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About Me Example. Sara Nicole Arndt March 21, 1988 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

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1 About Me Example

2 Sara Nicole Arndt March 21, 1988 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

3 On the Day I was Born… On the day I was born, the snow was falling fast. “I thought that we might not be able to get to the hospital,” my mom recalls. “The bridge was like a tunnel of ice, and nearly everything was closed.” The hospital was open, though, and despite the snow, it was nearly full. “We were lucky to get a room,” said my mom. I was born that day – the first day of Spring with snow blanketing the ground – but the day they brought me home, “The sun was shining so brightly that the snow melted in mere hours, and soon the flowers began to bloom.”

4 March 21, 1988 Salvadorans Turn Out to Vote Despite Rebel Threats ( 1988-03-21/news/mn- 914_1_rebel-threat) 1988-03-21/news/mn- 914_1_rebel-threat Most Nicaraguan Troops Out; 3-Day Truce Called ( 1988-03-21/news/mn- 1056_1_nicaraguan-troops) 1988-03-21/news/mn- 1056_1_nicaraguan-troops 225 Protesters Arrested in San Francisco (concerning involvement in Nicaragua) ( 1988-03-21/news/mn- 1052_1_arrested-protesters- police) 1988-03-21/news/mn- 1052_1_arrested-protesters- police

5 In 1988… Benazir Bhutto, first Islamic woman prime minister, chosen to lead Pakistan Benazir BhuttoPakistan Pan-Am 747 explodes from terrorist bomb and crashes in Lockerbie, Scotland, killing all 259 aboard and 11 on ground terroristLockerbie Republicans sweep 40 states in election, and Bush beats DukakiselectionBushDukakis Source: /year/1988.html#ixzz2jxtzwB BL Source: /year/1988.html#ixzz2jxtzwB BL

6 At the Age of 10 I had made it to the Math 24 championships at my school, and I wanted to win. My brother had won when he was in 5 th grade, and I wanted to do the same. Only two of us were left: Travis Chulick and I. The card was a difficult one – three dots – but as soon as I saw it, I knew the answer. My hand slapped down on the card, and I rattled off my reasoning. I waited with anxious nerves until the judge finally declared my answer correct and me the winner!

7 At the Age of 17 Nick, Sarah, and I had all rushed home for lunch during that snowy December day: today was the day our early decision letters for college came. By the time I got to my house, there was a text from Nick – “I got in!” it read, but my mail had not come yet. Five minutes later, Sarah texted me her admission, but I simply watched the window, waiting for the mail. When it finally came, a sudden rush of letters through the slot, I quickly sorted through until I found the envelope – heavy with promise. I went to open it and only had to read the first line before I called my parents, smile huge on my face.

8 At the Age of 25 The hike up to the top of Mount Macchu Picchu was difficult. I had accidently grabbed the carbonated water, and when it was warm, it tasted even worse. “I’m going to die,” I told the stranger hiking next to me, who was now my only source of motivation. “You’ll be fine,” he claimed, but he was winded, too. We had been climbing stairs for over an hour. A blonde man passed us – “You’re almost at the top!” he claimed, but I knew he was lying. People had been saying that for almost an hour, now. When we finally made it to the top, I collapsed, exhausted, but nothing could beat that view.

9 Time-Poem Yesterday I was blonde. I was a girl who dreamed of acting or being a princess or a heart surgeon. I wanted to save the trees that were being cut down across the street while my best friend and I held hand-made signs above our idealistic heads. Today I am brunette. I am the woman who dreams of changing the world, not with a scalpel or script or crown but with words. I pour over books to keep my mind sharp. Tomorrow I will be gray or bald or blue. I am unsure what my dreams will be then, but I like to think I’ll try to change the world. I’ll hold the hands of others and help them shape their own futures.

10 My favorites Movie: Almost Famous Songs: “Long December”, “Engine Driver”, “Simple Man”, “Northern Downpour” Foods: Spanakopita, Pizza Places: Queenstown, Marbella, Finland

11 My Credo I believe that people are mostly good I believe that you need to show respect and love to receive respect and love I believe in second chances I believe that trying hard is always the right answer I believe that one person can make a real difference

12 My Sister - Emily When we were in Hungary, my sister – who is deathly afraid of fish – refused to cross over a tiny bridge in a restaurant, because there were fish in the small stream. The 6’ tall 18-year-old collapsed to the ground, sobbing, until the restaurant owner kicked us out.

13 My Best Friend Becca and I drove 18 hours from South Carolina to Texas, and the whole way, we had nothing but fun. Talking, listening to music, singing along – the drive felt like no time at all with my best friend there.

14 My interests Reading Writing Playing tennis Hiking Biking Traveling Blogging Shopping Crafts

15 Where I’m From I am from right angels and vacuum lines, cat purrs and echoing voices that bounce off of slick shine windows. I am from fireworks in the summertime and snow deep enough to catch us leaping from the rooftops in the winter. I am from foreign phrases that have lost all meaning but what we give to them. I am from music, from voices that can’t help but sing and hands that scuttle up and down gleaming ivory keys. I am from straight teeth and wild imaginations, from hot buttered pretzels and seldom used buggy lanes. I am from open front doors and yards where the grass is flattened by kids taking short cuts. I am from a mother who saw the potential in a dairy farmer’s son. I am from hard work and long hours, from cleaning ladies and receptionists, who picked me up from school when I was sick. I am from travels and wanderings, from artwork and books with long- broken spines. I am from drawers and cubbyholes that spill over with things that are too precious to throw away. I am from a waning earth, from a place where people have hope. I am from random moments that make sense years later, but now can be named nothing but mine.

16 Favorite School Memory In my senior year, the Latin V students challenged the French V students to a Bocce tournament. It was on. My class took the tournament very seriously – we even made tie-dyed t-shirts that spouted our Latin names. The day of the tournament was beautiful. The sun was shining, and the day was perfect. What made it even more perfect was the fact that we beat the French! As a reward, our Latin teacher took us to the nearby Mexican restaurant for lunch. Yum!

17 My Future Goals To write a novel To travel to every continent To finish my doctorate To learn Spanish

18 The Best Places I’ve Traveled New Zealand Latvia Sweden Peru Hawaii Spain Greece Italy Turkey

19 Where I want to Travel Japan Thailand South Africa Antarctica Iceland The Northern Lights

20 Why I’m a Teacher To make a difference To have a say in the future To share my love of reading To help people To open minds To create stronger voices To rock the boat

21 What I Wish I Knew When I was in High School Study a little every day Do your work ahead of time Get enough sleep Be organized Think ahead Don’t worry too much about the little things

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