the teaching ‘toolkit’ at QMUL ( the Strategic Plan Objective SA 2.5: 100% programmes to feature a significant e-learning component by 2013)

5  Students access recordings (‘Echoes’) via links generated automatically inside the OLE  A dramatic increase in use  The two year pilot completed last year and we moved into a productionized service  Included in College KPI’s with the full backing of Senior Management, Students Union and Disability and Dyslexia Service  A standard install in new building projects Where we are now?

6 What does it record?

7 PowerPoint

8 Visualiser

9 Smartboard

10 User access  On a computer, laptop  Tablet devices  Mobile devices  Portable media player

11 Email

12 Recordings (‘Echoes’) via QMplus,

13 RSS or iTunes

14 How do you record?

15 Three types at QMUL 1. Capture appliance 2. Personal Capture (Pcap) 3. External Media Ingest

16 Capture Appliance  With no extra work for the presenter it can…  be automated to record a complete schedule a year in advance  record the audio, video and a screen capture of the presentation  and can automatically distributes these to your students via RSS or the QMplus  You can edit / delete / ‘make unavailable’ your recordings

17 Where is it? - Hardware Installs Sem 4 (Boyle Room) – Robin Brook Centre, Barts Paterson Ross Lecture Theatre – Robin Brook Centre, Barts Bainbridge Room – Robin Brook Centre, Barts G02 – Joseph Rotblat, Charterhouse Square G05 – Joseph Rotblat, Charterhouse Square G06 – Joseph Rotblat, Charterhouse Square Morris LT, Charterhouse Square SAD (Corner Room) – Dawson Hall, Charterhouse Square Willoughby LT, Charterhouse Square Auditorium, Lincoln’s Inn Field Arts 1 LT, Mile End Arts 2 LT, Mile End Room 3.02 – Bancroft Road, Mile End Room 4.02 – Bancroft Road, Mile End David Sizer LT, Mile End Draper’s LT, Mile End EECS Room 209, Mile End Room 3.24 – Engineering, Mile End Room 3.25 – Engineering, Mile End The E-Learning Studio, Mile End Geography 1.26, Mile End G O Jones LT, Mile End Great Hall, Mile End Fogg LT, Mile End FB 1.13 – Francis Bancroft, Mile End FB 1.13A – Francis Bancroft, Mile End FB 1.15 – Francis Bancroft, Mile End FB 2.40 – Francis Bancroft, Mile End FB 4.04/4.08 – Francis Bancroft, Mile End Laws 2.10, Mile End Mason’s LT, Mile End Math’s LT, Mile End Room 103 – Maths, Mile End PP1 – People’s Palace, Mile End PP2 – People’s Palace, Mile End Skeel LT, Mile End Clark Kennedy, Innovation Centre, Whitechapel Room 121 – Garrod, Whitechapel Room 306 – Garrod, Whitechapel Milton LT, Whitechapel Michael Mason Room, Whitechapel Perrin LT, Whitechapel There are three installations in postgraduate medical programmes; two in Charterhouse Square and one more in Whitechapel. Q-Review is now available in these lecture theatres:…

18 Physical Appliances Pros Cons  ’Black box’  AV rather than ITS device  Robust  Centrally scheduled and records automatically  Limitation of physical presence (i.e. you need to present where it is)

19 How do I make a booking?  Email Room Booking as you would for any request for AV equipment five days in advance  Email if you would like to speak with the project  Go here to book a special event: qreview/qreview-request-form/ qreview/qreview-request-form/

20 Personal Capture Pros Cons  Unlimited installs (license for any member of QM / any number of computers)  Easy to use  Works with Windows or Mac  Mediocre editor - not equal to Camtasia / Captivate  Loses recording if computer powers down

21 External Media Ingest Pros Cons  Can record using any device (e.g. smartphone, flip camera, etc.)  Cannot be scheduled for you  You need to upload its  Only one visual medium (i.e. video or display)

22 Why do it?


24  Survey - 83 responses from staff  70% of respondents think there is value in lectures being recorded; 17% aren’t sure (13% were opposed…)  (72.8% have accessed online videos and/or podcasts from another Institution – 100% of those opposed are in this group) Staff opinion

25 Some Staff Comments Of staff who used Q-Review, 100% said that they would recommend Q-Review to others “Any form of multi-media that facilitates the passing of information from teacher to student is a valuable tool both in learning and teaching.” “I was nervous about doing it at first… I was worried about mistakes that I may make. But so far, so good! Students thanks me for participating”

26 Why lecture capture?  Students (727 respondents) at QMUL said.... 45% of us have previously accessed online recorded seminars or lectures as part of your studies in another institution 96% of us think recording lectures is a good idea 47% of us came to QM with the expectations that online video and podcasts would form a part of our studies here 73% of us have, during our time at QM, accessed online videos and podcasts from another institution to help in our studies

