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Don’t just sit there…get involved! RECYCLING IS EVERYBODY’S JOB.

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1 Don’t just sit there…get involved! RECYCLING IS EVERYBODY’S JOB

2 WELCOME TO THE MARYLAND DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DHCD’s commitment is to work “with partners to finance housing opportunities and revitalize great places for Maryland citizens to live, work and prosper.” Governor O’Malley has called for us to do all we can to improve state services to Maryland’s hard-working families. Through the Maryland Mortgage Program, DHCD has empowered thousands of Maryland families to realize the American dream of homeownership and for existing homeowners.Maryland Mortgage Program DHCD’s rental housing programs increase and preserve the supply of affordable housing and provide good choices for working families, senior citizens, and individuals with special needs.rental housing programs Also, community development and revitalization programs like Neighborhood BusinessWorks, Community Legacy, and Main Street Maryland support Smart Growth and help our cities and towns remain rich, vibrant communities.revitalization programs Secretary Ray Skinner Deputy Secretary Clarence Snuggs 100 Community Place - Crownsville, Md. 21032

3 Garbage Patch, a loose, free-floating "dump" twice the size of Texas. 100 million tons and growing This is one of many reasons we recycle.

4 COMPREHENSIVE DHCD RECYCLING PLAN WE RECYCLE THESE ITEMS TO HELP THE ENVIRONMENT Paper (mixed, white, newspaper) Plastic bottles, Aluminum cans Cardboard boxes (recycle/reuse) Packing cardboard (Lean Cuisine) Glass (all) Light bulbs & tubes All toner cartridges (printers, copiers, faxes) Cell phones Batteries (household) Styrofoam package material Bubble wrap & peanuts taken to Mail Boxes, Etc. Plastic bags State Contractors - Vangel & World Recycling Landlords State Contractor - Waste Management Co. Employees Vendor pick up or free return mailing

5 We PROMOTE & EDUCATE REMINDERS – Presentations at the DHCD’s All Hands Meetings Signage – posters - emails – DHCD’s Intranet What we recycle – reuse Where to take the recyclable/reused items to (central areas within divisions, copiers, utility closets, employees' lounge, main conference room, Office of Facilities & Fleet Management Services) CONDUCT CLEAN- UP DAYS (Departmental, by divisions or individuals) HOLD GREEN TEAM MEETINGS (Open to everyone) PROHIBIT STYROFOAM FROM BEING USED by cafeteria

6 DISCOURAGE THE USE OF STYROFOAM by employees personally & events ENCOURAGE USING RECYCLABLE PRODUCTS rather than Styrofoam at home ELECTRONIC FILING/RECORD KEEPING DEPARTMENTAL SHARE DRIVES CONDUCT TRASH AUDITS – throughout the building EMPLOYEE RECOGNITION – employees who demonstrate good recycling habits are announced at the monthly All Hands Meetings & via emails to all staff WE LISTEN PROVIDE FEEDBACK & FOLLOWING UP ON SUGGESTIONS NO More Styrofoam

7 WE LEAD BY EXAMPLE Look for more ways & items to recycle. Recycle/reuse DHCD’s office supplies & equipment (repair, clean & re- issue), Collect & reuse water for watering our plants (dehumidifier & rain water)- use rain barrels with soaker hoses for outside gardens Use LED lights Community outreach -events such as collecting gently used hats, coats & shoes for donations to charitable organizations (recycle/reuse) Staff voluntarily take various items to be recycled/properly disposed of: Household batteries Plastic shopping bags Styrofoam blocks/peanuts, bubble wrap Paint & e-cycling items WE MAKE RECYCLING EASY – with bins, various locations

8 We PROMOTE & EDUCATE INVITED THE OFFICE OF ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY RECYCLING to come on site and give a brief presentation, distribute brochures and to the AA Co. residents made recycling bins available. Also provided brochures from other counties. HOW TO NOT TO WASTE PAPER when printing Printing, without a banner page or extra blank sheet (provide instructions) WHERE TO RECYCLE, WHAT WE RECYCLE & WHAT THEY CAN RECYCLE AT HOME WITH FACTS - PICTURES Bags are consumed at a rate of over one million bags used every minute! That’s around 500 billion plastic bags a year - worldwide ENCOURAGE PROPER DISPOSAL OF paint – hazmat products (oil) ENCOURAGE E-CYCLING

9 WHAT DOES THAT ALL MEAN? We REDUCED our landfill dumpsters from two dumpsters to one We INCREASED our recycling dumpsters from one to TWO. Employees embraced recycling Got excited Found more ways to recycle More employees report recycling at home & increasing their recycling (Example: 2 trash cans now equate to 1 bag with 2 recycling bins) DHC

10 RECYCLING IS EVERYBODY’S JOB! WE WOULDN’T BE SUCCESSFUL WITHOUT THE ENTIRE TEAM. Employees For recycling Facilities & Fleet Management Services Responsible for holding it all together! Deb Tolson, Director of FFMS & Green Team Building Coordinator Dale Dorsch Supervises Housekeeping Day-time Crew responsible for collecting recycling Green Team Coordinator Sharon Hayes Helps with holding meetings and distributing information Green Team Members Who help with ensuring that everyone recycles

11 THANK YOU on behalf of the Department of Housing & Community Development’s GREEN TEAM Deb Tolson, Director of Facilities & Fleet Management Services and DHCD GREEN Team, 410-514-7102 Sharon Hayes, Manager of Facilities & Fleet Management Services and DHCD’s GREEN Team Coordinator 410-514-7091 RECYCLING IS EVERYBODY’S JOB

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