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Updated NEWS.! Special Report : Meliza Valenzuela.

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1 Updated NEWS.! Special Report : Meliza Valenzuela

2 21 injured when car plows into Fla. Church There was a car that crashed into church with 200 people in the church. They were celebrating Easter late Sunday. There were 21 people injured unfortunately. 18 people were taken to Memorial hospital. The good was that none of them required surgery. 3 people were taken to Gulf Coast Medical Center and 5 went to Health Park Medical. Those at Health Park Medical were three children. The cause of this was a young Haitian woman driving a Lexus had turned into a parking lot and tried to park. There were so many people injured. After the crash everyone was talking about it. There were many opinions towards this terrible accident. The question that I would like to know and be answered is what was the girl thinking? By this I mean that I want to hear her opinion to know more about this. 234 girls kidnapped from Nigeria school The teachers begged for them not to take them, but they did. There were many girls kidnapped 234 from there classes. They say because of how poorly Nigeria been handling it. The principal said “to have mercy on the students”. There were girls who had escaped. They say the kidnapping shows that it has been increasing. On the other hand the citizens have been decreasing. Boko Haram was responsible for 3,982 deaths so far this year. Boko Haram opposes the education of girls and kidnap’s girls to use as cooks and sex slaves. They have reported 85 children missing. On Monday parents say that 234 girls are missing nearly three times the number. As many as 32 girls have escaped according to press reports. It’s to dangerous for people to drive past 80 miles from Maiduguri. This is very horrible what it has become and I feel bad for them. Baby boy born unable to open his mouth 9 months ago there was a baby boy born, Canadian, he was normal, but had a disorder that he could not open his mouth. Doctors didn’t know if this was only going to be for now. Maybe 5 to 10 years or his whole life. The thing that sucked was that if the Doctors cant find how to cure this little boy he will eating out of tubes until they find out what's going on. When he vomits its horrible because he cant open his mouth. He was rushed to the hospital, crying and choking. He also lost consciousness with the vomiting, but luckily suffered no brain damage. This disorder affects muscles or swallows. So that also makes him drool more than other babies. Now his parents have made a website to help other mothers that have the same problem.

3 Police Searching for Richland Man The police are looking for this man, Richland man, The reason why they are looking for him is because he didn’t show up to court. His charges were a drug charge, violating condition and burglary. His name is Alexander Bell he’s 27 years old, a male, 6’1 and he weighs 200 pounds. He has black hair, brow eyes, a tattoo on the side of his neck, a tattoo on his left arm that says “Trigritiy”, and on his right arm he has another tattoo that says “New Breed”. This man has a lot of charges, but did not go to court. In my opinion, that’s bad and will go worse for him sense Alexander did not show up. Friends testify against murder suspect Young. They say that John Young had killed Joshua Snapp. Young and Joshua H. Hunt were supposabley friends they got closer by July 4 th. They weren’t actually best friends, they would just hangout more and more. Young said he hardly knew Hunt before Joshua Snapp was killed. The 17 year old Snapp was shocked when Hunt pulled out a revolver and shot Snapp after they finished smoking marijuana. Young took the gun from Hunt cause he was afraid he was going to shoot him. Young accidentally shot and didn’t know if it actually had hit him. They found out that is was Hunt that shot Snapp not Young. So now Hunt is going over 23 years for his convection. You was just a victim and will pay for it as well. Seattle Seahawks Some Seahawks celebrate with California workouts. Usually in this time of year they are in a separation. Sidney Rice agrees to re-sign with Seattle Seahawks. Dave Building is worthless of leadership. Lockette make two 911 calls in Miami incident. The Seahawks won the championships with their 12 th man.