27 Students at QMUL say... “I thought they were some of the most useful and informative revision materials that I have ever received” “I have been thinking to myself all year that recorded lectures would have been useful and why does QM not have them. I support them fully, but not as a substitute for lectures ” “This is really helpful, thank you for taking the time” “Professor X recorded all his lectures and made them available for everyone to listen to… this was really useful and I was able to make sure I had written down important points from the… lectures. I think it was one of the reasons why I obtained a first for that module”.  Students at QMUL say.... “It’s 2011… Come join the rest of the world in the 21st century” “They allow a review of the lecture in full, freeing me to fully concentrate on and consider what is being said, rather than scrabbling to take notes!!!” “I often need to listen to certain parts of a lecture again to understand it properly. Our lecture handouts (often just print-outs of the PowerPoints) are not detailed enough. we can annotate properly later. On the actual day of the lecture we simply listen and gain a better understanding”.

28 What’s happening at QMUL?

29 Increase in use this year  The first four weeks of this year has seen a growth in views  The most popular single recording on the system has had 2723 views. This was a special one-off revision lecture just before the exams given to a class of about 200 students.  MBBS Year 1 and Year 2 had 19,297 and 13543 views respectively. LAW4005 and BUS014 have 10507 and 10402 views so far.  Looking at, at what we guess to be ‘routine’ recording (i.e. a relatively normal-sized class) it receives in the region of 200 views in the week following its release. This, of course, varies widely according to class size, frequency of OLE use, etc.

30 Who is recording?  In Biology a lecturer places didactic learning online and uses face-to-face time for discussions  All MBBS lectures  School of Science and Engineering account for most of the captures in Mile End Campus  Supplementary materials in Dentistry, now interested in capturing all lectures  Distance Learning in P/G Medicine  Many lectures from Undergraduate lectures in English, SBM, SBCS, Law, Politics, etc,

31 Issues and concerns?

32 What’s the debate?  IPR and copyright (for staff and students)  Performers’ Rights  Policy decisions (e.g. does viewing a recording count toward attendance?)?  Should we pre-record additional materials or record live events?  Should recordings only be made available at the end of year for revision?  Why should anyone (students or staff) bother with live lectures?  Is this performance management?  Will this mean students do less reading outside of the lecture?  What if you say something wrong?  Does this reduce opportunities for ‘social learning’?

33 First Principles of Policy 1. Q-Review is opt-in service for staff to use when they want to record their own lectures for educational purposes 2. Recordings will be accessible for no more than twelve months unless through prior agreement between the presenter and the ELU 3. It aims to encourage innovative teaching methods 4. It aims to encourage excellence in learning and teaching in line with the College mission and is not a tool to monitor staff

34 IPR and copyright (for staff and students)  Whether you record it or not you still have to follow the guidelines  We have an advisor in the library for using copyright materials

35 Who owns the recording?  Presenter consent  Presenter’s ownership  Presenter’s rights

36 Quality control or performance management? No and No

37 Attendance

38 Attendance issues The evidence (both anecdotal and quantitative) indicates that this will not happen. 94% of students at LSE (where lectures are routinely recorded) stated that the availability of recorded lectures had not changed their lecture attendance. 82.2% of student survey respondents indicated that their attendance would remain the same and here are some reasons they gave why they would still attend…

39 Students in QMUL say about attendance “The idea of online videos sounds like a good idea, but I think it would create a whole new super lazy generation where students just won't bother to come into lectures anymore, you'll have whole lecture seats/rows missing”. “It is much more motivating and inspiring to see the actual EXPERT talking in real life about their subject!”. “A personal presentation is more engaging - it stimulates more of the brain than simply listening to an mp3. Ideally, a downloadable lecture with video, audio, and presentation-capture would be the best supplementary tool. !”. It will not effect my attendance “because if I haven't gone to the lecture, chances are I won't bother to watch the recording either” “I find that I understand something better after going over it twice or three times, so I would use both the recoding and the lecture itself” “recordings should be a back up like a cd. it is like music, it is better live but after the concert replaying a cd helps refresh the memories”

40 Attendance  Strategies can be put in place  Stop recording before exam information is given  Only release recordings at the end of year  Include in-class assessment  More:

41 Going forward

42 Responsibilities and support  LI are responsible for managing the project and application and user training  ITS are responsible for networks, application support and will maintain the central servers on which the application and databases rest and recordings are stored and published  AV are responsible for audio-visual equipment support, maintenance and consultancy  Room Bookings are responsible for scheduling recordings using the system

43 What next -  You can go to our support site to get more information -  Policy  Practice  Case studies  Survey reviews  Go here to book a event: request-form/ request-form/  Further help and support –  

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