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PV - Catapult WP4: Building integrated PV

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1 PV - Catapult WP4: Building integrated PV
Michiel van Schalkwijk, Ecofys Stuart Brannigan, EPIA

2 Econcern bv Econergy International GmbH Ecofys bv Ecostream bv
Dr. A.J.M. van Wijk Drs. C.J. van der Leun Ir. J.A.M. Baken Ir.. D. Berkhout Legal : L. Deckers ( Lic.Bedr. Jur.) Controller : C. Kort Personnel : Y. van Dijk Marketing : Drs. M. Lammers Office Mngt : I. Hanasbei ICT and Computational Drs. L. Ramaekers Econergy International GmbH Ir. J. Van Laarhoven Ecofys bv Prof. Dr. K. Blok Drs. K.Stap Dr. F. Bisschop Ecostream bv Ir. B. de Wit Ecoventures bv Drs. C.J. van der Leun Econergy International bv Ir. J. Van Laarhoven Ecofys GmbH Germany Ir. F.P.H. Wouters 3E nv Belgium Ir. G.E.V.J. Palmers Ecofys ltd UK Drs. K.Stap Ecofys Sp. z o.o. Poland Dr. M. Szweykowska Ecofys Spain Mr. A. Laiz Ecofys Köln Ir. F.P.H. Wouters Ecofys Nürnberg Dr. J. Harnisch Ecofys Berlin Dr. K. Burges

3 Quick recap…why BIPV? (Potentially) low BOS costs
(In principle) best use of existing mounting and grid infrastructure (Without subsidy influence) best value of electricity is at the point of use Integration with Home Energy System

4 How to use these potential strengths?
Improving BIPV products: Economy Looks Improving ‘regulatory framework’ Improving positioning of BIPV: energy production vs energy saving

5 WP 5 – BIPV - Objectives Create perspectives for market development in the construction sector Make BIPV more visible and comprehensive to the big public ‘Mandatory measures’ for PV installations to the new buildings Revision of the EU Directive for buildings by including RES

6 WP 5 – BIPV – Description of work (1/3)
Task 1. Preparation of product development initiatives by liaising PV and construction companies Activities: finding interested parties from both sides, by organising workshops and/or individual approach Target: preparation of 3 Craft proposals, 2 FP6 proposals (= 5 new developments started)

7 BIPV market growth

8 What are important developments in the current market?
Addressing consumer (end-user)market Improve ‘energy system product’ price looks, aesthetics quality, guarantee of yield maintenance gain confidence Increase scale



11 Unisole (Pride)

12 WP 5 – BIPV – Description of work (2/3)
Task 2. Preparation of proposal for role of energy production in CPD or EPBD Activities: determination of route to improve CPD or EPBD Target: lobby started by end of project

13 Integration with energy design

14 WP 5 – BIPV – Description of work (3/3)
Task 3. Standardisation for BIPV Activities: Start-up of CEN TC or WG (possibly under TC 128 “roofing materials”) for EU standard on product quality Targets: Start-up end of year one, including scope and participants, overview of existing national standards (e.g Dutch NVN 7250) for PV and/or thermal solar energy

15 Example: product testing

16 Budget and participants
Participants (proposal): Ecofys, EPIA, Estif (core) ‘selected members’ for preparative work All members invited to participate in workshops or TC’s

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