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Please take your learning log from the table by the door.

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1 Please take your learning log from the table by the door.

2 Test Math Score Multiple choice (50 pts) 25 questions worth 2 points each = Your score = 15 correct 10 missed worth 2 points each (60%) Point recovery Learning log = Canned food = Test corrections = Current score = 54.5 Free response/Math (50 pts) 4 short answer = 40 Math = 10 Your score 25/40 (FRQ) + 5/10 (Math) +30 (60%) Final score 84.5 = B


4 How did WE do? Multiple Choice OVERALL AVERAGE= – 19 (19/25 = 76%; Sample Size: 131) Multiple Choice OVERALL RANGE = – 6-25 – Period 1: 6-25 – Period 2: 8-25 – Period 3: 6-24 – Period 6: 8-24 – Period 8: 7-23 – Good start: 16 students scored 24/25 – Needs work: 9 students scored in “single digits”

5 MOST-MISSED QUESTIONS A #6; B #22 Which of the structures is an impossible covalently bonded molecule?

6 A #25, B #15 When sodium chloride (NaCl) is placed in water the component atoms of the NaCl crystal dissociate into individual sodium ions (Na + ) and chloride ions (Cl - ). In contrast, the atoms of covalently bonded molecules (e.g., glucose, sucrose, glycerol) do not generally dissociate when placed in aqueous solution. Which of the following solutions would be expected to contain the greatest number of particles (molecules or ions)? A) 1 L of 0.5 M NaCl B) 1 L 0.5 M glucose C) 1 L of 1.0 M NaCl D) 1 L of 1.0 M glucose E) C and D only

7 Learning Logs: Scoring Explanation Scored out of 10 points – 5 points = completion of ALL ?s and answers – 5 points = accuracy check on 5 selected ?s Ch. 1 #7 Ch. 2 #6 Ch. 2 #7 Ch. 3 #3 Ch. 4 #3/4 Whatever you earn on your LL is added to your raw test score.

8 Learning Log-Test Correction Relationship If you score an 8/10 or higher on your LL, you earn the opportunity to complete test corrections. ***For this test ONLY, if you scored a 7/10 or higher, you may complete test corrections.***

9 Test Corrections Completed on notebook paper Include: – # of the question(s) that you missed – Explanation (1-4 sentences) of WHY the correct choice for that question was correct. You must relate the correct answer choice to the specific question that was asked…don’t just give a generic “definition.” Provide a justification explaining WHY the correct answer is, in fact, correct!

10 Test Corrections Due 2 class days after you receive your multiple choice score. – Unit 1 Corrections: Due on Monday, 9/16! For every test correction done correctly, you will receive 50% back for that question (1 point for a 2-point M.C. question)

11 ***You may earn up to 5 points on a test grade by bringing in canned food (1 point/can) for Career Center Science Department Food Drive. Test details: – 25 multiple-choice ?s (x2 pts each = 50 pts) – 4 “short” FRQs (x10 pts each = 40 pts) – 2 pH Math ?s (x5 pts each = 10 pts) – (Learning logs…remember…8/10 necessary for test corrections!)


13 Lab Notebooks Lab notebooks (Termite Lab) are graded…grades are located within the Table of Contents page in your lab notebook. SUGGESTIONS: – 1) More complete (pre-lab, procedure, observations, conclusion) – 2) Hypothesis: “If ___, then ___.” You can never “prove” your hypothesis “correct.” – 3) Use graph paper for graphs.

14 Lab Notebooks Rubric: Table of Contents (Title/Page #s):2 pts 1) Title/Date:1 pt 2) Pre-Lab (Sci. Method/Termite Info):4 pts 3) Purpose(s):2 pts 4) Personal Account: – Hypotheses (x3):3 pts – Procedure:5 pts – Observations (Day 1 & Day 3):4 pts – Data Table:2 pts – Graph:3 pts 5) Discussion:1 pt 6) Conclusion:3 pts (30 pts)

15 What’s next? Next week: Molecules  Organelles  Cells After that, LABS nearly every week until the end of 1 st quarter. – Cellular Transport – Enzymes – Cellular Respiration – Mitosis Next Test: October 10th

16 9/11/13: Unit 1 Test Day 1) Put learning logs in blue crate by door. 2) Pick up a scantron sheet by the blue crate. – Bubble your appropriate “Key ID” (A or B) once you get your test copy. (use blue side of scantron today) 3) If you have canned food, please place it under the computer tables AND sign your name/# of cans in the Can Log on top of the computer table. – THANK YOU! (Cans can be turned in through this Friday.) – You have one class period to complete the test. You must work efficiently. Please make sure that your FRQ answers are as DETAILED and COMPLETE as possible… 1-2 full paragraphs for each question. GOOD LUCK!!!

17 9/11/13: Unit 1 Test Day 1) Make sure that your name is on the scantron, the multiple-choice question packet, and the FRQ/Math sheet. 2) Make sure that your “Key ID” (A or B) is bubbled at the top of your scantron. 3) Turn in your scantron, multiple-choice packet, and FRQ/Math sheet in 3 separate piles on the laptop cart. You’re done!!  Multiple-choice scores will be available tomorrow and FRQ/Math scores will be available on Monday.

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