4 ‘American Idol’ Top 6: Rock this country The American Idol was a little bit country, little bit rock, and roll. Judge Jennifer Lopez said it was down this year and haven’t got a lot of goosies this season. She had told Sam Woolf after his performance it’s time. This was forcing the contestant into two genres. It was the closet thing to a county singer remaining on the show. Zac Brown Band’s was horrible on the country voice, they were out-of-tune. It saved Alex Preston because he had a better chance to win. There were of course a lot of people that had performed. There was only top 6 people competing to get first place. Each one of them were excited to be able to win Americans Idol. The results were in and the person that had won was a girl that was normal Jessica Meuse, Jolene (Dolly Parton). What she likes to sing is rock and her vocal is very strong. Chelsea draws Atletico Madrid in Champions League Semifinal Chelsea was going good on there defense because it held Atletico to a 0-0 draw in the first leg of their champions league semifinal on Tuesday. Atletico was doing bad in the final 15 minutes as Raul Garcia, and substitute Arda Turan sent headers wide. While on the other hand Gabi Fernandez and Diego Costa forced Schwarzer into slaves Chelsea was although looking very strong, but Atletico is top of the Spanish league. They haven’t seen top competition since 1974. Overall, it was such a good and competitive game. There were so many people watching the gamy maybe millions over television. The person that was going great throughout the game was Raul Garcia from Atletico. They are going for second leg to see who will go to the finals. The first leg they tied 0-0. So April 30 th we will find out what team is going to the finals. Depends on whoever wins. If Atletico wins the are going to be playing Madrid on the Finals. Faith movies once didn’t have a prayer in Hollywood Hollywood will celebrate Easter the same way it’s celebrated several weekends this year: with a dose of faith. Sony had opened Heaven is for real best sell was on 2010 a story of the small-town pastor whose son says he visited heaven during a near-death experience. The story was called Heaven. Greg Kinnear got about $20 million in the first 5 years. There has been other movies for example god’s not dead, son of God, Noah.

5 Ronaldo returns to practice before Bayern Match Cristiano Ronaldo hade returned to training with Real Madrid on Friday. As he tries to recover from his injury for the champions league semifinals against Bayern Munich. What he had was a leg muscle injury. Also sore from his left knew that had caused him to be on the sideling for Madrid's last four games. Including his 2-1 win over Barcelona in the Copa del Rey final on Wednesday. They say that Marcelo also returned to training as he recovers from his injury. The Famous Athletes Comeback Kids Michael Phelps says everyone focused on her training mate. He will be competing for the first time since London Olympics is in Mesa Grand Prix starting on Thursday. He has been actually staging his own return to the sport. Michael was out for 2 years, while she finished her last semester at the University of Georgia. She swam a couple of times to stay in shape. They were a couple that was very completive, love to swim. They both would encourage each other. Throughout the years they would win a lot of awards, and metals. They both were very good and had been champions. What I liked about this story is that they had a baby and kept competing after her baby was born. Buzz that was: Ohhhhh, baby It’s this time of the year where high schoolers create made-for-YouTube clips. They ask their celebrity crush to go to prom with them. Well there was this teen that would LOVE it if Olympic figure skater Gracie Gold would accompany him to the annual source. This had melted Grace Gold’s heart. She says it melts her; but avoids answering if she will go or not. She says that she has to sharpen her blades that day and wont be able to make it. She said “ugh, being a kid in Malibu is like SO tough these days”. She says she's very sorry she cant make it.

