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From Open Hypermedia to Virtual Signposts - Software for Knowledge Sharing Kristine Stougård Thomsen Hypergenic

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1 www.hypergenic.com1 From Open Hypermedia to Virtual Signposts - Software for Knowledge Sharing Kristine Stougård Thomsen Hypergenic

2 www.hypergenic.com2 Hypergenic A/S, history Research project 1997-2000 The Danish National Centre for IT Research Aarhus University (Open Hypermedia research group) Tele Danmark Internet Company start up: 01.12.2000 Owners: Mjølner Informatics, TDC Innovation, 6 employees

3 www.hypergenic.com3 Hypermedia Systems Hypermedia pioneers: Vannevar Bush - Memex Ted Nelson - the Docuverse, Xanadu Douglas Engelbart – NLS …. Tim Berners Lee: World Wide Web

4 www.hypergenic.com4 Current WWW limitations WWW does not support user cotrolled organisation of documents in new hierarchies or categories – e.g. Guidet tours WWW is primarily a media for publishing WWW does not allow users to create links from and into documents that they do not own WWW documents must be changed in order to create links from them or into them

5 www.hypergenic.com5 Tim Berners-Lee at WWW8 Goal: Intercreative space As you can read, so can you write If you notice a connection, make a link Collaborative editing: research done, products nowhere? Software hard Needs authentication, PUT, catch lost update, version management, etc.. Amaya + Jigsaw progress

6 www.hypergenic.com6 Dynamic use of Web ressources Examples Teachers/advisors find and annotate web-based ressources to their students/customers Students write project reports with detailed references and overviews over web ressources. Journalists point to annotated details in web soures in their research

7 www.hypergenic.com7 Open Hypermedia Systems (OHS) Navigational structure separated from content Links (anchored, multiheaded, bi-directional) Annotations Paths & guidet tours etc. Open for integration with 3’rd party applications Browsers Office applications etc. Example: Webwise from Aarhus University

8 www.hypergenic.com8 Link object I medfør af § 93, stk. 2 i bekendtgørelse nr. 1053 af 18. december 1995 om levnedsmiddelhygiejne og egenkontrol m.v. og § 20, stk. 2 i bekendtgørelse nr. 931 af 6. december 1995 om materialer og genstande bestemt til at komme i berøring med levnedsmidler fastsættes: Ændringsbekendtgørelse nr. 1053 af 18. juli 1997 om..... Webvise open hypermedia system – papers at WWW8 and WWW9 Portfolios with links and notes are stored in separate XML files One or more portfolios on top of the same Web documents Create links between Web-pages, MS Word and Excel-documents, PDF documents etc. The created notes and links are shown on top of existing material (incl. third party documents ) Create guided tours through annotated material

9 www.hypergenic.com9 Commercializing OHS - challenges Market maturity Identify mature segments to address Functionality Simplify and target to needs Terminology Define non-academic, use-related terms Wrap up the producs Ensure product maturity, finish

10 www.hypergenic.com10 The first result: Virtual Signposts Navigation structures separated from content Graphical editor integrated with web-browser Collect links to a signpost by dragging from the browser to the editor Organize and annotate Press a button to generate a leight-weight presentation: Metro map with lines Remote Control – (e.g. Guided tour, virtual library, mind map) Decision Tree Demo

11 www.hypergenic.com11 Signpost editor - WebNize Drag and drop from browser to editor

12 www.hypergenic.com12 A WebNize generated Metro

13 www.hypergenic.com13 Generated Metro line

14 www.hypergenic.com14 Remote Control or Guidet tour

15 Architecture of the System DDE

16 www.hypergenic.com16 Next step: Highlight annotation tool Functionality Organize and annotate material in depth Link / associate between materials Share the result with others Scenario Exchange Student at Aarhus School of Business BA Thesis on Danish Political and Social Iissues Demo

17 www.hypergenic.com17 WebNize Highlighter annotation tool The annotation is highlighted, and the text is shown on mouse-over

18 www.hypergenic.com18 Market for OHS Education, e-learning, research Empowering students – active learning Web-based in depth research E.g. FlexNet/IT-Vest, Center for Medicinsk Engelsk Knowledge management Business intelligence Competitor analysis

19 End of presentation demo? WebNize is a line of standard products from Hypergenic

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