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November 2012.  Clarity  Consistency  Constancy  Communication.

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1 November 2012

2  Clarity  Consistency  Constancy  Communication

3 ELEMENTARY, K-5MIDDLE, 6-8HIGH, 9-12 Curriculum Mapping Textbook Correlations Program of Studies Report Card Benchmarks Curriculum Topic Study


5 ELEMENTARY, K-5MIDDLE, 6-8HIGH, 9-12 Learning Priorities Learning Priorities (core) Science CelebrationsCommon Syllabi Common Assessments Common Mid-year Exams/Final Exams Claims, Evidence, and Reasoning Data Analysis ProtocolStudent Choice in Assessment

6 MA LS 14 MA LS 1 Grade 6 Life Science Strand MA LS 6 MA LS 13 MA LS 15 MA LS 5

7  Question Are our students more successful when a visual is provided with the question?  Observation(s) Specifically with regard to students with special needs, the average percent correct on questions with visuals is 6% lower than those without visuals over a six-year period. Regular education students present a similar trend, but the percentage correct is considerably lower (2%).  Inference(s) We are not giving our students ample opportunity to analyze and interpret visuals.  Extension(s) We must provide additional practice with visuals (i.e., assessments, informational text).

8 ELEMENTARY, K-5MIDDLE, 6-8HIGH, 9-12 Interactive NotebooksStudent Choice in Assessment Formative Assessment Probes Objectives and Assessment Science Fair

9 Source: Science and Children. Washington, D.C: National Science Teachers Association, 2012. Online.

10 ELEMENTARY, K-5MIDDLE, 6-8HIGH, 9-12 For Your Information Newsletter (monthly) Workshop-related (grade-level) Meetings Aspen STE Page Department Heads

11  “I have found that our recent department meetings have had more of an impact on my teaching than any from the past. I am taking away simple, usable ideas that affect my teaching every day.” -Dave Yaeger, PSHS Physics Teacher

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