6 FDA announces rules restricting e-cigarettes and cigars They are saying that they are probably going to ban the electronic cigarettes to minors and make warning labels as well for the federal to approve. The food and drug administration is going to not only cut down the battery-powered devices, cigars, pipe tobacco, hookahs and they are going to dissolve tobacco products. Also they wont ban advertising plus the product gets to the children because chocolate and bubble gum will attract the little ones. The FDA says that the leading cause of death and disease in this country is Tabaco. They are going to report the ingredients to the FDA to obtain their approval. They also ban free tobacco samples and most vending-machines sales. The founder of industry group TVECA said “some of these regulations will be very restrictive”. TVECA means tobacco vapor electronic cigarette association. This is something that benefits the consumers because of the ingredients in it which is mostly just vapor once they inhale it. They think that it might lure kids towards tobacco or it can help adults quit smoking. There has been an increasing number of states that have cracked down by extending indoor smoking restrictions to e-cigarettes. Last month the U.S. reported a surge in illness linked to the liquid nicotine used in devices. Its going to take them about three years to issue this rule. I say that everyone should just quit smoking, and using e-cigarettes because it has cause a lot of deaths over the few years. Scientists pry open coffin of king, murdered in 1160 The title sounds very disgusting, but a cathedral Chaplin calls it “ a very special occasion”. The Swedish researchers opened the coffin while it was 850 years old. In the coffin was the countries king, names Erik IX, which was murdered in 1160 and later made a saint. Well at least that’s what the AP reports. What the scientist want to do with the bone of the king is to study them, cause they don’t know much about them. Through the DNA testing and x-rays scan they hope to find out about his health, origin, what he ate, and lived. They reason for this is because everyone is telling stories. Iceberg 6 times the size of Manhattan breaks off Antarctica The scientist are saying that they are watching an iceberg bigger than the island of Guam as it slowly moves away from an Antarctic glacier. Kelly Brunt the NASA scientist said it is more a wonder than a worry and its not a threat to shipping or sea level rise. Brunt had said the iceberg, named B-31. is about 255 square miles (660 million sq. kilometers) roughly 6 times as big as Manhattan and as much as 1,600 ft. (487 meters) think.

7 School Page (Soccer girls, plans after high school) I interviewed a high school soccer girl. She's a senior and her name is Priscilla Bernal. She is very looking forward to her summer after graduation. These are some things that she had told me about her in summer. Work @ Umatilla school district. (Cleaning Crew) Go to GYM every other day. Go to CBC soccer practice. Attend college city in August (coast) Handout with family and friends. Also other things that she said that she cant think of. I interviewed myself My name is Meliza Valenzuela. Played soccer for about 4 years. My positions in soccer is defense and forwards but mostly defense my soccer number is 11 and I am 16 years old of age. I am going to talk about what my plans are for this summer and what I am looking forward to do and accomplish. Move in with my boyfriend because me and my mom are having some problems at home. Have my kid hopefully before school starts next year, my senior year. Maybe work if I'm not to lazy and if they want to hire a pregnant lady somewhere. Hangout with family and friends. Go swimming if they let me because my moms scared I will catch a disease in the water because of the bugs or if someone else has a disease and passes it to me. The last and final person I interviewed is Lesye Armenta she is 17 years old and a junior in high school. Right now she is working and McNary Heights elementary school with the little kids in the afterschool program. She enjoys her job a lot and likes it. She is going to try and look for a job wherever she gets hired. She is planning on going swimming a lot with friends and getting a pretty tan. Hangout with her family and friends and her boyfriend. Go to silver wood or other fun trips that she can afford.

8 Special Interest Segment/NEWS about my life Some news about me is that I go to Umatilla High school. I am a Junior First Semester I ended with a 3.8. This semester I'm not so sure on how my GPA is going to end. I am 16 years old. I did soccer in high school since my freshmen year, but not going to be able to play soccer next year as a senior. The reason for this is because I am pregnant and wont be able to. My friends from soccer want me to be a manager but I don’t know if I would be able to do that because its going to be hard with a giant belly. I have also been having some problems at home with my mother we just seem always to be fighting most the time I'm just annoyed. So that’s why in the summer I plan to move in with my boyfriend or maybe even before because I have my permit, but I am waiting to get my license and I will be having to drive everyday next year from Boardman to Umatilla. Other than me and my mom fighting everything is going well with my life. Now you know a little something about my life now I am going to talk about some interests. Some things that I like such as food, and technology. Also I will upload some pictures so you can have an Idea of what I like and what I enjoy to eat. Something that I really love and probably always will is banana bread I just love the taste, but the person that makes the banana bread so yummy is Fransica Armenta. I think that’s the only time I have ever tried home made banana bread because if she doesn’t make me any I will get it from the store. It think the time since I started liking banana bread a lot is since I tried Fancy's banana bread. Once of the most things I like doing is going out to Mexican dances. I like going mostly to tri cities if I had to choose where I would like to go. I go to the dances in Hermiston only when there are good groups playing, because when they suck it is not worth my time especially because its like twenty dollars or usually more and that’s to much. Meanwhile in tri cities it is usually five dollars and better guy dancers go there. Because the ones from Hermiston you pretty much now them all. The thing I like most about dances is dancing in partners. For example for fast songs I like when your hugging the guy and he is moving you really fast. There was this guy that I loved dancing with all the time because he was good. We would call each other dancing partners.

