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RESEARCH PAPER Sample Structure (thanks to Bannecker)

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1 RESEARCH PAPER Sample Structure (thanks to Bannecker)

2 Pretend that the assignment called for you to compose a research paper on Sophocles and his work Oedipus the King. PROMPT

3 Focus – – The concept of tragedy How it has evolved Characteristics that have remained consistent – The purpose/function of tragedy – Introduce author and selected work Thesis – Insightful statement about author, work, and/or genre, importance during the era etc. INTRO

4 Sophocles – Time Period – Info on ancient Greece – Info on Sophocles’ life (history as Priest) – Notable plays Purpose/Message of these plays – Info on when the selected play was written and/or produced PERTINENT INFO ON AUTHOR

5 Incorporate information on structure/characteristics of tragedy. – Reference Aristotle DEFINING TRAGEDY

6 General information of the play – An extremely condensed summation of the play. Performance – What did this theatre look like and how did the theatre set-up inform the production of the play? – Costumes/Masks Structure of the play – Discuss typical structure of classic tragedies Reaction to the play – Audience and critics THE PLAY (PROBABLY SHOULD BE BROKEN UP INTO MULTIPLE PARAGRAPHS)

7 Lens in which to examine the play – – Oedipus as model of mankind. Research – Dodds – Denby – Versenyi – Freud, Segal etc. I would organize the information not by author but by topic. – Try to incorporate multiple sources in each paragraph. CRITICAL RESEARCH

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