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Mississippi World Class Teaching Program. National Board Certification…  Candidates demonstrate in-depth content knowledge and teaching practices that.

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1 Mississippi World Class Teaching Program

2 National Board Certification…  Candidates demonstrate in-depth content knowledge and teaching practices that are measured against high and rigorous standards  All candidates have up to three years to achieve certification

3 Describe, analyze and reflect on: student work professional practice classroom interactions Videotape their own classroom activities Present student work demonstrating growth over time Document accomplishments with students’ families and local/professional communities What Applicants Submit Preparation and submission of a portfolio requires the candidate to:

4 Respond to 6 computer-delivered prompts, each allowing up to 30 minutes for the candidate’s typed response Demonstrate breadth and depth of content knowledge associated with the certificate field. For example, an Early Childhood Candidate will have to show strong knowledge of all content areas for children aged 3-8. Measuring Content Knowledge Candidates must also complete a half-day appointment at a computer testing center, requiring that a candidate:

5 National Board Certification  Why do it? Why support it?

6 National Board Certification: Advances student learning, as shown by independent research studies Offers an opportunity for professional growth Recognizes and rewards accomplished teaching Elevates teaching as a profession Promotes teaching as a lifelong career Empowers teachers to participate in education reform efforts Benefits for Teachers

7 National Board Certification: Measurably improves student learning Supports principals in enhancing and building a community of learners within schools Satisfies the “highly qualified teacher” requirement of No Child Left Behind Elevates teaching in a way that can inspire and excite the school community Positively impacts recruitment and retention Benefits for Administrators

8 Dr. Penny Wallin “As a superintendent, I look for quality teachers who understand the art and science of our profession. The NBC process provides the unique experience of presenting, implementing, analyzing, and reflecting on best practices. Students in Mississippi classrooms with NBCT’s are given the gift of the very best education can offer. Don’t take it away!” The only superintendent in the US who is a NBCT.

9 National Board Certification: Places emphasis on student learning Values collaboration with families as an important way to enhance student learning Requires teachers to demonstrate their practice in the classroom Recognizes accomplished teaching in schools Benefits for Parents

10 Mrs. Yvette Slocum, Parent “My three children have achieved at a higher rate when taught by National Board Certified Teachers!”

11 National Board Certification: Advances student learning, as shown by independent research studies Is a rigorous assessment of pedagogy and content knowledge Is a sound investment of public funds In many states, helps to satisfy the “highly qualified teacher” requirement of No Child Left Behind Benefits for Policymakers

12 Governor Jeb Bush “Attracting new teachers and retaining the talented teachers already living in Florida remains a top priority. National Board Certification is one of the best ways we can reward our talented teachers and meet new state and federal mandates for quality teaching.”

13 National Board Certification: Is a successful school reform strategy grounded in research Contributes to the advancement of workforce development Is an investment in the community Benefits for Business Leaders Worth Magazine identified NBPTS as among America’s top 100 nonprofit organizations.

14 Edward Rust, State Farm Ins. “As a business leader, I recognize education as the foundation of a strong economy. That is why State Farm has contributed more than $4 million to the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.”

15 Over 1/3 of all schools of education in the United States have aligned their standards with those of NBPTS. In addition, many of these institutions: Involvement of Higher Education Incorporate NBPTS standards in their pre-service and graduate program curricula Offer NBPTS candidate support programs and/or courses Conduct research Invite NBCTs as adjunct professors

16 National Board Certification  Does it make a difference?

17 Assures the technical measurement quality of the assessments Demonstrates the impact of National Board Certification Collects and disseminates data and information to stakeholders and the public NBPTS has long supported an independent research agenda that: NBPTS: Grounded in Research

18 CNA/Miami-Dade November 2004 The study of more than 100,000 student Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) records found that: All else being equal—student characteristics, school environment and teacher preparation—Miami-Dade math teachers who had achieved National Board Certification helped their students achieve larger testing gains than did colleagues who had not earned certification. NBCTs are particularly effective with students who have special needs; there is evidence that Black and Hispanic students also receive extra benefits.

