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1 Marketing Presentation
CC2530ZNP Mini Kit Marketing Presentation

2 CC2530ZNP Mini Development Kit
Lowest cost ZigBee PRO Development Kit 3 ZigBee nodes for $99 1 USB dongle and 2 battery nodes Free IAR MSP430 kickstart compiler 4Kbyte code size limitation HW Emulator Support No need for 8051 compiler Includes 30+ educational MSP430 wireless sensor applications Accelerometer, Light, Voltage Simple ZigBee functions The perfect introduction to wireless sensor networks

3 CC2530ZNP vs CC2480 New CC2530ZNP-mini kit
Replaces EZ430-CC2480 kit Includes programming interface Upgradable ZigBee image Longer RF range No-cost PCB antenna Flexible software examples Simple and educational example software Complete Documentation Step by step examples how to Interface to sensors Interface to CC2530ZNP Simple ZigBee networking examples Free MSP430 C-compiler for application examples More peripherals Light sensor Accellerometer

4 Two approaches to use CC2530ZNP
Basic ZigBee networking examples Educational tool No ZigBee Profile support Not for ZigBee certfied products Easy portable to other TI platforms Porting guide to Stellaris on Wiki page ZigBee Profile Examples Home Automation Smart Energy ZigBee Certification Ready Includes Operating System Abstraction Layer Easy to add real-time tasks

5 CC2530ZNP Support Complete online documentation and support
CC2530ZNP Mini kit product page Wiki page documentation Community Support, Online resources, Code Examples

6 List of sample applications
MSP430 Interface Examples UART Interface Light Sensor Interface Accelerometer Interface CC2530ZNP Interface Examples Reset Radio Read Non-Volatile data Read ZNP version number Read Random Number Generator Get MAC address Read/Write ZNP I/O pins RF tester application Eases FCC/ETSI testing Simple ZigBee applications Coordinator Router End-Device Basic ZigBee applications ZigBee Packet Error Rate tester Secure ZigBee Communication Basic ZigBee Networks Simple API Full ZigBee API Coordinator/Router/End-device

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