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Missouri History.

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1 Missouri History

2 I. Indian Civilization A. Prehistoric 1. “before written history”
2. Major tribes of Missouri: a. Hopewell (500bc-400 ad) -Mound Builders b. Mississipian (900AD-1350 AD) c. Osage and Missourian --Farmers and Hunters 3. “Missouri”=land of large canoes



5 B. European Settlement 1. French Explorers
a. Fr. Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet b. First written accounts of Missouri exploration (1673) 2. French Colonization a. Robert Cavalier, de la Salle -Claimed Mississippi Valley for France -Called area Louisiana (1682)

6 Marquette and Joliet


8 b. Founding of Ste. Genevieve
1. 1st permanent white settlement 2. app. 1730 3. Louisiana Purchase a. April, 1803 b. France sold area west of the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mtns. to the US for $15 million c. People involved: 1. Napoleon Bonaparte 2. President Thomas Jefferson 3. Robert Livingstone and James Monroe




12 C. Settlement of Missouri
1. Founding of St. Louis (Feb. 15, 1764) a. Pierre Laclede and Auguste Chouteau b. Named the site St. Louis in honor of the French King, Louis IX c. Fur trading post

13 2. 1811—New Madrid earthquake, the worst in US history, occurred (Dec
A portion of the Territory of Louisiana became the Territory of Missouri (June 4) The first general assembly of the Territory of Missouri met (Oct. 1) Video

14 D. The Missouri Compromise
1. In 1819, Missouri applied for statehood 2. Sparked debate over the status of slavery 3. Compromise: a. Missouri admitted as a slave state (12) b. Maine admitted as a free state (12) c. Southern boundary of MO used to divide free states from slave states 4. Missouri 24th state on Aug. 10, 1821


16 1820

17 E. First Government of Missouri
1. First state capitol=St. Charles ( ) 2. Jefferson City became permanent capital city in 1826 3. First Governor=Alexander McNair

18 F. Gateway to the West 1. St. Louis served as a base for those exploring west. --- Lewis and Clark expedition in 1804 2. Stephen F. Austin left MO to settle territory of Texas 3. Westward expansion trails originated in Missouri



21 G. Missouri in the Civil War
1. Dred Scott v. Sandford (1846) a. Dred Scott=Slave sued for freedom b. Controversial case in which the Supreme Court ruled that slaves could not be US citizens



24 2. Bleeding Kansas a. Missouri=slave state Kansas=free state b. Kansas-Nebraska Act --allowed new states to vote on the issue of slavery (popular sovereignty) c. MO residents attempted to vote illegally in the KS elections d. Resulted in several bloody attacks between the MO ruffians and the KS settlers led by John Brown.


26 --Battle of Boonville (June 17, 1861)
3. Claiborne Jackson a. was elected Governor of Missouri in 1861 b. Pro-Confederacy and attempted to seize the St. Louis arsenal but was defeated c. Pro-confederate govt. officials driven out of Jefferson City by Union Captain Nathaniel Lyon --Battle of Boonville (June 17, 1861) --Battle of Carthage (July 5, 1861)

27 4. Major Battles a. Wilson’s Creek (Aug. 10, 1861)
1. 1st major battle of the Civil War west of the Mississippi River. (Springfield area) 2. Bloody Confederate victory b. Guerilla warfare ( ) 1. MO Bushwhackers vs. KS Jayhawkers 2. Isolated ambushes 3. Bloody Bill Anderson and Quantrill's Raiders c. Battle of Westport (Oct. 23, 1864) --Ended Sterling Price’s raid into northern MO


29 II. Official State Emblems
A. State Motto 1. “Salus populi suprema lex esto” 2. Let the welfare of the people be the supreme law 3. Taken from the Roman philosopher, Cicero

30 B. The State Seal 1. Designed by Judge Robert William Wells
2. Adopted by the Missouri General Assembly on January 11, 1822. 3. The Center: a. Right Side (US Symbols) Bald eagle with arrows and olive branches “the power of war and peace lies in the hands of the Federal Govt.

31 Judge Robert William Wells, designer of the Missouri State Seal, congressman and Missouri’s attorney general from 1826 to 1836.

32 b. Left Side (State symbols)
1. Grizzly Bear (strength) 2. Silver Crescent Moon a. symbolizes MO status/growth b. 2nd state created out of the Louisiana territory

33 4. The Shield a. “United We stand, Divided we fall” b. MO’s advantage of being a state in the Union

34 5. Grizzly Bears --symbolize the state's strength and its citizens' bravery 6. MDCCCXX (1820) --the year Missouri began functions of a US state 7. Helmet and stars helmet=represents state sovereignty star=Missouri's status as the 24th state.


36 C. The State Flag 1. Missouri adopted an official flag on March 22, 1913 2. Flag consists of: Red stripe represents valor White stripe represents purity Blue stripe represents justice The coat-of-arms (state seal) is in the center



39 D. The State Animal --Missouri Mule E. State Flower --Hawthorne F. State Tree --Flowering Dogwood G. State Insect --Honeybee

40 H. State Bird --Blue Bird I. State Fish --Channel Catfish

41 J. Missouri Day --Celebrated the third Wednesday in October each year

42 K. The State Capitol 1. Jefferson City established in 1826
2. Three different capitol buildings in Jeff City a. first two destroyed by fire b. Current building finished in 1919 for $4,215,000 ---The building is 437 feet long, 300 feet wide at its center and 200 feet wide in the wings.

43 3. Famous Statues at the Capitol
a. Thomas Jefferson on the south entrance side b. Ceres=goddess of vegetation on the top of the dome c. Louisiana Purchase bronze relief

44 Thomas Jefferson


46 Louisiana Purchase Relief

47 4. Inside the MO Capitol a. Thomas Hart Benton Murals

48 b. Hall of Famous Missourians
--a collection of bronze busts depicting famous Missourians and a plaque describing their accomplishments and history.

49 MO House of Reps

50 The Missouri Senate

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