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Chapter 7 Rocks and Minerals.

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1 Chapter 7 Rocks and Minerals

2 Minerals vs. Rocks Mineral: Natural, solid substance that has a specific chemical composition and physical structure 5 ways to classify MINERALS: Streak Fluorescence Crystal Structure Cleavage Hardness

3 Mineral Classification
Streak: Color of the powder left behind when a mineral is rubbed Fluorescence: Glows under UltraViolet Light Crystal Structure: Atom arrangement in a specific shape Cleavage: Direction of a break in a mineral Hardness: Mohs Hardness Scale

4 Minerals vs. Rocks Rocks: a solid formation of minerals 3 Major Types:
Igneous Rock Sedimentary Rock Metamorphic Rock

5 Igneous Rock Igneous rock forms when melted rock hardens 2 Types:
Intrusive: Cools Inside Earth Extrusive: Cools Outside Earth

6 Sedimentary Rock Sedimentary Rock is formed when layers of sediments bind together.

7 Metamorphic Rock Metamorphic Rock is formed when extreme heat and pressure change igneous, sedimentary, or other metamorphic rocks.


9 Rock Cycle

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