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10 Advertisements Continue 10 dollar gift certificate This certificate is for any market that you would like to buy anything on. There is about 200 bouncy balls @ jidt St. any kids under 3 years old get them for free. Are you and your family tired of school and working all the time. We are making a special sale to a trip to silver wood everything's free you only have to pay 150 dollars. Hurry cause the offer will be off tomorrow. Buy five tacos and get a free small medium drink Buy two McChickens and get a small caramel frappe. Buy a meal and get small fries.

11 Interviewing Friends What do you usually like to do for fun when you are bored? I interviewed Francy and I had asked her what does she like to do fun and she said “she likes to babysit her brother on her free time, hangout with her boyfriend Martin, and cook banana for her friends”. I interviewed Berenice and I had asked her what does she like to do fun and she said “play any kind of sport, watching movies, and hanging out with friends”. I interviewed Mariela and I had asked her what does she like to do fun and she said “she likes to go shopping”. I interviewed Rosa and I had asked her what does she like to do fun and she said “she also likes to go shopping and going out having fun”. Another person that I interviewed was Gicelle and she said “she likes to hangout with her boyfriend”. I interviewed Diana and asked her what does she like to do for fun when she is bored and she said “play soccer, go on runs, and sleep. Lastly I interviewed Joye and asked her what does she like to do when she is bored and she said “listen to music, watch heartland, play with her dogs, and watch the sunset go down. What I like to do for fun is going to parties, playing soccer, hanging out with friends, hanging out with family, and the best thing of all I like to be with my boyfriend he is fun and loving. What are your plans in the summer? I interviewed Diana and asked her what her plans were for in the summer and she said “one thing is work, also soccer to get better at it to play soccer, and most important enjoy her summer by partying”. I interviewed Joy and asked her what her plans were for the summer and she said “to get a job, get her license, and spend as much time as she can in Echo”. I interviewed Hunter and asked him what his plans were for the summer and he said “go ride everyday, get his license, and go to Montana”. I interviewed Stephanie and also asked her what her plans were for the summer and she said “watching Tennessee, and going to California”. I interviewed Chelsea and I asked her what her plans were for the summer and she said “get a job, make money, get her license, and go to the river”. I interviewed Rhonda and asked her what her plans were for the summer and she said “spend time with Jordan and Aaron, go to the river, and plan my nieces first birthday”. What my plans for the summer is to exercise as much as I can, go shopping, eat well, hang out with my boyfriend, and let my belly grow bigger. What’s your worst habit? I interviewed Sarahi and asked her what her worse habit is and she said “Biting her nails or going to sleep really late”. I interviewed Rhonda and also asked her what her worst habit is and she said “biting her nails”. I interviewed Marisol and asked her what her worst habit was and she said “sticking to her diets”. Lastly I interviewed karla and she said her worst habit is eating peanut butter. My worst habit is eating to much ice cream.

12 Two Graphs On Questions Jobs? True False I interviewed ten people if they like banana bread and 9 people said yes they like banana bread and there was only one person that said they didn’t like banana bread. I interviewed ten people if they Have a job and 6 people said true that they do have a job and there was four people that said that they did not have a job, but they plan to.

13 Two YouTube Videos This video is called scary pop ups. Its very scary to a few people. I know to me I always get scared. This video that you are about to see is about funny pranks its not just one it is more than one. Its very funny.

14 Two YouTube Videos Continue This video is about kids and teenagers that smoke a lot and it is very bad to the environment because it causes deaths. This video is a very sad video it’s about a 2 year old that smokes so much cigarettes and his parents are the ones that taught him.

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