19 On average, students of NBCTs scored as if they had received more than a month’s worth of additional instruction, equivalent to nearly $1,000 per student 85% of principals surveyed said NBCTs in their schools were among the best teachers they had ever supervised 75% of principals surveyed reported observing positive changes in the practices of teachers who sought National Board Certification 91% of principals surveyed said they believe NBPTS contributes to the improvement of teacher quality Based on 4 years of data from the Stanford-9 achievement test, this study found that: Research Results Arizona State University, Sept 2004

20 An independent, federally funded, multi-year study of more than 600,000 student records from students in North Carolina schools found that children learn more from NBCTs. The researchers studied the annual test scores of North Carolina students in grades three, four and five from 3 academic years: 1996-97, 1997-98 and 1998-99. Data for the project came from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. University of Washington/ Urban Institute, March 2004

21 Key Findings: Teachers who achieve National Board Certification do a measurably better job in the classroom Students of NBCTs improved an average of 7% more on their year-end math and reading tests than students whose teachers attempted but failed to gain certification This performance differential was most pronounced for younger and lower-income students whose gains were as high as 15% Findings of the Washington University/Urban Institute Study

22 Key Findings: 92% of candidates reported the National Board Certification process has made them a better teacher 96% of candidates rated the National Board Certification process as an “excellent,” “very good,” or “good” professional development experience Education Resources Group, Fall 2001

23 On average, NBCTs are involved in 10 leadership activities 94% report increased career satisfaction 85% describe an increased desire to remain in the profession 89% of respondents agree that increased involvement in leadership activities makes them more effective as educators A survey of close to 2,500 NBCTs found that nearly all of these teachers share an overwhelming desire to be active outside of the classroom and to improve teaching and learning. Yankelovich Partners, February 2001

24 Key Finding: Teachers who are certified by NBPTS significantly outperform their peers on 11 of 13 key dimensions of teaching expertise Depicted on chart on following slide University of North Carolina at Greensboro, October 2000


26 In January 2002, NBPTS hosted 220 of the nation’s top researchers to identify a broad range of research issues and studies about National Board Certification 18 research studies were funded as a result of this process, representing nearly $6 million in research National Board Certification is the most thoroughly grounded, in research terms, of any assessment program in the teaching profession. Research Investment

27 Student achievement Standards-based professional development NBCT impact on low performing schools Adverse impact NBCT leadership Teaching styles of NBCTs Psychometrics Results are expected within the next 24 months from independent groups studying the following topics as they relate to NBPTS: Research Underway

28 National Board Certification  Who has it?

29 As of 12-22-2004. For the most up-to-date information, please visit Total NBCTs: 40,205 Where are the NBCTs?

30 Top 20 States of NBCTs

31 National Board Certification ® A distinction that matters for… Mississippi

32 NBCTs in MS 1994-2004 State Total: 2,114

33 MS NBCTs by Certificate Area

34 MS WCTP DIRECTORS Lisa Anderson, MSU P.O. Box 5365 Mississippi State, MS 39762 Phone: 662-418-0099 Email: Dr. Marilyn Foxworth, USM Box 5107 Hattiesburg, MS 39406-5107 Phone: 601-266-5243 Email: Martha Hart, USM, Gulf Coast 730 East Beach Boulevard Long Beach, MS 39560 Phone: 228-214-3221 Email: Jackie Parker, UM School of Education, Room 161B University, MS 38677 Phone: 662-915-7138 Email: Dr. Johnnie Mills-Jones, JSU MS World-Class Teaching Program P.O. Box 5365, 400 Morrill Road Mississippi State, MS 39762 662-325-7070 Fax: 662-325-2011 Universities Center, 3825 Ridgewood Rd., Box 23 Jackson, MS 39211 Phone: 601-432-6270 Email: Dr. Gerry Sultan, DSU P.O. Box 3333 Cleveland, MS 38733 Phone: 662-846-4384 Email:

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