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Using the Internet to gain information about Next.

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2 Using the Internet to gain information about Next

3 We’ve been learning about “amazing animals” in class, and now you’re going to create a project in the computer lab about an animal that you think is Back First, you will choose an amazing animal for your project, and use a website to gain information about that animal. Then you will copy-and-paste some of this information in a graphic organizer. Next, you will use those facts to write a research report. Finally you will create a PowerPoint presentation that you will present to your classmates.

4 You will be working with Power Point, an Internet website and a Word document. You can flip back and forth to each one by clicking on the icons at the very bottom of this screen! Next Back Website Icon Word Icon Power Point Icon Press the Windows key on your keyboard to see the icons. Return here by clicking on

5 In a moment, you will see a list of animals. With your partner, decide which one you both think is amazing. Then click on its picture to open the website. When you open your animal website, click on the “Fun Facts” icon and start reading about it! Next Back Fun Facts Icon

6 After you open the website, return to this slide show by clicking the Power Point icon at the very bottom of this screen. Next Back Power Point Icon Then go to the next page of the slide show to get your graphic organizer and start copying and pasting! And now for the list of animals!

7 Bats Brown Bears Polar Bears Cheetahs Chimpanzees Coyotes Crocodiles Dolphins Elephants Red-Eyed Tree Frogs Giraffes Gorillas Hedgehogs Hippos Killer Whales Koalas Lions Manatees Orangutans River Otters Pandas Rhinos Emperor Penguins Great White Sharks Tigers Warthogs Next Back

8 NextBack Click here! Click on the pencil icon below to open your organizer. Type the name of your animal in the oval shape. Then find information from your animal website to copy and paste in the different categories of your organizer. When you’ve finished, print your organizer by clicking on the printer icon one time.

9 Type the name of your animal where you see “filename” Saving your Organizer Today’s lesson is complete! Before you log out, return to your organizer and save it. Type Click Click the save icon Click on “Save,” then log out. Back

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