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SCHOOL COMMITTEE MEETING MAY 12, 2014 J. Turner Hood Elementary.

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1 SCHOOL COMMITTEE MEETING MAY 12, 2014 J. Turner Hood Elementary

2 “Hand and Hand Together We Can.” As a faculty we believe that “Hand and Hand Together We Can.” We believe that we can accomplish many goals if all the members of the J. Turner Hood School community remain cognizant of our theme and continue to work collaboratively in order to benefit our students.

3 Agenda Introduction of the J. Turner Hood Student Council- Mr. McKay Opening Remarks- Student Council The BOKS Grant- Mrs. Bisson & Mr. Quinlan Co-Teaching- Mrs. Hogan & Mrs. Crosby Technology Integration- Tellagami- Mrs. Gauvain & Mrs. Kelley Closing Remarks- Mr. McKay

4 Student Council

5 The BOKS Grant Boks Video

6 Boks Statistics Students* ● 94% said they have fun at BOKS and 85% get more exercise since starting BOKS ● 68% feel "ready to learn" after BOKS ● 91% would sign up for BOKS again and 90% would recommend BOKS to a friend *986 Total Students: 333 kids in Natick, MA 538 in Boston, MA and 115 in Washington, DC / 51% male and 49% female Parents* ● 86% of parents strongly agreed with the statement "my child has fun at BOKS" and 98% said that they would sign their child up for another session ● 63% of parents believe that BOKS has impacted their child academically (e.g. study habits, test scores, new interest in school work, etc.) *573 Total Parents: 132 in Natick, MA, 322 in Boston, MA and 119 in Washington, DC Teachers* ● 72% agreed or strongly agree that BOKS students are doing better in class ● 85% agree or strongly agreed that students seem happier ● At least 70% agreed that the BOKS students are better able to concentrate, better able to control impulses, more engaged in class discussions, more alert, and more ready to learn on BOKS days *226 Total Teachers: 43 in Natick, MA, 130 in Boston, MA and 53 in Washington, DC

7 Co-Teaching Implementation During the past several years, our school has implemented the use of a data driven decision-making model (DDDM). DDDM practices utilize student achievement testing data in order to make informed decisions to improve student learning. The data that the school has yielded as a result of the implementation of this model has reveled that the J. Turner Hood Elementary School has an identified area of improvement in regards to student achievement. A successful pilot was completed during the 2012 school year. The initial launch of the co-teaching model was completed during the 2013- 2014 school year. Mrs. Hogan & Mrs. Crosby Co-teaching is the instructional arrangement in which two certified specialists deliver core instruction along with specialized instruction, as needed, to a diverse group of students in a single physical space. Co-teaching partnerships require educators to make joint instructional decisions and share responsibility and accountability for student learning. 7

8 Technology Integration- Tellagami Tellagami-Introduction Tellagami- Students

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